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Gifts are presents given to or received from another character. Depending on the combination of gift and character, the reaction varies from a positive reaction to a negative reaction. By gifting, the player can increase the Relationship level of a certain character, as long as the character reacts positively.

Most characters in Portia can receive gifts. To give a gift to an NPC, interact with them and select the Gift icon. Your inventory will pop up on the screen. Not all items can be given as gifts; the ones that can be given will appear in your inventory on this screen.

Selecting giftsEdit

Universal giftsEdit

Main article: Universal gifts

Universal gifts are gifts that are reacted to by all (or most) characters in similar ways. Most gifts are universal neutrals, giving +1 relationship point.

Gift preferencesEdit

Main article: Gift preferences

Every character has unique preferences. Their reaction to a gift is measured in relationship points.

Special giftsEdit

Main article: Special gifts

Special gifts are used in a specific situation. Instead of appearing in your general inventory space while gifting, you can see them at the bottom left of the gifts window. Items you have will be grayed out but visible. If you have obtained that item at some point, its description will be added when highlighting the item even if you do not currently possess one.

Event bonusesEdit


All seasonal festivals multiply the relationship point yield by two. This allows the player to either earn or lose double the amount of relationship points. For example, if a character usually has a base +10 value for Roses, giving them Roses on a festival will instead yield +20 base points.


Most characters have birthdays. Birthdays are tracked through the calendar after reaching the "Buddy" level for a character. Once a character and the player have reached the "Buddy" level, the character's birthday is displayed on the calendar. The character reacts to gifts and states that the current day is their birthday, regardless of whether the player has reached the "Buddy" level. However, accidentally finding a character's birthday does not add it to the calendar. When gifting on birthdays, relationship points are tripled, for instance, a +10 item would triple to +30. In the event a character has a birthday during an event or a festival, the multiplier only takes account of the higher multiplier, in this case: birthdays.


Desire head icon

Head icon

Desires, or wishes, are gifts that people want. People wanting a specific item are indicated with a Desire icon icon on the map. On the map, the description is displayed as "<NPC> desires something".

Someone with a desired item will have the desired icon on the "Chat" social interaction, in which the person describes the item to the player. If the item is presently available in the player's inventory, the item will also be highlighted with the desired icon.

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