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Farm animals can be purchased from McD's Jumpin' Livestock and can be placed in a Shed, Coop, or Stable.

Care and Feeding[]

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Farm animals require care in order to stay happy and grow into adults. Once you have placed an animal in a Shed, Coop, or Stable, you can feed it by interacting with that building's food trough. You can then choose what food you would like to give them. Check back often to make sure the food hasn't run out. Interact with each individual animal every day to keep them as happy as possible.

Food for farm animals can include most fruits and vegetables as well as other foods. It is used to help animals grow from babies to full-grown animals. It must be placed in the food trough of a Coop, Shed, Stable, or Trap Box. Each different food provides a certain amount of growth points to the animals that eat it.

Animals also like for their living area to be clean. Be sure to pick up Animal Feces and other drops regularly.

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