Furniture includes items that can be placed within the player character's workshop property, whether indoors, outdoors, or both. Every furniture item has individual requirements, including being placed on the wall or on certain types of flooring.


Main article: Storage

Many furniture items can be used to store items. See Storage for details.

Placement RulesEdit

A few rules govern the placement of furniture by the player:

  • You can only place furniture within the boundaries of the player character's workshop property.
  • You generally have the freedom to place furniture items anywhere you want (within the workshop boundaries) as long as the furniture is not blocking entrances and exits.
  • Each furniture item has prerequisites for the type of flooring or walls it can be placed on. Possible flooring includes the floor inside the house, flooring placed outside the house, or the grass within the workshop boundaries.
  • To move an object that you have already placed, approach the object and press "F". You can then return it to your inventory or place it somewhere new. You can also swing your axe twice at the item to automatically return it to your inventory.

Stat BonusesEdit

There is a wide variety of furniture items in the game. Some provide an attribute boost for the player once they have been placed, and some can even be interacted with by the player and NPCs. Most furniture, however, are decorative only.


Item Name Type Bonus Indoor Outdoor Size
Banquet TableBanquet Table
Banquet Table Tables Icon SP +16 Yes
Boombox Wall Decor Icon SP +8
Builder's LicenseBuilder's License
Builder's License Wall Decor Icon SP +20 Yes No
Clothing BasketClothing Basket
Clothing Basket Floor Decor Icon SP +1 Yes
Crystal HourglassCrystal Hourglass
Crystal Hourglass Floor Decor Icon SP +9
Cushioned CouchCushioned Couch
Cushioned Couch Seating Icon SP +6
Dark Coffee TableDark Coffee Table
Dark Coffee Table Tables Icon SP +6 Yes
Dining TableDining Table
Dining Table Tables Icon SP +6 Yes
Dream LampDream Lamp
Dream Lamp Floor Decor Icon SP +18
File CabinetFile Cabinet
File Cabinet Shelves Icon SP +8 Yes
Fireplace Floor Decor Icon SP +13
Fluffy RabbitFluffy Rabbit
Fluffy Rabbit Floor Decor Icon SP +6
Gold TrophyGold Trophy
Gold Trophy Floor Decor Icon SP +10 Yes
Hardwood CouchHardwood Couch
Hardwood Couch Seating Icon SP +8
Hardwood SofaHardwood Sofa
Hardwood Sofa Seating Icon SP +6
Incense BurnerIncense Burner
Incense Burner Floor Decor Icon SP +10
Large BookshelfLarge Bookshelf
Large Bookshelf Shelves Icon SP +12 Yes
Leather ChairLeather Chair
Leather Chair Seating Icon SP +5
Leather SofaLeather Sofa
Leather Sofa Seating Icon SP +7 Yes
Lucky CoverLucky Cover
Lucky Cover Wall Decor Icon SP +1 Yes No
Multi-purpose Tea TableMulti-purpose Tea Table
Multi-purpose Tea Table Tables Icon SP +4
One-legged Dining TableOne-legged Dining Table
One-legged Dining Table Tables Icon SP +16 Yes
Orange SofaOrange Sofa
Orange Sofa Seating Icon SP +5
Painting - BoyPainting - Boy
Painting: Boy Wall Decor Icon SP +8 Yes No
Painting - Distant MountainsPainting - Distant Mountains
Painting: Distant Mountains Wall Decor Icon SP +8 Yes No
Painting - GirlPainting - Girl
Painting: Girl Wall Decor Icon SP +8 Yes No
Presley's SofaPresley's Sofa
Presley's Sofa Seating Icon SP +4
Privacy ScreenPrivacy Screen
Privacy Screen Floor Decor Icon SP +1
Purple HydrangeaPurple Hydrangea
Purple Hydrangea Floor Decor Icon SP +3
Rainbow Flower PotRainbow Flower Pot
Rainbow Flower Pot Floor Decor Icon SP +3
Sapphire Photo FrameSapphire Photo Frame
Sapphire Photo Frame Wall Decor Icon SP +12 Yes No
Short StoolShort Stool
Short Stool Seating Icon SP +3
Small ChairSmall Chair
Small Chair Seating Icon SP +2
Small Potted Purple HydrangeaSmall Potted Purple Hydrangea
Small Potted Purple Hydrangea Floor Decor Icon SP +2
Stone StoolStone Stool
Stone Stool Seating Icon SP +2
Stone TableStone Table
Stone Table Tables Icon SP +7 Yes
Succulent PlantSucculent Plant
Succulent Plant Floor Decor Icon SP +6
Tea TableTea Table
Tea Table Tables Icon SP +4 Yes
Tea SetTea Set
Tea Set Floor Decor Icon SP +8 Yes
The Waiting Girl Music BoxThe Waiting Girl Music Box
The Waiting Girl Music Box Floor Decor Icon SP +20
Trunk BenchTrunk Bench
Trunk Bench Seating Icon SP +10
Vending MachineVending Machine
Vending Machine Floor Decor Icon SP +8
Washing MachineWashing Machine
Washing Machine Floor Decor Icon SP +7
White ArmchairWhite Armchair
White Armchair Seating Icon SP +6
Wild RosesWild Roses
Wild Roses Floor Decor Icon SP +4
Wooden ArmchairWooden Armchair
Wooden Armchair Seating Icon SP +4
Wooden ChairWooden Chair
Wooden Chair Seating Icon SP +2
Wooden Music BoxWooden Music Box
Wooden Music Box Floor Decor Icon SP +10
Wooden TableWooden Table
Wooden Table Tables Icon SP +3
Work DeskWork Desk
Work Desk Tables Icon SP +9 Yes
Yellow LeafYellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf Floor Decor Icon SP +2


Item Name Type Bonus Indoor Outdoor Size
Bookshelf Shelves Icon HP +15 Yes
Craft CandleCraft Candle
Craft Candle Floor Decor Icon HP +12
Cupboard Shelves Icon HP +18 Yes
Cushioned StoolCushioned Stool
Cushioned Stool Seating Icon HP +3
Elephant FountainElephant Fountain
Elephant Fountain Floor Decor Icon HP +30
Fan Floor Decor Icon HP +16 Yes
Fossil ReplicaFossil Replica
Fossil Replica Wall Decor Icon HP +25
Glass CabinetGlass Cabinet
Glass Cabinet Shelves Icon HP +20
Hospital BedHospital Bed
Hospital Bed Floor Decor Icon HP +10
Kingfisher PennantKingfisher Pennant
Kingfisher Pennant Wall Decor Icon HP +25
Little Bear SofaLittle Bear Sofa
Little Bear Sofa Seating Icon HP +8
Loudspeaker Floor Decor Icon HP +20
Maya Wall Decor Icon HP +10
Meeting TableMeeting Table
Meeting Table Tables Icon HP +24
Painting - KittyPainting - Kitty
Painting: Kitty Wall Decor Icon HP +15
Painting - RedstonePainting - Redstone
Painting: Redstone Wall Decor Icon HP +15
Painting - StreetPainting - Street
Painting: Street Wall Decor Icon HP +15
Painting - The Lonely WindmillPainting - The Lonely Windmill
Painting: The Lonely Windmill Walls Icon HP +15
Piano Floor Decor Icon HP +20
Piano BenchPiano Bench
Piano Bench Floor Decor Icon HP +8
Pot of AsteriaPot of Asteria
Pot of Asteria Floor Decor Icon HP +15
Simple DeskSimple Desk
Simple Desk Tables Icon HP +8 Yes
Small ClockSmall Clock
Small Clock Wall Decor Icon HP +14
Solid Wood ClockSolid Wood Clock
Solid Wood Clock Floor Decor Icon HP +30
Strange MirrorStrange Mirror
Strange Mirror Floor Decor Icon HP +20 Yes
Stuffed BearStuffed Bear
Stuffed Bear Floor Decor Icon HP +12
Wall LightWall Light
Wall Light Wall Decor Icon HP +18
Water BucketWater Bucket
Water Bucket Floor Decor Icon HP +2 Yes
Wooden DrawersWooden Drawers
Wooden Drawers Shelves Icon HP +10 Yes


Item Name Type Bonus Indoor Outdoor Size
AI ModelAI Model
AI Model Floor Decor Attack +13
Ancient ComputerAncient Computer
Ancient Computer Floor Decor Attack +3
Autumn DollAutumn Doll
Autumn Doll Floor Decor Attack +3
Bonsai Floor Decor Attack +6
Clay Figure FemaleClay Figure Female
Clay Figure: Female Floor Decor Attack +6
Clay Figure MaleClay Figure Male
Clay Figure: Male Floor Decor Attack +6
Double Door Wooden CabinetDouble Door Wooden Cabinet
Double Door Wooden Cabinet Shelves Attack +4
Duck on a KingDuck on a King
Duck on a King Floor Decor Attack +8
Fan ModelFan Model
Fan Model Floor Decor Attack +7
Fortune CatFortune Cat
Fortune Cat Floor Decor Attack +9
Galloping HorseGalloping Horse
Galloping Horse Floor Decor Attack +13 Yes
Kungfu SackKungfu Sack
Kungfu Sack Floor Decor Attack +3
Lion with WingsLion with Wings
Lion with Wings Floor Decor Attack +9
Lotus LampLotus Lamp
Lotus Lamp Floor Decor Attack +2
Magic LampMagic Lamp
Magic Lamp Floor Decor Attack +5
Martial Arts Legend PennantMartial Arts Legend Pennant
Martial Arts Legend Pennant Wall Decor Attack +10
Monster ToyMonster Toy
Monster Toy Wall Decor Attack +7
Old TalkerOld Talker
Old Talker Wall Decor Attack +5
Old ThermosOld Thermos
Old Thermos Floor Decor Attack +1 Yes
Owl ClockOwl Clock
Owl Clock Wall Decor Attack +11
Plane ModelPlane Model
Plane Model Floor Decor Attack +10
Porcelain WaterholderPorcelain Waterholder
Porcelain Waterholder Floor Decor Attack +3
Power LampPower Lamp
Power Lamp Floor Decor Attack +3
Rocket ModelRocket Model
Rocket Model Floor Decor Attack +9
Sailboat ModelSailboat Model
Sailboat Model Floor Decor Attack +9
Sculpted LionSculpted Lion
Sculpted Lion Floor Decor Attack +10
Snowball Fighter FlagSnowball Fighter Flag
Snowball Fighter Flag Wall Decor Attack +20
Soldier with AxeSoldier with Axe
Soldier with Axe Floor Decor Attack +10
Soldier with BladeSoldier with Blade
Soldier with Blade Floor Decor Attack +10
Soldier with LanceSoldier with Lance
Soldier with Lance Floor Decor Attack +10
Soldier with ScepterSoldier with Scepter
Soldier with Scepter Floor Decor Attack +10
Sphere TrophySphere Trophy
Sphere Trophy Floor Decor Attack +9
Spring DollSpring Doll
Spring Doll Floor Decor Attack +3
Summer DollSummer Doll
Summer Doll Floor Decor Attack +3
Sunny SideSunny Side
Sunny Side Wall Decor Attack +3
Taishi ChairTaishi Chair
Taishi Chair Seating Attack +4
Typewriter Floor Decor Attack +3
Vinyl Record PlayerVinyl Record Player
Vinyl Record Player Floor Decor Attack +5
War DrumWar Drum
War Drum Floor Decor Attack +4
Winter DollWinter Doll
Winter Doll Floor Decor Attack +3
Wooden HassockWooden Hassock
Wooden Hassock Attack +2


Item Name Type Bonus Indoor Outdoor Size
Concave MirrorConcave Mirror
Concave Mirror Floor Decor Defense +10
Convex MirrorConvex Mirror
Convex Mirror Floor Decor Defense +10
Crystal StatueCrystal Statue
Crystal Statue Floor Decor Defense +10
Knight's ShieldKnight's Shield
Knight's Shield Wall Decor Defense +15
Llama SculptureLlama Sculpture
Llama Sculpture Floor Decor Defense +18 Yes
Mini-Bar Tables Defense +7
Old BasinOld Basin
Old Basin Floor Decor Defense +5
Printing PressPrinting Press
Printing Press Floor Decor Defense +12
Red LampRed Lamp
Red Lamp Floor Decor Defense +5
Sandbox TableSandbox Table
Sandbox Table Tables Defense +16
Square TableSquare Table
Square Table Tables Defense +14 Yes
Toy RobotToy Robot
Toy Robot Floor Decor Defense +19
Wall LampWall Lamp
Wall Lamp Wall Decor Defense +4
Washbasin Floor Decor Defense +5
Water CoolerWater Cooler
Water Cooler Floor Decor Defense +4
Xylophone Floor Decor Defense +5


Item Name Type Use Indoor Outdoor Size
Double Fitness MatDouble Fitness Mat
Double Fitness Mat Spouse Activity
Double Lounge ChairDouble Lounge Chair
Double Lounge Chair Spouse Activity
Double Rocking ChairDouble Rocking Chair
Double Rocking Chair Spouse Activity ???
Hardwood Double BedHardwood Double Bed
Hardwood Double Bed Bed Sleep
Iron Framed Double BedIron Framed Double Bed
Iron Framed Double Bed Bed Sleep
Marble Street LightMarble Street Light
Marble Street Light No Yes
Massage ChairMassage Chair
Massage Chair
Merry Go AroundMerry Go Around
Merry Go Around Spouse Activity
Oak Double BedOak Double Bed
Oak Double Bed Bed Sleep
Plain BedPlain Bed
Plain Bed Bed Sleep
Street LightStreet Light
Street Light Lighting No Yes

Pet ItemsEdit

The following items can be placed for pets to use:

Item Name Bonus Indoor Outdoor Size
Cat ScratcherCat Scratcher
Cat Scratcher None
Cat TreeCat Tree
Cat Tree None
Cat's BedCat's Bed
Cat's Bed None Yes Yes
Climbable PoleClimbable Pole
Climbable Pole None
Fish DisplayFish Display
Fish Display None Yes Yes
Dog HouseDog House
Dog House None
Jumping HoopJumping Hoop
Jumping Hoop None
Large Fish TankLarge Fish Tank
Large Fish Tank None Yes
Spinball None


Item Name Type Indoor Outdoor Size
Armor of a KnightArmor of a Knight
Armor of a Knight
Balloons No Yes
Basic Sewing MachineBasic Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing Machine
Boundary CarpetBoundary Carpet
Boundary Carpet Rug Yes Yes 3x4
Billboard for the Portia Land RunBillboard for the Portia Land Run
Billboard for the Portia Land Run
Bubble MachineBubble Machine
Bubble Machine
Cat-Ear Patio UmbrellaCat-Ear Patio Umbrella
Cat-Ear Patio Umbrella
Catmaid StatueCatmaid Statue
Catmaid Statue No Yes
Coarse RugCoarse Rug
Coarse Rug Rug Yes Yes 6x8
Day of Memories SignDay of Memories Sign
Day of Memories Sign Wall Decor
Drum Yes
Flower CarpetFlower Carpet
Flower Carpet Rug Yes Yes 2x3
Ghost 1Ghost 1
Ghost 1
Ghost 2Ghost 2
Ghost 2
Ghost 3Ghost 3
Ghost 3
Ghost 4Ghost 4
Ghost 4
Ghost 5Ghost 5
Ghost 5
Ghost 6Ghost 6
Ghost 6
Ghost 7Ghost 7
Ghost 7
Ghost 8Ghost 8
Ghost 8
Ghost 9Ghost 9
Ghost 9
Goddess StatueGoddess Statue
Goddess Statue No Yes
Haunted Cave SignHaunted Cave Sign
Haunted Cave Sign Wall Decor
Horse Head Floor LampHorse Head Floor Lamp
Horse Head Floor Lamp
Jockey StatueJockey Statue
Jockey Statue
Linen RugLinen Rug
Linen Rug Rug
Marble FlooringMarble Flooring
Marble Flooring No Yes
Monument ModelMonument Model
Monument Model No Yes
Ocean Blue CarpetOcean Blue Carpet
Ocean Blue Carpet Rug Yes Yes 4x4
Patio UmbrellaPatio Umbrella
Patio Umbrella
Paw MatPaw Mat
Paw Mat Rug Yes Yes 2x2
Plaid RugPlaid Rug
Plaid Rug Rug Yes 6x8
Pointy Nosed SnowmanPointy Nosed Snowman
Pointy Nosed Snowman No Yes
Portian RugPortian Rug
Portian Rug Rug Yes Yes 4x6
Rabbit SnowmanRabbit Snowman
Rabbit Snowman No Yes
Red Heart KnotRed Heart Knot
Red Heart Knot
Red Patio UmbrellaRed Patio Umbrella
Red Patio Umbrella
Master Rider PennantMaster Rider Pennant
Master Rider Pennant Wall Decor
Small Waste BinSmall Waste Bin
Small Waste Bin
Snowman with a Red ScarfSnowman with a Red Scarf
Snowman with a Red Scarf No Yes
Solstice LanternSolstice Lantern
Solstice Lantern Wall Decor
Solstice TreeSolstice Tree
Solstice Tree
Solstice WreathSolstice Wreath
Solstice Wreath Wall Decor
Stone FountainStone Fountain
Stone Fountain No Yes
Striped CarpetStriped Carpet
Striped Carpet Rug Yes Yes 3x4
The Thinking CanThe Thinking Can
The Thinking Can No Yes
Tree of ClawsTree of Ghost Claws
Tree of Ghost Claws Yes
Wall CandleWall Candle
Wall Candle Wall Decor
Weird Glass JarWeird Glass Jar
Weird Glass Jar No Yes
Wooden Photo FrameWooden Photo Frame
Wooden Photo Frame Wall Decor
Yellow Patio UmbrellaYellow Patio Umbrella
Yellow Patio Umbrella


Item Name Bonus Indoor Outdoor Size
All Source ModelAll Source Model
All Source Model ??? No Yes
Blonde DollBlonde Doll
Blonde Doll ???
Brick Flower StandBrick Flower Stand
Brick Flower Stand ??? No Yes
Carp FlagCarp Flag
Carp Flag ??? No Yes
Dancing GhostDancing Ghost
Dancing Ghost ??? No Yes
Deconstructive Building DesignDeconstructive Building Design
Deconstructive Building Design Walls ???
Dee-Dee TransportDee-Dee Transport
Dee-Dee Transport ??? No Yes
Egg SculptureEgg Sculpture
Egg Sculpture ???
Fish BalloonFish Balloon
Fish Balloon ??? No Yes
Fish SubFish Sub
Fish Sub ??? No Yes
Fishing FlagFishing Flag
Fishing Flag ??? No Yes
Garden TableGarden Table
Garden Table ???
Gugu Station ClockGugu Station Clock
Gugu Station Clock ??? No Yes
Head of a DeerHead of a Deer
Head of a Deer Walls ???
Cultivation FenceHerb Fence
Herb Fence ??? No Yes
Llama Memorabilia BlanketLlama Memorabilia Blanket
Llama Memorabilia Blanket ???
Long-Haul BusLong-Haul Bus
Long-Haul Bus ??? No Yes
Man-eater SofaMan-eater Sofa
Man-eater Sofa ???
Marble ArborMarble Arbor
Marble Arbor ??? No Yes
Marble Courtyard ChairMarble Courtyard Chair
Marble Courtyard Chair ??? No Yes
Marble Flower BedMarble Flower Bed
Marble Flower Bed ??? No Yes
Marble Flower SquareMarble Flower Square
Marble Flower Square ??? No Yes
Marble Flower StandMarble Flower Stand
Marble Flower Stand ??? No Yes
Marble FountainMarble Fountain
Marble Fountain ??? No Yes
Paddle BoatPaddle Boat
Paddle Boat ??? No Yes
Performance Center ModelPerformance Center Model
Performance Center Model ??? No Yes
Pony Table LampPony Table Lamp
Pony Table Lamp ???
Race Horse Memorabilia BlanketRace Horse Memorabilia Blanket
Race Horse Memorabilia Blanket ???
Rattan ChairRattan Chair
Rattan Chair ???
Ship in a BottleShip in a Bottle
Ship in a Bottle ???
Stone Striped Wooden BenchStone Striped Wooden Bench
Stone Striped Wooden Bench ???
Striped Lounge ChairStriped Lounge Chair
Striped Lounge Chair ???
Water WheelWater Wheel
Water Wheel ??? No Yes
Windmill ??? No Yes
Wooden Flower SquareWooden Flower Square
Wooden Flower Square ??? No Yes
Wooden HorseWooden Horse
Wooden Horse ???

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