The Barber Shop, named Hair Salon on the map, is a owned by Sanwa and is located in Central Plaza. Initially, the Barber Shop is closed, but Sanwa reopens his shop for business after the player helps him with his color blindness.

The player can pay to change their hairstyle, hair color, eye color, lip color, and facial hair and decorations. On the first visit, Sanwa provides a free service for helping him.

Unlike most shops, the Barber Shop does not have a map icon.


At some point in time, the Barber Shop was built in Portia, with Sanwa taking the role as the barber. However, due to being mocked for his colorblindness by the judges and competitors during a haircutting competition, he closed down his shop.

Grand reopeningEdit

Upon obtaining and holding two Eye Glasses in the player's inventory for the first time, Strange Lenses will activate. After taking them to the Research Center for inspection, the player can receive the Color-blind Correction Glasses from Merlin. With the help of these glasses, Sanwa is capable of distinguishing colors, regains his confidence, and reopens the barbershop. As thanks for helping him, the first visit is a free service.


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The cost of the service varies with each change. Hairstyle costs differ depending on the style and length of hair. Eye color and lip color cost 100Gols each.

If the player started their save file prior to the addition of certain features (such as facial hair and decorations), then they will gain the ability to add these features to their character at the Barber Shop after updating their game. The Barber Shop must be unlocked to use its services.


Menu - Show Hat option turned off

The "Show Hat" option in the menu, turned off to hide hats when worn

Sanwa offers three hairstyles that are not available during character creation, as well as the eight that are.

Most hats worn while the "Show Hat" option is checked (this option is checked by default) will usually change the player's hair to the default hairstyle while the hat is worn, regardless of what style was chosen. The exception to this rule are the Elegant Dress Headgear for female characters and the Bandana for any gender character. Taking the hat off or unchecking the "Show Hat" option in the options menu restores the player's hairstyle. Other items that are worn on the head, like the Golden Hairclip and Butterfly Hairpin, are considered accessories rather than hats, and thus are not affected by the "Show Hat" option and do not alter hairstyle.



Facial decorationsEdit

Males have the option to add facial hair and tattoos, while females are limited to tattoos. The length of facial hair and the color of the tattoo can be adjusted.

Facial hairEdit

Tattoos and skin marksEdit


  • Sanwa used to dye Remington's hair, but due to his colorblindness, Sanwa accidentally dyed Remington's hair green.


Posters inside the shop
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