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Fish can be caught via fishing or bought from Tody's Fish-o-Rama or Emily's Food Stall. If bought from a store, they will always be common quality. If caught via fishing, fish can be common, Emperor, or King quality, with each tier being more difficult to catch than the last.

Fish can be used for cooking food with the Cooking Set or Ack, gifted to other characters, sold for Gols to shops, or donated to the Portia Museum's aquarium on the second floor. Specific fish can be used for other purposes:

Breeding fish[]

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Fish Display

Fish can be bred in Fish Displays, Large Fish Tanks, and Crystal Fish Tanks. Two fish of the same kind can breed to create another fish of the same kind, ex. two Emperor Blue Mackerel can breed to create another Emperor Blue Mackerel.

Fish can be fed Dough and Bug Eggs, and must be fed daily to have a chance of breeding. However, if not fed, fish do not die and are simply a cosmetic addition to the House.

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