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I've been to Barnarock. Can't say I enjoyed it very much, sorry. It used to be envied! I couldn't believe how far it's fallen.
— Unimplemented verify ] dialogue
I went to Ethea and Barnarock when I was young. These are nice places...well, Ethea's nice. Barnarock was kinda harsh, no offense.
— Unimplemented verify ] dialogue

Barnarock is a land far from Portia, to the north. The most efficient way to travel to Barnarock from Portia is via boat through the Western Sea. Barnarock is not part of the Alliance of Free Cities.

Barnarock has a hot, dry, and harsh climate. It is famous for its Cantadurian Melon and the Stone Towers.



Connections to PortiaEdit

Not much is known about Barnarock besides the following:

  • The player lived with their Aunt Kendra in Barnarock before coming to live in Portia.
  • Penny is originally from Barnarock.
  • Nora and Phyllis visited Barnarock.
  • Wuwa sails to Barnarock once every three months.[1]

News ReportsEdit



  1. Player: "Thanks for bringing me here! You must be an experienced sailor."
    Wuwa: "Oh, that's no problem at all. I do the Barnarock trip once every three months."

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