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This category contains subcategories and pages related to furniture that provides a bonus to the player's Defense when placed on their property.

The Defense bonus applies only when an item is placed inside the house. Items placed outside in the player's yard do not grant any bonuses.

List of Defense furnitureEdit

Item Name Type Bonus Size
Concave MirrorConcave Mirror
Concave Mirror Floor decor Defense +10 1x1
Convex MirrorConvex Mirror
Convex Mirror Floor decor Defense +10 1x1
Crystal StatueCrystal Statue
Crystal Statue Floor decor Defense +10 2x2
Knight's ShieldKnight's Shield
Knight's Shield Wall decor Defense +15 1x3
Llama SculptureLlama Sculpture
Llama Sculpture Floor decor Defense +18 2x3
Master Rider PennantMaster Rider Pennant
Master Rider Pennant Wall decor Defense +15 1x3
Mini-Bar Storage Defense +7 1x4
Old BasinOld Basin
Old Basin Floor decor Defense +5 1x1
Printing PressPrinting Press
Printing Press Floor decor Defense +12 2x3
Red LampRed Lamp
Red Lamp Floor decor Defense +5 1x1
Sandbox TableSandbox Table
Sandbox Table Storage Defense +16 2x3
Square TableSquare Table
Square Table Storage Defense +14 3x4
Toy RobotToy Robot
Toy Robot Floor decor Defense +19 1x1
Wall LampWall Lamp
Wall Lamp Wall decor Defense +4 1x3
Washbasin Floor decor Defense +5 2x2
Water CoolerWater Cooler
Water Cooler Floor decor Defense +4 1x1
Xylophone Floor decor Defense +5 2x2

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