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Best Brother is a shop located in the Central Plaza. Paulie works there as the shopkeeper.

Relationship discountEdit

The player can get up to 25% discount when shopping at Best Brother if they become friends with Paulie.

Permanent stock Edit

The store is stocked with furniture and storage items. Several crafting recipes are also sold here.

There is a fixed amount of each item in stock. If the player buys all available items they will have to wait until the next day for the store to restock.

Most items in the table below are available for purchase at the start of the game, with the exception of Incense Burner which appears in stock only after the player has completed Rescue in Ingall's Mine.

Best Brother icoBest Brother
Best Brother
Item Name Amount Price Type
Wooden Storage 1 48Gols Storage
Small Chair 1 96Gols Furniture
Bookshelf 1 108Gols Furniture
Dining Table 1 288Gols Furniture
Wooden Table 1 160Gols Furniture
Massage Chair 1 6,000Gols Furniture
Orange Sofa 1 600Gols Furniture
Clothing Basket 1 100Gols Furniture
Mini-Bar 1 1,000Gols Furniture
Short Stool 1 400Gols Furniture
Wooden Drawers 1 452Gols Furniture
Incense Burner 1 880Gols Furniture
Cupboard 1 5,000Gols Furniture
Plain Bed 1 600Gols Bed
Hardwood Double Bed 1 1,200Gols Bed
Celebration Lamp Post 1 4,000Gols Furniture
Piggy Sofa 1 6,000Gols Furniture
Double Drawer 1 4,000Gols Furniture
Double Lounge Chair 1 16,000Gols Furniture
Spouse activity
Double Rocking Chair 1 24,000Gols Furniture
Spouse activity
Cradle 1 10,000Gols Furniture
Baby item

Seasonal stockEdit

Some products in stock vary from season to season.

Best Brother icoBest Brother
Best Brother
Item Name Amount Price Type Season
Wooden Armchair 1 1,800Gols Furniture Season spring
Hardwood Couch 1 2,400Gols Furniture Season summer
Sandbox Table 1 8,000Gols Furniture Season autumn
Glass Cabinet 1 5,000Gols Furniture Season winter
Metal Storage 1 680Gols Storage Season autumnSeason winter

Crafting booksEdit

Street Light recipe can be obtained for free during the main mission Let There Be Light. The rest of the crafting recipes cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Crystal Statue and Crystal Hourglass crafting books become available after the player has completed Bridge to Amber Island. The recipe for crafting Craft Candle is only available on rainy days and only after the player has completed Hazardous Ruins.

Best Brother icoBest Brother
Best Brother
Item Name Amount Price
Craft Candle
Weather rain icon only
1 2,400Gols
Street Light 1 1,000Gols
Hospital Bed 1 2,400Gols
Dream Lamp 1 8,000Gols
Crystal Statue 1 6,000Gols
Crystal Hourglass 1 4,000Gols


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Best Brother will purchase the following items from the player:

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