Casual Welding Pants is a piece of clothing that is part of the Casual Welding clothing set. This set also includes the Casual Welding Garment and Welding Helmet (Kickstarter).

Obtaining Edit

This is a Kickstarter exclusive item, only given to backers of the My Time at Portia Kickstarter as an in-game reward for the $55+ tiers. The item is available to the player from the beginning of the game.

Like other Kickstarter items, this item cannot be acquired by players who did not back the game during the Kickstarter or who backed tiers below the required level.

Usage Edit

Casual Welding Pants can be placed in the clothing slot in the Inventory menu in order to boost the player's Defense by 100 and Stamina by 25. It requires a player level of 12.

Casual Welding Pants can be revised at the Clothing Store for 3 Flexible Fiber and 3 Leather after completing Carol's Sewing Machine.


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