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Alice's Flower Shop is a store located on Main Street. Alice works there as a florist.

Relationship discountEdit

The player can get up to 20% discount when shopping at Alice's Flower Shop if they become friends with Alice and 25% discount if they become lovers.

Stock Edit

The store is stocked with flowers, accessories, and decorative items.

Alice's Flower Shop is the only place that sells special items used to start or end romantic relationship: Heart Knot and Withered Branch.

There is a fixed amount of each item in stock. If the player buys all available items they will have to wait until the next day for the store to restock.

Lucky Cover is only available in winter.

Alice's Flower Shop icoAlice's Flower Shop Alice's Flower Shop
Item Name Amount Price Type
WildflowersWildflowers Wildflowers 5 24Gols Gift
Asteria (bouquet)Asteria (Bouquet) Asteria 3 96Gols Gift
RosesRoses Roses 1 200Gols Gift
Flower PotFlower Pot Flower Pot 10 48Gols Decoration
Lucky CoverLucky Cover Lucky Cover
Season winter only
5 80Gols Furniture
Purple HydrangeaPurple Hydrangea Purple Hydrangea 2 160Gols Furniture
Wild RosesWild Roses Wild Roses 2 240Gols Furniture
Small Potted Purple HydrangeaSmall Potted Purple Hydrangea Small Potted Purple Hydrangea 2 100Gols Furniture
Yellow LeafYellow Leaf Yellow Leaf 2 160Gols Furniture
Rainbow Flower PotRainbow Flower Pot Rainbow Flower Pot 2 280Gols Furniture
Heart KnotHeart Knot Heart Knot 5 160Gols Romance Item
Withered BranchWithered Branch Withered Branch 5 500Gols Romance Item
Succulent PlantSucculent Plant Succulent Plant 5 160Gols Furniture
BookmarkBookmark Bookmark 5 80Gols Accessory
Paper FlowerPaper Flower Paper Flower 3 100Gols Accessory
Hanging Flower BasketHanging Flower Basket Hanging Flower Basket 5 1,600Gols Furniture
Wedding BellWedding Bell Wedding Bell 5 8,000Gols Furniture
Celebration FlowersCelebration Flowers Celebration Flowers 5 600Gols Furniture
Framed HappinessFramed Happiness Framed Happiness 5 800Gols Furniture


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Alice's Flower Shop will purchase the following items from the player:


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