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Builders are skilled craftspeople capable of many trades, including crafting, lumbering, mining, farming, fishing, and more, and are strong enough to hold their own in battle against various monsters roaming the world. They are an important asset to the people of the Free Cities, capable of manufacturing items and tools to improve daily life and help others. Builders operate largely independently, though they will sometimes work with others, such as A&G Construction, towards larger goals.

They are overseen by the Commerce Guild, which distributes Builder Licenses as well as Commissions from citizens and other cities in need of items, and regulates quality with Inspections. Builders earn Reputation points with each Commission they complete, and compete with other Builders to earn the highest Workshop Ranking each month to win in the Commerce Guild Awards at the end of the year.

The Builders of Portia Edit

The city of Portia benefits greatly from its local Builders, especially during the player's time at Portia.

The player's Workshop lies just outside town to the southwest, while Higgins' Workshop is within city walls in Central Plaza, near the Barber Shop. Other than Allen Carter coming to Inspections on the weekends, the other Builders are less competitive and tend to keep to themselves, only being seen during the annual Commerce Guild Awards.

Local Builders
Name Workshop Name
Player Character
Higgins' Workshop
Allen Carter
Allen Carter
Allen Carter Works
Tooth Fairy Factory
Builder Wang
Builder Wang
Neighbor Wang's
Pa (The Player's father, retired)
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