Bikini Flippers
Bikini Flippers is a miniboss that can be found in the sand behind Dana's Mining Company in the Eufaula Desert once per day.


Bikini Flippers spawns at any time. Unlike most creatures, Bikini Flippers will only spawn once per day, and will not respawn if the player enters and then leaves a building during its spawn times.


Bikini Flippers is a fast creature, with move speeds that match that of the player when not sprinting. Bikini Flippers, like other creatures, is able to enter water.


Bikini Flippers travel by 'swimming' along the surface of the ground. While unprovoked, Bikini Flippers simply stand in one spot.


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When attacking, Bikini Flippers will usually attack the player with an aerial somersault tail-slap.

Occasionally, Bikini Flippers will pose and flick its glasses up and down, which is a warning that it's about to do its most powerful attack, a long series of dives into and out of the ground. Each dive damages every entity around it. Afterwards, it will take a moment to catch its breath.


Levels ExpExp Items
35 800 ClothCloth (20)
Animal FatAnimal Fat (10)
Delicate FurDelicate Fur (5)
SeaweedSeaweed (1)


  • During Early Access, Bikini Flippers was a boss in Rescue in Ingall's Mine. It has since been replaced with Chief Honcho.
  • Bikini Flippers has brown eyes, and its blue suit covers its entire lower body, including its tail.

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