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A&G Construction is a building located next to the Commerce Guild in Peach Plaza. It also houses the A&G Construction Store within it. As indicated by the initials of the company name, the building is owned by Albert and Gust. A&G Construction is a company that specializes in constructing and upgrading buildings and workstations.

The store hours are from 8:00 - 18:00 daily.


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A&G Construction sells furniture, wallpaper and flooring, and fence and gate upgrade items in its shop, located in the back corner of the room near Gust's drafting table. The shop appears as a golden cash register sitting atop a wooden table and is one of the shops with the most starting Gols each day, allowing the player to sell many high-worth items.


The Catalog (green book) on Albert's desk at A&G Construction allows the player to upgrade the House, Worktable, and Assembly Station, as well as construct other buildings. The upgrades to the House and Assembly Station will increase their respective footprints, requiring the player to have purchased enough yard expansions prior to the upgrade in order to fit the larger structure.

The player must provide the required materials and pay a flat rate for the construction. The material cost of building and upgrading will be reduced by 10% if the player is buddies with Albert. The Gols cost will be reduced by 3% if the player is buddies with Gust and by 6% if the player is his lover.


For photos of the House's appearance at each level, see the Gallery section of the Workshop page.
Workshop homeHouse
Image Upgrade Materials needed
House_lv2.pngHouse lv2 Level 2 upgrade GolsGols (10,000)
Hardwood PlankHardwood Plank (20)
Bronze BarBronze Bar (20)
House_lv3.pngHouse lv3 Level 3 upgrade GolsGols (50,000)
Iron Wooden PlankIron Wooden Plank (20)
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate (20)
Strengthened GlassStrengthened Glass (10)
House_lv4.pngHouse lv4 Level 4 upgrade GolsGols (100,000)
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate (20)
ConcreteConcrete (20)
Wooden PillarWooden Pillar (10)
House_lv4_alternate.pngHouse lv4 alternate Level 4 upgrade - alternative appearance
  • Player must already have basic level 4 upgrade
  • Has larger footprint than basic level 4 upgrade
  • No additional features added except new appearance
GolsGols (100,000)
ConcreteConcrete (30)
Advanced Composite BoardAdvanced Composite Board (20)
Wooden PillarWooden Pillar (10)

Assembly StationEdit

Assembly StationAssembly Station
Image Upgrade Materials needed
Level_2_Assembly_Station.pngLevel 2 Assembly Station Level 2 upgrade GolsGols (5,000)
Iron BarIron Bar (20)
Stone BrickStone Brick (20)
Level_3_Assembly_Station.pngLevel 3 Assembly Station Level 3 upgrade
  • All constructs can be automatically assembled
GolsGols (50,000)
Hard AluminumHard Aluminum (20)
Construction CraneConstruction Crane (1)
Silicon ChipsetSilicon Chipset (2)


Image Upgrade Materials needed
Level_2_Worktable.pngLevel 2 Worktable Level 2 upgrade GolsGols (2,000)
Wooden BoardWooden Board (20)
Old PartsOld Parts (5)
Level_3_Worktable.pngLevel 3 Worktable Level 3 upgrade GolsGols (10,000)
Hardwood PlankHardwood Plank (30)
Old PartsOld Parts (30)


Image Upgrade Materials needed
Factory.pngFactory Level 1:
  • Allows for automatic continuous production of resources with highly increased output
GolsGols (50,000)
Composite Wooden BoardComposite Wooden Board (20)
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate (20)
Advanced EngineAdvanced Engine (2)
Factory.pngFactory Level 2 upgrade:
  • Increase the number of machines that can be installed from 20x to 30x.
GolsGols (50,000)
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate (10)
Copper WireCopper Wire (10)
AI ChipsetAI Chipset (1)

Other buildingsEdit

A&G Construction offers three additional workshop buildings for the player to purchase. These buildings can be used to house and raise mounts and other farm animals. The player can have a maximum of one of each building. The buildings are not required to complete the game.

Optional workshop buildings
Image Details Materials needed
Coop.pngCoop Coop
  • Allows raising Coop animals (chickens and ducks)
  • Houses up to 8 animals
GolsGols (2,000)
Wooden BoardWooden Board (10)
Iron BarIron Bar (20)
RopeRope (5)
Shed.pngShed Shed
  • Allows raising Shed animals (cows and sheep)
  • Houses up to 12 animals
GolsGols (5,000)
Hardwood PlankHardwood Plank (10)
Iron Wooden PlankIron Wooden Plank (10)
Bronze PipeBronze Pipe (5)
Stable.pngStable Stable GolsGols (5,000)
Iron BarIron Bar (20)
Stone BrickStone Brick (20)

Appearance upgradesEdit


GateWorkshop (Gate)
Upgrade Materials needed
Wooden_Gate.pngWooden Gate

Wooden Gate

GolsGols (500)
Wooden BoardWooden Board (25)
HardwoodHardwood (5)
RopeRope (5)
Stone_Gate.pngStone Gate

Stone Gate

GolsGols (1,000)
Hardwood PlankHardwood Plank (10)
Stone PillarStone Pillar (2)
ResinResin (5)
Marble_Gate.pngMarble Gate

Marble Gate

GolsGols (2,500)
Marble Fence Portion 2Marble Fence Portion 2 (2)
Marble PlankMarble Plank (10)
Hardened ClayHardened Clay (10)


FenceWorkshop (Fence)
Upgrade Materials needed
Wooden_Fence_Full.pngWooden Fence Full

Wooden Fence

GolsGols (1,500)
Wooden Fence 1Wooden Fence 1 (10)
Wooden Fence 2Wooden Fence 2 (10)
Wooden Fence 3Wooden Fence 3 (10)
Stone_Fence_Full.pngStone Fence Full

Stone Fence

GolsGols (4,000)
Stone PillarStone Pillar (10)
Stone FenceStone Fence (2)
Stone PedestalStone Pedestal (25)
Marble_Fence_Full.pngMarble Fence Full

Marble Fence

GolsGols (8,000)
Marble Fence Portion 1Marble Fence Portion 1 (10)
Marble Fence Portion 2Marble Fence Portion 2 (2)
Marble Fence Portion 3Marble Fence Portion 3 (25)

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