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The A&G Construction Store is a shop located inside A&G Construction. Albert & Gust operate this shop and sell different types of furniture, wallpaper, and flooring.


Main article: A&G Construction Catalog

A&G Construction also offers an extensive selection of buildings and upgrades in the A&G Construction Catalog.

Relationship discount[]

The player can get 10% discount while shopping at the A&G Construction Store if they become friends with Gust, 20% discount if they are his lover, and 25% discount if they marry him.


There is a fixed amount of each in stock. If the player buys all that's available, then they will have to wait until the next day for the store to restock (with the exception of the Elephant Fountain, which can only be purchased once).

For a better idea and comparison of what every wallpaper and flooring look like in the house, please see Wallpaper and Flooring.


A&G Construction StoreA&G Construction Store A&G Construction Store
Item Name Amount Price
WoodWood Wood 999 1Stone
StoneStone Stone 999 1Wood

Wallpaper and flooring[]

A&G Construction StoreA&G Construction Store A&G Construction Store
Item Name Amount Price Season
Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper Spring Wallpaper 5 8,000Gols.png Spring
Summer WallpaperSummer Wallpaper Summer Wallpaper 5 8,000Gols.png Summer
Autumn WallpaperAutumn Wallpaper Autumn Wallpaper 5 8,000Gols.png Autumn
Winter WallpaperWinter Wallpaper Winter Wallpaper 5 8,000Gols.png Winter
Simple WallpaperSimple Wallpaper Simple Wallpaper 5 200Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Red WallpaperRed Wallpaper Red Wallpaper 5 2,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Pink WallpaperPink Wallpaper Pink Wallpaper 5 3,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Wallpaper: SkyWallpaper: Sky Wallpaper: Sky 1 10,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Wallpaper: Sword and ShieldWallpaper: Sword and Shield Wallpaper: Sword and Shield 1 10,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Wallpaper: OceanWallpaper: Ocean Wallpaper: Ocean 1 10,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Spring FlooringSpring Flooring Spring Flooring 5 8,000Gols.png Spring
Summer FlooringSummer Flooring Summer Flooring 5 8,000Gols.png Summer
Autumn FlooringAutumn Flooring Autumn Flooring 5 8,000Gols.png Autumn
Winter FlooringWinter Flooring Winter Flooring 5 8,000Gols.png Winter
Simple FlooringSimple Flooring Simple Flooring 5 200Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Red FlooringRed Flooring Red Flooring 5 2000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Pink FlooringPink Flooring Pink Flooring 5 3,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Floor: SkyFloor: Sky Floor: Sky 1 10,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Floor: Sword and ShieldFloor: Sword and Shield Floor: Sword and Shield 1 10,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Floor: OceanFloor: Ocean Floor: Ocean 1 10,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter


A&G Construction StoreA&G Construction Store A&G Construction Store
Item Name Amount Price Season
FireplaceFireplace Fireplace 5 3,600Gols.png Winter
Large BookshelfLarge Bookshelf Large Bookshelf 5 3,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Work DeskWork Desk Work Desk 5 800Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
PianoPiano Piano 1 4,200Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Elephant FountainElephant Fountain Elephant Fountain 1 9,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
White ArmchairWhite Armchair White Armchair 5 2,400Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
GrapevinesGrapevines Grapevines 5 3,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Yellow Patio UmbrellaYellow Patio Umbrella Yellow Patio Umbrella 5 6,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Red Patio UmbrellaRed Patio Umbrella Red Patio Umbrella 5 6,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Patio UmbrellaPatio Umbrella Patio Umbrella 5 6,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble FlooringMarble Flooring Marble Flooring 50 320Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Stone FountainStone Fountain Stone Fountain 1 9,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Cat-Ear Patio UmbrellaCat-Ear Patio Umbrella Cat-Ear Patio Umbrella 5 12,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Striped Lounge ChairStriped Lounge Chair Striped Lounge Chair 5 2,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Stone Striped Wooden BenchStone Striped Wooden Bench Stone Striped Wooden Bench 5 6,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Rattan ChairRattan Chair Rattan Chair 5 2,200Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Brick Flower StandBrick Flower Stand Brick Flower Stand 5 5,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Wooden Flower SquareWooden Flower Square Wooden Flower Square 5 4,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble FountainMarble Fountain Marble Fountain 1 20,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble Courtyard ChairMarble Courtyard Chair Marble Courtyard Chair 5 8,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble Flower StandMarble Flower Stand Marble Flower Stand 5 6,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble ArborMarble Arbor Marble Arbor 5 15,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble Flower SquareMarble Flower Square Marble Flower Square 5 6,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble Flower BedMarble Flower Bed Marble Flower Bed 1 20,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Marble Street LightMarble Street Light Marble Street Light 5 10,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Oak Double BedOak Double Bed Oak Double Bed 1 4,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Moving ClosetMoving Closet Moving Closet 1 8,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Television StandTelevision Stand Television Stand 1 4,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Merry Go AroundMerry Go Around Merry Go Around 1 20,000Gols.png SpringSummerAutumnWinter


A&G Construction StoreA&G Construction Store A&G Construction Store
Item Name Amount Price
Stone PillarStone Pillar Stone Pillar 50 120Gols.png
Stone FenceStone Fence Stone Fence 50 200Gols.png
Stone PedestalStone Pedestal Stone Pedestal 50 80Gols.png
Wooden Fence 1Wooden Fence 1 Wooden Fence 1 50 40Gols.png
Wooden Fence 2Wooden Fence 2 Wooden Fence 2 50 80Gols.png
Wooden Fence 3Wooden Fence 3 Wooden Fence 3 50 80Gols.png
Marble Fence Portion 1Marble Fence Portion 1 Marble Fence Portion 1 50 160Gols.png
Marble Fence Portion 2Marble Fence Portion 2 Marble Fence Portion 2 50 240Gols.png
Marble Fence Portion 3Marble Fence Portion 3 Marble Fence Portion 3 50 100Gols.png


Main article: A&G Construction Store/Buybacks

A&G Construction Store will purchase the following items from the player:


The Elephant Fountain can only be bought once. The store will not refresh it once bought.