The Abandoned Ruins #1 is one of the two Abandoned Ruins available from the start of My Time at Portia, the other being Abandoned Ruins #2, the larger ruin further up the hill, near the Civil Corps. Abandoned Ruins #1 is located at the base of the hill the Church of the Light rests on, behind A&G Construction and to the west of Peach Plaza. To the left of the ruin is the path up the hill to the Church of the Light, and to its right is the Cemetary and the road that leads to the Civil Corps, Abandoned Ruins #2, Dr. Xu's Clinic, and more.

The interior of the ruin is fairly dark, so wearing a Miner's Hat to provide light can be beneficial.

Fees[edit | edit source]

An entrance fee is charged to access the ruin, and the week-long period for each pass starts on the day of purchase.

At the start of the game, the player is only charged an entrance fee of 80Gols.png for the first week. After the first week, the regular entrance fee of 200Gols.png is charged to unlock the ruin for another full week. Once an entrance pass is bought, the entrance pass's expiration date will be added to the calendar. On the morning that the pass expires, an alert in the bottom left corner of the screen will let the player know that it expired.

The console

The Abandoned Ruins #1 can be reset at the console outside the entrance to allow new areas to be excavated. When resetting a ruin, the interior of the ruin is entirely re-randomized and new stone, ore, and items spawn. The reset fee of 20Gols.png is charged every time the player chooses to reset the ruins. All ruins can be reset infinitely, with no cap on the amount of times they can be reset. Additionally, this console is where the Relic Scanner can be upgraded, once the ability to upgrade it has been unlocked.

Ores[edit | edit source]

Three different colored stone and ore patches can be found inside the Abandoned Ruins #1. The materials and other items that the player can obtain while quarrying these patches are listed in the table below. Note that the items dropped while quarrying cannot be detected by the Relic Scanner.

Patch color Materials
Stone Patch AR12.png Grey
Data Disc.png
Data Disc
Sand Patch.png Reddish brown
Data Disc.png
Data Disc
Copper Patch.png Brown
Tin Ore.png
Tin Ore
Data Disc.png
Data Disc
Husbandry Data Chip 2Husbandry Data Chip #2
Husbandry Data Chip #2

Scanned items[edit | edit source]

In addition to the ores listed above, a number of other items can be found in the Abandoned Ruins #1 by using the Relic Detector. These items can be found on their own or inside Parts Boxes.

Old Parts.png Materials
Item Name Rarity Use Sell price
Data DiscData Disc Data Disc Uncommon Research 75 Gols.png
Eye GlassEye Glass Eye Glass Rare Crafting 5 Gols.png
FanFan Fan Rare Furniture 72 Gols.png
Leather SofaLeather Sofa Leather Sofa Rare Furniture 48 Gols.png
Old PartsOld Parts Old Parts Common Crafting 10 Gols.png
Power StonePower Stone Power Stone Common Crafting
20 Gols.png
RacketRacket Racket Uncommon Crafting
10 Gols.png
Rusty Iron PipeRusty Iron Pipe Rusty Iron Pipe Uncommon Crafting
4 Gols.png
Small ClockSmall Clock Small Clock Rare Crafting
54 Gols.png
Small EngineSmall Engine Small Engine Rare Crafting 100 Gols.png
Structural Dimension TheoryStructural Dimension Theory Structural Dimension Theory Rare Gift 125 Gols.png
Unknown RecipeUnknown Recipe Unknown Recipe Ultra rare None 100 Gols.png

Multipart relics[edit | edit source]

A number of relic pieces can be found in Abandoned Ruins #1. A relic can be restored in the Recovery Machine after the player obtains every piece.

Recovery Machine ico.png Relics
Item Name Number of pieces Data Discs for recovery Museum reputation points Sell price
Galloping HorseGalloping Horse Galloping Horse 4 2 Data Disc.png 25 Prompt guild.png 250 Gols.png
JoystickJoystick Joystick 2 1 Data Disc.png 10 Prompt guild.png 60 Gols.png
Monster ToyMonster Toy Monster Toy 2 1 Data Disc.png 15 Prompt guild.png 75 Gols.png
Monument ModelMonument Model Monument Model 4 2 Data Disc.png 25 Prompt guild.png 250 Gols.png
Old TalkerOld Talker Old Talker 3 1 Data Disc.png 20 Prompt guild.png 150 Gols.png
Old ThermosOld Thermos Old Thermos 2 1 Data Disc.png 10 Prompt guild.png 75 Gols.png
Porcelain WaterholderPorcelain Waterholder Porcelain Waterholder 2 1 Data Disc.png 15 Prompt guild.png 75 Gols.png
Sunny SideSunny Side Sunny Side 2 1 Data Disc.png 25 Prompt guild.png 250 Gols.png
The Thinking CanThe Thinking Can The Thinking Can 4 2 Data Disc.png 20 Prompt guild.png 250 Gols.png
Weird Glass JarWeird Glass Jar Weird Glass Jar 3 1 Data Disc.png 20 Prompt guild.png 150 Gols.png

Hidden room loot[edit | edit source]

There is a chance to find one or several hidden rooms in Abandoned Ruins #1. These rooms can contain level 1 Slow Gooeys, Leather Sofas, or chests with the following items.

Leather Sofa.png Hidden room loot
Item Use Sell price
Data DiscData Disc
Research 75Gols.png
Fiber ClothFiber Cloth
Crafting 7Gols.png
Fluffy RabbitFluffy Rabbit
Furniture 50Gols.png
Golden ToadGolden Toad
Accessory 80Gols.png
Leather SofaLeather Sofa
Furniture 48Gols.png
Logic CubeLogic Cube
Accessory 40Gols.png
Magnetic BraceletMagnetic Bracelet
Accessory 160Gols.png
Meidi Traditional HatMeidi Traditional Hat
Clothing 20Gols.png
Old BasinOld Basin
Furniture 60Gols.png
Power StonePower Stone
Crafting 20Gols.png
Small EngineSmall Engine
Crafting 100Gols.png
Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip
Crafting 80Gols.png
Stuffed BearStuffed Bear
Furniture 50Gols.png
Yellow Duck SurfboardYellow Duck Surfboard
Accessory 200Gols.png

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