The Abandoned Ruins #2 are found up the road from Abandoned Ruins #1, located inside the large building behind the Civil Corps at the top of the hill.

The ruins are in a dilapidated state, remaining closed off until after completing Mission: Bridge to Amber Island.


The entrance fee to Abandoned Ruins #2 is 300 Gols per week.

The Abandoned Ruins #2 can each be reset at the console outside the entrance to allow new areas to be excavated. The reset fee of 20 Gols is charged every time the player chooses to reset the ruins.


Four different colored stone and ore patches can be found inside the Abandoned Ruins #2. The materials and other items that the player can obtain while quarrying these patches are listed in the table below. Note that the items dropped while quarrying cannot be detected by the Relic Scanner.

Patch color Materials
Stone Patch AR12 Grey
Sand Patch Reddish brown

Iron Patch Red/black
Agricultural Data Chip 2Agricultural Data Chip #2

Agricultural Data Chip #2
No. 1 Cooking Recipe Data ChipRecipe Data Chip

Any Cooking Recipe Data Chip
Manganese Patch Teal

Scanned itemsEdit

In addition to the quarried items listed above, a number of other items can be found in the Abandoned Ruins #2 by using the Relic Detector. These items can be found on their own or inside Parts Boxes.

Old Parts Materials
Item Name Rarity Use Sell price
Copper Wire Uncommon Crafting 20 Gols
Data Disc Common Research 75 Gols
Eye Glass Rare Crafting 5 Gols
Gear Uncommon Crafting 38 Gols
Industrial Engine Rare Crafting 240 Gols
Large Iron Bucket Common Crafting 57 Gols
Lubricant Uncommon Crafting 20 Gols
Old Parts Common Crafting 10 Gols
Power Stone Common Crafting
20 Gols
Racket Uncommon Crafting 10 Gols
Small Engine Ultra rare Crafting 100 Gols
Small Silicon Chip Uncommon Crafting 80 Gols
Spring Uncommon Crafting 20 Gols
Steel Cable Uncommon Crafting 32 Gols
Structural Aesthetics Rare Gift 125 Gols
Tempering Liquid Uncommon Crafting 12 Gols
Unknown Recipe Ultra rare None 100 Gols
Vacuum Cleaner Unknown Tool 250 Gols
Valve Uncommon Crafting 16 Gols
Washing Machine Common Furniture 100 Gols

Multipart relicsEdit

A number of relic pieces can be found in Abandoned Ruins #2. A relic can be restored in the Recovery Machine after the player obtains every piece.

Recovery Machine ico Relics
Item Name Number of pieces Data Discs for recovery Museum reputation points Sell price
Catmaid Statue 4 2 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 250 Gols
Duck on a King 3 1 Data Disc 20 Prompt guild 150 Gols
Goddess Statue 5 3 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 375 Gols
Magic Lamp 3 1 Data Disc 20 Prompt guild 120 Gols
Owl Clock 4 2 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 375 Gols
Performance Center Model 4 2 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 250 Gols
Power Lamp 3 1 Data Disc 15 Prompt guild 75 Gols
Soldier with Axe 5 3 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 375 Gols
Soldier with Blade 5 3 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 375 Gols
Soldier with Lance 5 3 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 375 Gols
Soldier with Scepter 5 3 Data Disc 25 Prompt guild 375 Gols

Hidden room lootEdit

There is a chance to find one or several hidden rooms in Abandoned Ruins #2. These rooms can contain level 1 Slow Gooeys, Leather Sofas, or chests with the following items.

Leather Sofa Hidden room loot
Item Name Use Sell price
Data Disc Research 75 Gols
Fiber Cloth Crafting 7 Gols
Fluffy Rabbit Furniture 50 Gols
Golden Toad Accessory 80 Gols
Leather Sofa Furniture 48 Gols
Logic Cube Accessory 40 Gols
Magnetic Bracelet Accessory 160 Gols
Meidi Traditional Hat Clothing 20 Gols
Old Basin Furniture 60 Gols
Power Stone Crafting 20 Gols
Small Engine Crafting 100 Gols
Small Silicon Chip Crafting 80 Gols
Stuffed Bear Furniture 50 Gols
Yellow Duck Surfboard Accessory 200 Gols

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