• PsiSeveredHead

    Fandom Staff
    Hi ! My name is PsiSeveredHead, and I’m a Fandom Wiki Manager. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall or talk page. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) (wall) contribs 23:28, June 1, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Bermuda

    Wiki Achievements

    March 20, 2019 by Bermuda

    Hey Portians!

    Today, we would like to bring in a new feature that will be on a trial run for one month. This feature is called Achievements. The goal of this feature is to see how well it would bring in new editors and motivate them to continue editing. We will be monitoring this feature until April 21st.

    Achievements are badges you earn by editing the wiki in several ways. Badges include:

    • Joining the wiki (Special:Signup)
    • Editing your userpage
    • Editing mainspace articles
    • Adding categories to mainspace articles
    • Adding images to mainspace articles
    • Writing a blog post (like this one!)
    • Commenting on blog posts
    • Consecutively edit the wiki for several days (in UTC+0 time)

    By doing any of this, you earn a badge and points that allow you to get on the Leaderb…

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  • Bermuda

    Hello Portians! First and foremost, I apologize for my inactivity due to my busy schedule. I'm not sure how active I will be in the future, but I do hope to still contribute from time to time and provide assistance wherever possible.

    With that being said, congratulations to My Time at Portia for successfully launching their game for the PC! It's been a long journey since Alpha 1.0, but we are now here at the first version of the game. The game's not over yet! There's still tons of details to be added, so stay tuned!

    Before I begin, I would like to formally introduce one of the newest team members in the administration team, Rojadyn! Rojadyn, also known as Esposaderojo, is a member from the Gamepedia MTaP Wiki who will be joining us. With Curse…

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  • Jinxedgoddess
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  • Elleree

    It was a personal goal. To hit 10 million gols before the next patch. And I did it. I also ended up getting everybody in town (except Higgins) to be my BFF. 

    It was a lot of grinding for materials. It took me about 3 weeks since Starlight Island came out with the Factory. This made production incredibly fast and of course automated. I just needed to fill it with materials. I was skeptical at first and left it empty for a few days. Then I decided to move my machines inside. I created more machines and switched them out pretty often, trying to figure out how I wanted the factory to work for me. I figured out exactly what I wanted to produce to sell to stores on high market days.

    I built up a supply of items I wanted to sell. But it started to …

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  • Cryptar

    Beta Scrapnotes

    August 4, 2018 by Cryptar

    Musings on things that will inevitably change throughout the development process, therefore this may be scattered and will be informal:

    • Time will pause when looking at the commission board, however when Higgins will still be able to interact with it while you are deciding, so there is a very limited window of time to get the commission with the best payout.

    The artisan skill is a very useful one in that you can save yourself some rare or complicated crafting materials, but it has a sort of 'knack to it' in that it doesn't reduce the initial cost but the final "spend" of resources; I sometimes think of it like it refunds that much of the materials, and maxing it out is the most practical option right now so I will continue using the maxed out…

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  • Skuldomg88

    All game data is stored in the Program Directory\Portia_Data\StreamingAssets\CccData\LocalDb.bytes table. By copying it to another directory and renaming the extension to .db it can be treated as a regular SQL table and read with, for example, DB Browser for SQLite. In this blog I will do my best to document what the tables contain. For now it is mainly for myself but maybe other people can get something out of this too.

    Note that these tables only contain textual game data, NOT actual textures, sounds or anything to that regard. To extract textures or sounds, you will need a program like Unity Bundle Extractor.

    Here I will list tables that are immediately relevant for modding major game aspects. Always backup your original game files and modify…

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  • Skuldomg88

    Without further ado, here is the link:

    • Up to date table with relationship points as of 31.07.2018, ver. 8.0.106803

    These are extracted directly from the game files (Version Alpha 8.0.106803) and processed with scripts I wrote to make them human-readable.

    If you want to know more, read on.

    The data has been confirmed by analysis of the runtime code (thanks to NetherKitteh on the Discord!), so the above table should be correct, except for human error by myself when writing the extraction script.

    The table should be pretty self-explanatory but here's a quick overview along with some stuff I don't fully understand yet.

    • NPC_Name: Name of the NPC
    • Favor_Excellent: List of gifts that the character loves, along with how many relationship points are gained.…

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    Welcome to my first Gol guide in My Time at Portia! I have had so much fun playing this game and have had numerous requests on my stream to make a Gol guide, so here we are! I am going to list what in my experience is the top 5 easiest and most efficient ways to get Gol and explain why. I have done a lot of testing and research on this, but these are in no way the guaranteed top 5. Other people could have figured out better ways and by all means, if you have and would like to share, please let me know! Let's get right into it then, shall we?

    All information in this guide is current as of patch Alpha 7.0100427 (Harbor storyline).

    • Top 5 easiest and most efficient ways to get Gol
      • #1 Lead Bar
      • #2 Fishing
      • #3 Topaz
      • #4 Igneous Brick & Aluminum Plate
      • #5 Stone …

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  • Bermuda

    Positions available

    May 22, 2018 by Bermuda

    Hey Portians! Lots of work to be done here on the wiki. I apologize for the recent inactivity lately. I just have a lot of tasks to do in real life that kind of sets me behind in working on the wiki.

    With that being said, I'd like to announce that there are open positions for moderators.

    If you are qualified to be a moderator for Portia Wiki, please feel free to message me on my message wall.

    Below are open positions that you can apply for. These positions are available only at this time and are subjected to change in the future.

    Requirements subject to change with each promotion and availability.

    Meeting the requirements does not guarantee promotion. Must make a good impression, be trustworthy, show maturity, and willingness to help the wiki. N…

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  • Bermuda

    Hello Portians! Early Access has been a blast and brought a ton of new visitors over the past few weeks. On the first week of Early Access, we received over 500,000 views on the wiki, with a single-day record of 115,100 views on January 28, 2018. We are now averaging to about 425,000 views per week, and it's starting to slow down as expected. But it's very impressive to know that a bunch of people are visiting our wiki!

    On to the main point, we'd like to receive feedback on how we do things around the wiki.

    • What can we do to provide more information?
    • Is the information readily available? Readability?
    • What kind of information would you like to see?
      • We'll try to put more focus in those areas first based on popular feedback.
    • Are we missing anything…

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  • Bermuda

    Theme design

    November 4, 2017 by Bermuda

    Hey Portians! So I'm sure you're all looking at a bland, designless wiki. For now, this design can only be viewed by me since it's in my own wikia.css. When the time comes to adopt this wiki, I'm hoping to attain user rights in order to access the community's wikia.css and allow everyone else to experience what I experience.

    Adoption? Yes I've started a discussion about it. If you would like to support my adoption for this wiki, please leave a message on this discussion thread:

    Without further ado, I'd like to showcase my design of the wiki. I'd like some feedback on it, whether it needs more or less of something.

    • Note: As for the header image on the wiki navigation up top, I will be changi…

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  • Bermuda

    My wishlist

    September 23, 2017 by Bermuda

    We all have our hopes for games to add new features and gameplay. Here are mine for My Time at Portia. Please remember these are entirely based on my opinions, and as such, you may not agree to some of them. That's fine. Let's keep it constructive.

    This list will grow and change as time goes on.

    • Worktable updates
      • Fences, lighting, furniture, etc. for commissions and decorative objects for your workshop
    • Gardening
      • New workshop items: flower pots, flower boxes and other gardening related objects
      • Commissions
      • Can decorate your workshop
    • Pottery
      • New workshop items: pots, vases, etc.
      • Uses clay
      • Commissions
      • Can decorate your workshop
    • New ways for transport
    • Racing in land, water, and air
    • New zones
    • New tools
    • New skills
    • Zooming in and out, first person PoV
    • Character custo…

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  • Gamsii

    When you first begin your new life in Portia, you're basically broke - and your early quests will give you next to nothing in terms of actual money. The main questline of Alpha 1.0 ends with you building a bridge to Amber Island, but in order to do that you're going to need a lot of copper, as well as the ability to craft bronze items. And to craft bronze items, you're going to need a Level 2 Workshop - which requires 1000g to upgrade, not to mention the item requirements.

    That presents us with our primary problem: You are extremely limited in the amount of copper you can find outside of the mines, but accessing the mines requires 80g per visit, which can be a struggle to make in your first days in Portia.

    So here's a little guide to how to g…

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  • Gamsii

    Have a tip or trick you'd like to share? Toss it in the comments below, and it might get added to our list!

    Current as of Alpha 1.0

    Hotbar & Inventory & Controls

    • Use your mouse wheel to quickly scroll through hotbar items.
    • When a hotbar item is selected, you can click "R" on your keyboard to automatically move it into your inventory.
    • The reverse also works; select an item in your inventory and click "R" to move it to your hotbar (as long as there is space)
    • Hold your mouse button down to automatically keep using your axe or pickaxe.
    • Keep your sword in slot 1, and your axe and pickaxe in slots 2 and 3, or however you prefer. I also usually keep the fishing pole on me, in slot 4.
    • Keep an unfinished stack of stone in wood in slots 7 and 8 so you don't…

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  • Gamsii


    July 17, 2017 by Gamsii

    My Time at Portia FAQ

    Post your questions in the comments, and I'll update this as we go along! 

    Q: Is there a less clunky way to use tools?

    Hold down your mouse while using your axe or pickaxe for a smoother experience! This is especially useful in the mine, where you've got a pale reticle showing where you're digging - but if you don't see that pale circle of light where you're aiming, that means you cannot reach that spot and won't hit anything. Note that this does not work for the swords; swords must be manually clicked each time.

    Q: How do you get hard wood in the early game? [From Youtube]

    For the 3 wood required to make your basic sword: You can easily get 3 hardwood from Paulie for free during the quest Meet the Shop Owners , which May…
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