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Amber Island is an island located southeast of Portia. Amber Island is home to numerous trees and houses the cave. Crystal ore deposits can be found throughout the island, including within its cave. Liuwa is often standing outside the cave on a daily basis.

Quick travel to Amber Island is available after completing The Dee-dee Stops Here.


Accessing Amber Island and the cave[]

Amber Island is inaccessible at first until commissioned to build the bridge that connects the mainland to the island. Upon registering the player's workshop from Gale, Gale sends out a commission to build the bridge in order to investigate and clear out the cave for use of a haunted attraction. After building the bridge, Gale grants the player access to the cave, unbeknownst to the danger that lurks within.

The Bandit Brothers's scheme[]

After exposing Huss and Tuss as the bandit brothers and con artists, the brothers sabotage the player by committing vandalism on the player's property. With the help of Pinky, the player was able to track down Huss and Tuss in Amber Island's cave.

The Haunted Cave attraction[]

Gale's plan to renovate the cave into an attraction comes to light. This attraction features hunting "ghosts" and collecting Ghost Badges. In order to continue with the renovation, Gale commissions the player to build the Haunted Cave Sign and Tree of Claws and placing them outside of the cave to help attract tourists.

Places of interests[]

Amber Island's Cave[]

Main article: Amber Island's Cave

Amber Island's cave is situated in the center of the island. The cave cannot be accessed until granted permission from Gale. Once given accessed and the cave is cleared out of danger, the cave cannot be accessed again until after completing The Haunted Cave, when the cave is turned into Haunted Cave.

Inside the cave[]

As the player progresses through the cave for the first time, the player discovers the thieves of all the missing items stolen from the townsfolk, the Bandirat Prince. The player confronts the Bandirat Prince and defeats the enemy to recover the stolen items.

Later on, as the Haunted Cave, the cave becomes home to a minigame where the player can shoot ghosts and earn Ghost Badges.


Fishing A fishing spot is located to the south of Amber Island.

The Amber Island fishing spot is on the southeastern shore of the island, past the Madcrabs and Snaillobs, near the location of the date activity Doodle. The player can reach this fishing spot after they have placed the bridge in the Bridge to Amber Island.

Amber Island Fishing Spot
Item Name Sell Price Exp Catch Chance
Banner FishBanner Fish Banner Fish 30Gols 120 27.22%
Blue MackerelBlue Mackerel Blue Mackerel 180Gols 150 27.22%
Koi FishKoi Fish Koi Fish 40Gols 120 27.22%
Rusty Iron PipeRusty Iron Pipe Rusty Iron Pipe 4Gols 0 5%
Emperor Banner FishEmperor Banner Fish Emperor Banner Fish 60Gols 240 2.72%
Emperor Blue MackerelEmperor Blue Mackerel Emperor Blue Mackerel 360Gols 400 2.72%
Emperor Koi FishEmperor Koi Fish Emperor Koi Fish 80Gols 240 2.72%
RacketRacket Racket 10Gols 0 2.5%
Banner Fish KingBanner Fish King Banner Fish King 5000Gols 500 0.68%
Blue Mackerel KingBlue Mackerel King Blue Mackerel King 5000Gols 500 0.68%
Koi KingKoi King Koi King 5000Gols 500 0.68%
Shell NecklaceShell Necklace Shell Necklace 13Gols 0 0.5%
Golden RingGolden Ring Golden Ring 100Gols 0 0.14%



Main article: Draw
Play date draw

The drawing minigame can be found in the southern portion of the island within the beach area, as well as the light the fireworks activity.


Main article: Fireworks
Play date fireworks

On the southern tip of Amber Island, fireworks can be set off and launched into the air.

Haunted Cave[]

Main article: Haunted Cave
Play date Haunted Cave

After completing the Haunted Cave, the cave becomes accessible as a minigame, either solo or with a date.

Sitting on the grass[]

Main article: Sitting on the grass
Play date grass

Players can take their dates to Amber Island to sit on the grass and have a conversation. This activity is not available during rainy weather.



Logging loot
  • Small trees
  • Elm trees
  • Oak trees
  • Shrubs and bushes
Quarrying loot
  • Small rocks
  • Large rocks
  • Crystal ore deposits

Treasure chests[]

Amber Island
Screenshot Location Contents
Chest Above cave
Above the entrance to the cave.
Explorer's Cap
1 Explorer's Cap
Chest Amber tree
Behind a big tree, right after crossing the bridge.
1 Aroma Apple


The following are missions that occur on Amber Island.


  • Upon building the bridge, the bridge can be seen on the map interface.