Brooch is an accessory.

Obtaining Edit

Brooch can be obtained by completing the Run QQ Run! mission several times, i.e. taking QQ for a walk each day until Gust is satisfied.

Brooch can be rarely given as a gratitude gift for completing a commission.

Usage Edit

Brooch can be worn by the player or gifted.


Brooch can be equipped into one of the three Accessory slots in the Inventory to boost the player's maximum Stamina by 15. It is shown on the player's model when worn.


Brooch can be given as a gift.

Social gift Gifting Characters
Like        +6
Version 2.0.134712 Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.

Gift values displayed on this chart are for the PC release of My Time at Portia and may not apply to the console releases.

All other characters will default to Neutral.


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