The main article for this category is Furniture.This category contains subcategories and pages related to furniture that provides a bonus to the player's Attack when placed on their property.

The Attack bonus applies only when an item is placed inside the house. Items placed outside in the player's yard do not grant any bonuses.

List of Attack furnitureEdit

Item Name Type Bonus Size
Aadit's PresentAadit's Present Aadit's Present Floor decor Attack +5 1x2
AI ModelAI Model AI Model Floor decor Attack +13 1x2
Ancient ComputerAncient Computer Ancient Computer Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
Autumn DollAutumn Doll Autumn Doll Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
BonsaiBonsai Bonsai Floor decor Attack +6 2x2
Clay Figure FemaleClay Figure: Female Clay Figure: Female Floor decor Attack +6 1x1
Clay Figure MaleClay Figure: Male Clay Figure: Male Floor decor Attack +6 1x1
Damour Roly-PolyDamour Roly-Poly Damour Roly-Poly Floor decor Attack +6 1x1
Double Door Wooden CabinetDouble Door Wooden Cabinet Double Door Wooden Cabinet Storage Attack +4 1x2
Duck on a KingDuck on a King Duck on a King Floor decor Attack +8 2x2
Fan ModelFan Model Fan Model Floor decor Attack +7 1x2
Farewell from Dad & GrampaFarewell from Dad & Grampa Farewell from Dad & Grampa Wall decor Attack +5 2x4
Fortune CatFortune Cat Fortune Cat Floor decor Attack +9 1x2
Galloping HorseGalloping Horse Galloping Horse Floor decor Attack +13 3x3
Hydrangea DanceHydrangea Dance Hydrangea Dance Floor decor Attack +5 3x5
Jumping WavesJumping Waves Jumping Waves Floor decor Attack +5 3x5
Kungfu SackKungfu Sack Kungfu Sack Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
Layered BookshelfLayered Bookshelf Layered Bookshelf Storage Attack +6 1x2
Lotus LampLotus Lamp Lotus Lamp Floor decor Attack +2 1x1
Magic LampMagic Lamp Magic Lamp Floor decor Attack +5 1x1
Martial Arts Legend PennantMartial Arts Legend Pennant Martial Arts Legend Pennant Wall decor Attack +10 1x3
Monster ToyMonster Toy Monster Toy Floor decor Attack +7 2x2
Old TalkerOld Talker Old Talker Wall decor Attack +5 1x3
Old ThermosOld Thermos Old Thermos Floor decor Attack +1 1x1
Owl ClockOwl Clock Owl Clock Wall decor Attack +11 1x3
Painting - Carp and LotusPainting: Carp and Lotus Painting: Carp and Lotus Wall decor Attack +7 2x4
Painting - Crescent MoonPainting: Crescent Moon Painting: Crescent Moon Wall decor Attack +5 2x4
Painting - MePainting: Me Painting: Me Wall decor Attack +5 2x4
Painting - MoritzPainting: Moritz Painting: Moritz Wall decor Attack +5 2x4
Painting - Sea LionPainting: Sea Lion Painting: Sea Lion Wall decor Attack +5 2x4
Plane ModelPlane Model Plane Model Floor decor Attack +10 3x4
Plum Blossom LanternPlum Blossom Lantern Plum Blossom Lantern Wall decor Attack +2 1x3
Porcelain WaterholderPorcelain Waterholder Porcelain Waterholder Floor decor Attack +3 2x2
Power LampPower Lamp Power Lamp Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
Rocket ModelRocket Model Rocket Model Floor decor Attack +9 2x2
Sailboat ModelSailboat Model Sailboat Model Floor decor Attack +9 2x4
Ship in a BottleShip in a Bottle Ship in a Bottle Floor decor Attack +2 1x2
Sculpted LionSculpted Lion Sculpted Lion Floor decor Attack +10 1x2
Snowball Fighter FlagSnowball Fighter Flag Snowball Fighter Flag Wall decor Attack +10 1x3
Soldier with AxeSoldier with Axe Soldier with Axe Floor decor Attack +10 1x1
Soldier with BladeSoldier with Blade Soldier with Blade Floor decor Attack +10 1x1
Soldier with LanceSoldier with Lance Soldier with Lance Floor decor Attack +10 1x1
Soldier with ScepterSoldier with Scepter Soldier with Scepter Floor decor Attack +10 1x1
Sphere TrophySphere Trophy Sphere Trophy Floor decor Attack +9 1x1
Spring DollSpring Doll Spring Doll Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
Summer DollSummer Doll Summer Doll Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
Sunny SideSunny Side Sunny Side Wall decor Attack +3 2x4
Taishi ChairTaishi Chair Taishi Chair Seating Attack +4 1x2
Twisted Window OrigamyTwisted Window Origamy Twisted Window Origamy Wall decor Attack +3 1x3
TypewriterTypewriter Typewriter Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
Vinyl Record PlayerVinyl Record Player Vinyl Record Player Floor decor Attack +5 1x1
War DrumWar Drum War Drum Floor decor Attack +4 2x2
Lion with Wings StatueWinged Lion Winged Lion Floor decor Attack +9 2x2
Winter DollWinter Doll Winter Doll Floor decor Attack +3 1x1
Wooden HassockWooden Hassock Wooden Hassock Seating Attack +2 1x1

Trivia: Edit

On PC past version 2.0.134241, it is impossible to consistently get Attack Furniture.

The options are:

Martial arts tournament Edit

Most of the Martial arts tournament furniture give Attack bonuses. There are downsides however:

  • The rewards are only available for purchase 1/4 of the year.
  • And the Martial Artist's Badgecan only be earned for two days in the year.

The most cost effective item to buy would be the Taishi Chair. It costs 8 badges, and provides 4 attack. Equalling 0.5 attack per badge.

Considering that the max level (4) house can give up to 120 attack from furniture. And if it's assumed that the player gets 78 badges per year (maximum possible with all correct guesses). And assuming the player masses 30 Taishi Chairs in one room (best badge to attack conversion ratio).

It will take just over 3 years (ie:4) to max out using only this method.

Snowball Fighter Flag Edit

The Snowball Fighter Flag provides +10 Attack for 25 Snowball Battle Badges.

You can earn up to 60 badges per year. Meaning you can get +20 attack per year, and have some badges left.

Using only this method, it would take 5 years of perfect scores to max out.

Relics Edit

There are a lot of relics that can be assembled, and that give Attack bonus (see above).

Ways of gettings them are:

  • Abandoned Ruins diving, and hoping to find relic pieces randomly.
  • The notice board in the museum. Where you can periodically trade, or sometimes buy random relic parts for gols.
  • Randomly from Lucky Sacks purchasable from the Mysterious Man on the last weekend of every month (ie: 8 days a year).

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