Description Edit

A tag to show the identity of the pet cat (used to change the pet's name).

Obtaining Edit

The Cat Tag can be purchased from the Mysterious Man.

Mysterious Man icoMysterious Man ico
Mysterious Man
Item Amount Price
Cat TagCat Tag

Cat Tag
1 15,000Gols

Usage Edit

The Cat Tag can be gifted to Pinky for +10 Relationship. Gifting it to her will also allow the Builder to rename her, if Pinky has already come to live with the Builder.

Gifting Edit

Social gift Gifting
Prompt happy
Love +10 Pinky

All other NPCs are unknown.

Notes Edit

  • Leaving the name blank after gifting will result in Pinky no longer having a name.
  • Attempting to gift the Cat Tag to Scraps will cause him to howl and refuse the gift. No Relationship will be gained or lost and the item will not be used. It will, however, use up Scraps's gift action for the day.