Cat's Bed is a furniture item that can be set in the house to give Pinky a place to sleep, if the player has reached Familiar (two stars) with her and she has moved in with them.


Cat's Bed can be purchased at the following shop:

Store In Stock Price
Mysterious Man icoMysterious Man
Mysterious Man
1 1,000Gols

Usage Edit


Cat's Bed can be used to decorate the indoor or outdoor of the player's Workshop. It takes up a 2x2 space. Once it has been placed, it does not provide any bonus to the player, other than allowing them to designate a place for Pinky to sleep in the mornings and at night. Other pets cannot use the Cat's Bed; each pet has their own bed. If the player no longer desires for Pinky live with them, they can gift her an Abandon Tag.

The Cat's Bed can be dyed with one Pigment. The polka dotted fabric portion of the bed is the only part that changes colors; the polka dots can only be obscured if the player dyes the bed stark black.

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