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Ingredients are Items that can be used for cooking Food, which can be gifted, sold for Gols, or eaten to restore Health or Stamina, increase Attributes permanently, or add or remove a Buff.

Cooking can be done using a variety of tools and methods. including Cooking Set, Grill, Blender, and visiting Ack in Peach Plaza. A small selection of recipes are available from the beginning of the game, and the rest must be discovered either by experimenting with ingredients or by learning them from NPCs such as Django.

After the player has met Ack, he can cook the player food in bulk instantaneously, though he only knows a few recipes of his own, as well as whichever recipes the player has discovered with the Cooking Set or learned from Django.

Cooking with a Cooking Set[]

To cook with a Cooking Set, you will need ingredients. Most ingredients fit into one or more categories, and you'll need to pick the correct combination of ingredients to succeed in creating a dish.



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