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I've been to Barnarock. Can't say I enjoyed it very much, sorry. It used to be envied! I couldn't believe how far it's fallen.
— Django
I went to Ethea and Barnarock when I was young. These are nice places...well, Ethea's nice. Barnarock was kinda harsh, no offense.
— Phyllis

Barnarock is a land far from Portia, to the north-east. The most efficient way to travel to Barnarock from Portia is via boat through the Western Sea. Barnarock is not part of the Alliance of Free Cities.

Barnarock has a hot, dry, and harsh climate.[1][2] It is famous for its Cantadurian Melon and the Stone Towers.



Connections to Portia[]

Not much is known about Barnarock besides the following:

  • The player lived with their Aunt Kendra in Barnarock before coming to live in Portia.
  • Penny is originally from Barnarock.
  • Nora and Phyllis visited Barnarock.
  • Wuwa sails to Barnarock once every three months.[3]

News Reports[]



  1. Dr. Xu: "Hi, so you're the new Builder in town? I heard you're from Barnarock. I have passed through there before. It's a lot more humid here in Portia. Have you gotten used to the humidity yet?"
  2. Penny: "Wow, the weather is so nice here! It was so hot in Sandrock and Barnarock."
  3. Player: "Thanks for bringing me here! You must be an experienced sailor."
    Wuwa: "Oh, that's no problem at all. I do the Barnarock trip once every three months."