Missions are quests given by NPCs, or through other means. There are different types of missions: main missions, side missions, and commissions. Main missions are important, storyline-related quests and are typically denoted by gold quest icons. Side missions are minor quests that are not required for completion but may reward unique items typically unattainable through other methods. Commissions are side quests given by NPCs who require a certain item, usually with a quantitative value, for beneficial rewards, such as gols and reputation.


Commissions are quests from NPCs who request an item be crafted, usually with a set amount, within a set amount of time. Some NPCs can request different items, such as Wooden Boards, Copper Pipes, or Rubber Tires. Completing commissions typically reward gols, workshop reputation, and relationship if a specific NPC posted that commission.

For a list of all commissions, see the Commerce Guild article.


Commissions have different levels of difficulty and rewards. As the workshop reputation increases, higher levels of commissions start to appear frequently. There are six levels of commissions, based on letter rankings: D, C, B, A, S, and SS, with D being the lowest level and SS being the highest level. Higher levels usually contain better rewards but are not always guaranteed.


Each commission has a commissioner. Commissioners can be specific NPCs, the town of Portia, or another region outside of Portia. The commissioner will have a ribbon that notes who and where the commission comes from. Commissioners typically request an item of their favor.

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