Buff - heal
Buff - venom

Buffs are positive or negative effects on a character's attributes that last for a limited time. Most positive buffs are given when the player uses consumable items like food or medicine, and most negative buffs, also called debuffs, are inflicted on the player during combat. Multiple buffs and/or debuffs can be active at one time.

Buffs stacked at one time

Six buffs stacked at one time, including one debuff

Each type of buff has a unique icon that will appear next to the player's Icon HP bar while the player is experiencing the corresponding buff. Buffs can also be examined on the player's Character page; hovering over the icons will display information about them and their remaining duration. If the buff affects Icon HP or Icon SP, the number of points regained or lost can be seen bouncing off from the character's head each time the buff(s) affect the character.

While active, most buffs do not show any special animation on the character they are affecting, other than debuffs. Being poisoned shows small acid green puffs of smoke, being burned shows red and yellow flames on the affected character, and being stunned shows yellow stars swirling around the character's head.

Poisoned Xu and player

Example of Xu and a player both being poisoned while on a date

In certain situations, such as if a NPC is taken into the Hazardous Ruins during a play date or date, NPCs may also get afflicted by debuffs. If an NPC passes out due to buff damage or other enemy damage, they will simply rise again after being downed for a few seconds.


Buff consumablesEdit

Bubblefish Stew
Main article: Buff consumables

The majority of buff consumables the player will eat are those that they craft themselves on a Cooking Set or with Ack's services. Most of these consumables will only give a positive buff, though Spicy Tea provides a +30% Critical Chance boost while inflicting -3 Icon HP per second. However, that small amount of damage can be offset by eating other Health buff consumables.

Vending MachineEdit

Lucky Bean Jelly
Main article: Deepest Ruin Vending Machine

Special consumable items can be bought and used only within the Deepest Ruin. Some boost the same stats other foods are capable of boosting, though others have unique effects such as doubling loot or gol drop rate.


Portia Hot Pot

The player may receive buffs while consuming items at certain festivals, such as eating food made at the cook off during the Autumn Festival, or eating from the hot pot at the Winter Solstice.

Couples furnitureEdit

Double Rocking Chair

Certain furniture can only be used when the player is married, though the player does not actually have to use the spouse furniture with their spouse and can still gain buffs from using the furniture alone.

The spouse furniture that give buffs are as follows:

Types of buffsEdit

Positive buffsEdit

Positive buffs help the player survive or work longer, or do more damage in battle.

Buff - heal Positive buffs
Buff Effect Source
Buff - hp
Health regeneration
Restores Icon HP by a set amount or percentage each second. Health buff consumables
Buff - sp
Stamina regeneration
Restores Icon SP by a set amount or percentage each second. Stamina buff consumables,
Double Rocking Chair
Buff - endurance
Endurance regeneration
Restores Endurance by a set amount or percentage each second. Hot Springs Inn,
Double Lounge Chair
Buff - attack
Attack bonus
Increases Attack by a set amount or percentage. Attack buff consumables,
Double Fitness Mat
Buff - defense
Defense bonus
Increases Defense by a set amount or percentage. Defense buff consumables
Buff - crit
Critical bonus
Critical Chance: increases chance of Critical Hits happening.

Critical Damage: increases Critical Hit damage inflicted. (Melee and ranged damage have separate stats.)

Critical buff consumables,
Dessert (melee damage) or Drink (ranged damage) restaurant consumables
Buff - detox
Removes poison debuff if the player is poisoned, and prevents poisoning while the buff is active. Simple Antidote,
Bamboo Incense
Buff - armor
Prevents the player from getting hurt. (Automatically applied to player while the "Chances Remaining" screen is shown after dying in a Hazardous Ruin for the first or second time during the current attempt at the level, and disappears when play is resumed.) Hazardous Ruins

Negative buffsEdit

The following are negative effects that characters can be afflicted with.

Buff - venom Negative buffs
Debuff Effect Source
Buff - vertigo
Prevents the target from moving or doing any actions. Scare Soaker attacks,
ghost attacks
Buff - poison
If caused by an enemy's attack: prolonged poisoning effect that lowers Icon HP by a set amount or percentage each second for a small amount of time.

If caused by a trap: lowers Icon HP by a set amount or percentage every second until the player moves out of the trap causing the debuff; causes more damage per second than prolonged poisoning. May also cause prolonged poison debuff, even after leaving trap.

Poison-based attacks,
Sewage Plant traps
Buff - tear
If caused by an enemy's attack: prolonged burning effect that lowers Icon HP by a set amount or percentage each second for a small amount of time.

If caused by a trap: lowers Icon HP by a set amount or percentage every second until the player moves out of the trap causing the debuff.

Fire-based attacks,
Computer Lab Ruin traps


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