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Combat is a game mechanic that allows the player to gain experience and loot. Though it can be avoided easily on a typical day in Portia, it is required to progress through the story and complete certain missions. Combat typically involves weapons, equipment, monsters and other enemies, and, as needed, consumables to restore Health (HP or Health Points) or Stamina (SP or Stamina Points) or apply buffs.

At the most basic level, the goal of combat is to defeat enemies without losing all of the player's HP (health points). The player's current and maximum HP can be viewed on the user interface at the bottom of the screen.

Sparring is a type of friendly hand-to-hand combat that can be done up to three times a day with certain characters by initiating a social interaction with them. Sparring with other characters can either improve or damage the player's relationship with them, depending on the character and how many times the player has sparred with them that day.


To attack, a weapon must be selected in the quickbar (alternatively, an empty slot on the quickbar can be selected to use the player's bare fists). Approach the enemy and left click with the mouse to attack. Sword- and hammer-type weapons allow the player to dash to enemies that are a small distance away, while gun-type weapons allow the player to attack from even further away.

The damage inflicted by and to the player depends on their attributes (a.k.a. stats); please see the Attributes page for what each attribute determines and how to augment each attribute. Additionally, combat-oriented skills can help the player in battle.

The player's attack relies on their Attack and Critical attributes, which can be boosted beyond the player's natural ability by using stronger weapons, investing in certain skills, and more.


Endurance meter

Endurance meter

There is no way to block or deflect attacks in My Time at Portia. Rather, the player must either dodge attacks or restore their Health Points after taking damage in order to survive.

Dodge rolls and sprinting can aid the player's evasive maneuvers; both moves consume Endurance. Be ready to dodge roll with the right click mouse button to avoid taking damage. Most enemies have "tells", or predictable signs that they are about to attack, which the player can learn and use to their advantage to survive particularly difficult battles. (There is no in-game "learning" or warning mechanic for such tells, so it is entirely up to the player to watch enemies and time their dodges and health restoration.)

Health can be restored by eating food or using other consumable items from either the active quickbar slot or from the player's inventory. Because viewing the player's inventory (or other menus) pauses time, the player is able to restore their Health without interruption, but the option to fight and maintain their Health in real-time remains.

Defeat in battle[]

If the player is defeated in the overworld (the area seen on the map of Portia) or in a Hazardous Ruin, then they will be sent home to their Workshop. verify ]

If the player is defeated in a sparring match, they will lose a small amount of Gols, but will not receive any other penalties.

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