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Autumn Festival
The Autumn Festival is an event on the 20th day of Autumn. It is held in Peach Plaza between 10:00-17:00, consisting of three activities: the Autumn Festival Competition, Portia Cook Off, and Harvest Pile.

Autumn Festival Competition Edit

The goal is to have the heaviest crop. The crop can be placed on the stand located in front of the Mayor's office between 10:00-13:00, and can be taken back or swapped out at will before the judging occurs. After judging, the submitted crop will not be returned. Rewards are mailed upon the completion of the event. The Player will receive a reward so long as they enter something, even if they do not win.

Although almost any crop can be used, only large crops grown from Special Giant Seeds and fertilized daily will place. Special Giant Seeds can be bought from the Mysterious Man, and will grow crops to either Large, Great, Colossal, or King size depending on how well their fertilizer bar is kept above red during the growing period. Large or Great sizes may not place at all, whereas King should win first place. Apricot appears to be the only edible crop that cannot be entered.

The weight of the Player's crop is fixed based on its type and can be found in the tables below. However, both the type and weight of the competing crops are randomly generated, thus the values in the table below will not describe the actual or maximum possible weight for a competing crop.

Possible cropsEdit

Possible Crops
Produce Name Type Weight
AppleApple Apple Regular 3
AppleApple Apple Large 9
AppleApple Apple Great 18
AppleApple Apple Giant 30
AppleApple Apple Colossal 48
AppleApple Apple King 60
Aroma AppleAroma Apple Aroma Apple Regular 5
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya Regular 2
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya Large 7
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya Great 15
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya Giant 26
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya Colossal 38
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya King 50
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot Regular 3
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot Large 13
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot Great 26
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot Giant 41
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot Colossal 58
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot King 78
LettuceLettuce Lettuce Regular 1
LettuceLettuce Lettuce Large 7
LettuceLettuce Lettuce Great 13
LettuceLettuce Lettuce Giant 21
LettuceLettuce Lettuce Colossal 30
LettuceLettuce Lettuce King 40
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit Regular 2
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit Large 11
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit Great 24
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit Giant 39
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit Colossal 56
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit King 76
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin Regular 5
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin Large 15
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin Great 28
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin Giant 43
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin Colossal 60
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin King 80
WatermelonWatermelon Watermelon Regular 10


Competition rewards
Ranking Rewards
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Not Placed

Portia Cook Off Edit

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NOTE: This event is currently bugged. Required ingredients may sometimes be missing, or correct recipes may erroneously make Wasted Food. It is unknown why this happens. If the player wishes to try the event again, they can reload the day, though reloading will also re-randomize the entries to the Autumn Festival Competition.

NOTE ADDENDUM: If a necessary ingredient for any particular dish is not showing up, click on the Cancel button for that dish and then click on Cook to bring up the list of ingredients once again. This will usually bring up a list of all the necessary ingredients.

The goal is to select the right ingredients to make the shown dish, preparing a total of 3 dishes. The contest is in front of the A&G construction building between 14:00-17:00. Rewards are mailed upon the completion of the event. The Builder will receive a reward if they attempt any dishes, even if they fail the recipes. If they do not try, they will not receive a reward. The player also gains 2 relationship points with all NPCs per successful dish.

The ingredients are supplied by the town and do not have to be in the player's inventory. If a recipe calls for two of the same ingredient (ex. two Meat or two Chili Pepper), only select that ingredient once. After selecting the ingredients, the dish is immediately prepared. During the cook off, all completed dishes are placed on the tables in front of the cook off contest area, and can be eaten or taken.

  • Salt can be substituted with Rock Salt, though Rock Salt cannot be substituted with Salt if a recipe specifically calls for Rock Salt.
Competition rewards
Successful dishes Reward

Harvest Pile Edit

Behind the cook off contest area is a harvest pile where produce can be donated for points. These produce have to be owned by the player and need to be in the player's inventory. Donations from NPCs throughout the Autumn Festival also count towards the total point score. At 14:00, relationship is increased with all NPCs based on the points obtained. A minimum donation is required to receive rewards, and a total of 20 items can be donated for a maximum score of 500 points.

There is no reward for 100 points, despite it being marked as significant. Accumulating 300-499 points increases the Builder's relationship with everyone by +4, and reaching 500 points increases their relationship by +5. There is no additional reward for points above 500.

Possible donations
Image Item Points Type
AppleApple Apple 5 Produce
ApricotApricot Apricot 5 Produce
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya Bamboo Papaya 9 Produce
Potato FruitPotato Fruit Potato Fruit 4 Produce
LettuceLettuce Lettuce 7 Produce
PumpkinPumpkin Pumpkin 6 Produce
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot Layered Carrot 10 Produce
Chili PepperChili Pepper Chili Pepper 5 Produce
MeatMeat Meat 1 Meat
Lobster MeatLobster Meat Lobster Meat 3 Meat
ChickenChicken Chicken 4 Meat
BeefBeef Beef 5 Meat
Bat's WingBat's Wing Bat's Wing 6 Loot
EggEgg Egg 2 Other
Snake BerrySnake Berry Snake Berry 1 Gathered
Red MushroomRed Mushroom Red Mushroom 10 Gathered
Ginger (ingredient)Ginger Ginger 4 Gathered
CuminCumin Cumin 3 Gathered
CinnamonCinnamon Cinnamon 8 Gathered
CorianderCoriander Coriander 2 Gathered
HoneyHoney Honey 8 Gathered
Rock SaltRock Salt Rock Salt 4 Gathered
SeaweedSeaweed Seaweed 3 Gathered
Palm JujubePalm Jujube Palm Jujube 8 Gathered
CoconutCoconut Coconut 20 Gathered
RiceRice Rice 2 Other
FlourFlour Flour 6 Other
LemonLemon Lemon 8 Other
NoriNori Nori 15 Other
MilkMilk Milk 3 Other
SugarSugar Sugar 2 Other
SaltSalt Salt 1 Other
TeaTea Tea 5 Other
Salad SauceSalad Sauce Salad Sauce 19 Other
MustardMustard Mustard 2 Other
CatfishCatfish Catfish 30 Fish
Golden SalmonGolden Salmon Golden Salmon 30 Fish
Banner FishBanner Fish Banner Fish 30 Fish
Koi FishKoi Fish Koi Fish 40 Fish
FirefishFirefish Firefish 45 Fish
Blade FishBlade Fish Blade Fish 60 Fish
Frog FishFrog Fish Frog Fish 75 Fish
Lantern FishLantern Fish Lantern Fish 90 Fish
BubblefishBubblefish Bubblefish 100 Fish
Gladiator FishGladiator Fish Gladiator Fish 280 Fish
Blue MackerelBlue Mackerel Blue Mackerel 180 Fish
Wise FishWise Fish Wise Fish 320 Fish
GoliathGoliath Goliath 350 Fish
Emperor CatfishEmperor Catfish Emperor Catfish 60 Fish
Emperor Golden SalmonEmperor Golden Salmon Emperor Golden Salmon 60 Fish
Emperor Banner FishEmperor Banner Fish Emperor Banner Fish 60 Fish
Emperor Koi FishEmperor Koi Fish Emperor Koi Fish 80 Fish
Emperor FirefishEmperor Firefish Emperor Firefish 90 Fish
Emperor Blade FishEmperor Blade Fish Emperor Blade Fish 120 Fish
Emperor Frog FishEmperor Frog Fish Emperor Frog Fish 150 Fish
Emperor Lantern FishEmperor Lantern Fish Emperor Lantern Fish 180 Fish
Emperor BubblefishEmperor Bubblefish Emperor Bubblefish 200 Fish
Emperor Gladiator FishEmperor Gladiator Fish Emperor Gladiator Fish 360 Fish
Emperor Blue MackerelEmperor Blue Mackerel Emperor Blue Mackerel 360 Fish
Emperor Wise FishEmperor Wise Fish Emperor Wise Fish 640 Fish
Emperor GoliathEmperor Goliath Emperor Goliath 700 Fish

Gift exchangeEdit

Autumn Festival Badges earned at the event can be used to purchase items at the cash register on Peach Plaza on the event day or at the Gift Exchange at the Commerce Guild.

Gift Exchange icoGift Exchange Gift Exchange
Item Name Amount Price
Autumn Festival SignAutumn Festival Sign Autumn Festival Sign 1 20 Autumn Festival Badge
Autumn Festival BannerAutumn Festival Banner Autumn Festival Banner 1 20 Autumn Festival Badge
Autumn Festival Gold MedalAutumn Festival Gold Medal Autumn Festival Gold Medal 1 15 Autumn Festival Badge
Autumn Festival Silver MedalAutumn Festival Silver Medal Autumn Festival Silver Medal 1 10 Autumn Festival Badge
Autumn Festival Bronze MedalAutumn Festival Bronze Medal Autumn Festival Bronze Medal 1 8 Autumn Festival Badge
Stringed PeppersStringed Peppers Stringed Peppers 5 5 Autumn Festival Badge
Stringed CornStringed Corn Stringed Corn 5 5 Autumn Festival Badge
ScarecrowScarecrow Scarecrow 5 10 Autumn Festival Badge

Special group photos Edit

Group photo sign
When the Cook Off finishes, special group photo opportunities will become available. They are marked on the map with Camera icon icon. Activate the glittering camera sign (right) and you'll take a group photo with the people standing next to the sign. The pose is unique to this festival and group of people. Try and get them all before the day ends!

Notes Edit

  • Despite being marked as a point of significance, 100 points at the Harvest Pile has no reward.
  • There is an error in the letter received introducing the Autumn Harvest. It reads "The festival will be held on the 20st"

Social talk Festival dialogue Edit

Social talk
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