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The Badge Exchange is a store inside The Round Table. Django runs this shop and uses it as an exchange center for the badges earned from playing minigames inside his restaurant. The currency used to purchased items in this store is the Knight Badge.

Grinding Badges Edit

The most expensive items in the Badge Exchange cost 2,000 to 4,000 Knight Badges, which can require hundreds of games to earn.

While Slots give the highest possible rewards, yielding up to 500 badges, it is extremely difficult to play and can become expensive, costing up to 50 gol per play with a high possibility of losing. Slots are the fastest and cheapest way to earn badges when mastered, but it requires significant amount of practice to learn the appropriate timing.

Similarly, Shoot Balloons awards 35 badges if played perfectly, but can also be difficult and costs 30 gol per play. Although it is possible to earn no reward, it is unlikely. Shoot Balloons is a more consistent source of badges than Slots at a lower cost.

Darts, on the other hand, only rewards 20 badges, but is easy to master. Darts only costs 20 gol to play and is completed quickly. Although, it would take 160 perfect games to purchase the most expensive item in the Badge Exchange, Darts is easily mastered, making it more about time commitment than skill.

Relationship discountEdit

The player can get up to 20% discount while shopping at the Badge Exchange if they become friends with Django and 25% discount if they become his lover.

Stock Edit

Most of the items at the Badge Exchange can be purchased with Knight Badges. Several baby toys are available for purchase for Gols.

There is a fixed amount of each item in stock. If the player buys all available items then they will have to wait until the next day for the store to restock.

Unlike most of the other stores, Badge Exchange does not purchase any items from the player.


Badge Exchange icoBadge ExchangeBadge Exchange
Item Name Amount Price Type
Meatballs and Vegetable SoupMeatballs and Vegetable Soup Meatballs and Vegetable Soup 10 10Knight Badge Consumable
Classic Spaghetti with Meat SauceClassic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce 10 20Knight Badge Consumable
Seafood NoodlesSeafood Noodles Seafood Noodles 10 30Knight Badge Consumable
Cooking MasterCooking Master Cooking Master 5 200Knight Badge Gift
Journey from the EastJourney from the East Journey from the East 5 250Knight Badge Gift
Busy FarmBusy Farm Busy Farm 5 300Knight Badge Gift
Five Hundred Creative DesignsFive Hundred Creative Designs Five Hundred Creative Designs 5 250Knight Badge Gift
Bubble WandBubble Wand Bubble Wand 1 300Knight Badge Gift
Apology BearApology Bear Apology Bear 1 600Knight Badge Special item
Meeting TableMeeting Table Meeting Table 1 1,500Knight Badge Furniture
Armor of a KnightArmor of a Knight Armor of a Knight 1 2,000Knight Badge Furniture
TeapotTeapot Teapot 1 600Knight Badge Accessory
Knight's ShieldKnight's Shield Knight's Shield 1 2,000Knight Badge Accessory
The Waiting Girl Music BoxThe Waiting Girl Music Box The Waiting Girl Music Box 1 4,000Knight Badge Furniture
Butterfly HairpinButterfly Hairpin Butterfly Hairpin 1 500Knight Badge Accessory
Golden ToadGolden Toad Golden Toad 1 400Knight Badge Accessory
Cat TreeCat Tree Cat Tree 1 1,000Knight Badge Furniture
Cat ScratcherCat Scratcher Cat Scratcher 1 1,000Knight Badge Furniture
Chicken EarringsChicken Earrings Chicken Earrings 1 500Knight Badge Accessory
Bubble MachineBubble Machine Bubble Machine 1 3,000Knight Badge Furniture
Blonde DollBlonde Doll Blonde Doll 1 240Knight Badge Gift
Stuffed BearStuffed Bear Stuffed Bear 1 100Knight Badge Furniture
Fluffy RabbitFluffy Rabbit Fluffy Rabbit 1 100Knight Badge Furniture
Milk BottleMilk Bottle Milk Bottle 1 500Knight Badge Baby gift
Dinosaur carDinosaur car Dinosaur car 1 300Knight Badge Baby gift
Rubber DuckRubber Duck Rubber Duck 1 300Knight Badge Baby gift
Rainbow caterpillarRainbow caterpillar Rainbow caterpillar 1 300Knight Badge Baby gift


Badge Exchange icoBadge ExchangeBadge Exchange
Item Name Amount Price
Dinosaur carDinosaur car Dinosaur car 1 600Gols
Rubber DuckRubber Duck Rubber Duck 1 600Gols
Rainbow caterpillarRainbow caterpillar Rainbow caterpillar 1 600Gols

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