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Albert Jr.
A lovely child.
— Biography

Albert Jr. is a child that lives in Portia. His parents are Albert and Sonia.

He does not currently offer any special interactions or missions, and cannot be befriended. Additionally, there appear to be no interactions between him and his parents or any other character, and his parents will continue with their schedules as if they did not have a child. verify ]


Albert Jr. is born a little more than a month after Settling Down if the player chooses to listen to Sonia about her ring preference and give Albert a Wedding Ring instead of a Sapphire Ring.


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Personal SummaryEdit

Similar to other children, he can be seen sitting, standing, or crawling around with wide eyes and a smile on his face.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Unlike the varied children that the player can have, Albert Jr. will always look the same, even if the player resets the day that he was born.

Related CharactersEdit

Albert Jr. doesn't have a relationship network, since he cannot be befriended.


Albert Jr. stays in his home the entire day. verify ]

Social interactionEdit

Social talk ChatEdit

As with other Strangers, chatting with Albert Jr. does not improve the player's relationship with him.

First meeting
  • Social talk Ah-ga-ga-da!
  • Social talk Ah-da-da-ma!Ah-da-da-ma!
  • Social talk Ah-ga-ga-da!
  • Social talk Ah-da-da-ma!Ah-ga-ga-da!


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Version historyEdit

  • 2.0.137299: Added. (Not explicitly mentioned in changelist.)
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