Bamboo Papaya Seed is a seed that can be planted in a Small Planter Box to grow Bamboo Papayas.

Obtaining Edit

Bamboo Papaya Seed can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Farm Store icoSophie's Ranch
Sophie's Ranch
999 8Gols

Bamboo Papaya Seed can occasionally obtained while gathering Animal Feces in the the Portia Grassland or McDonald's ranch.

There is also a 30% chance to get one Bamboo Papaya Seed when the player harvests fully grown Bamboo Papaya in their Workshop.

Five Bamboo Papaya Seed are given to the player as a reward for completing Martha's Delivery.

Usage Edit

Main article: Farming

Bamboo Papaya Seed can be planted in a Small Planter Box during Summer to grow Bamboo Papaya eight days later. The base yield is 12-14 Bamboo Papayas. The player can harvest 24-28 Bamboo Papayas if they keep the Bamboo Papaya Seed fully fertilized during its whole growth period.

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