Missions are quests given by NPCs, or through other means. There are different types of missions: main missions, secondary missions, and commissions.

  • Main missions are important, storyline-related quests and are typically denoted by gold quest icons. They are denoted by a gold quest marker Map Icon Mission New
  • Secondary missions are minor quests that are not required for completion but may reward unique items typically unattainable through other methods. Map Icon Side Quest New
  • Commissions are secondary missions posted by NPCs, or from networks from the Alliance of Free Cities, on the commission board in the Commerce Guild. Commissions require the builder to craft an item or large quantities of an item for beneficial rewards, such as gols, relationship points, and reputation.
    • Some main missions can be found in the commission board; these can typically be taken simultaneously with a secondary commission.
  • Friendship missions are triggered upon meeting a certain relationship level, with or without any romantic relationship. These missions may trigger with the following levels: Associate, Buddy, Friend, Good Friend, Best Friend, or BFF. Upon meeting these relationship levels, the friendship mission usually triggers the following day, if the character has a mission to offer.
  • Romance missions are triggered if the player is in any romantic relationship with a character. By meeting certain criteria, such as confessing or having high relationship levels, the character may have a romance mission to give.

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