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There are four known pets in the game: QQ the pig, Pinky the cat, Scraps the dog, and Yoyo the pangolin. They function similarly to human NPCs, but with fewer social options. Yoyo is a Kickstarter reward, only available to players who supported the Kickstarter.

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The player can socialize with them every day. Talking to them simply makes them make sounds and Gifting changes their Relationship with the player. The Interact social option appears after the player has gained Familiar status (two stars) with Pinky, Scraps, or Yoyo, and lets the player pet or hug the pet during a brief cutscene. Petting or hugging can be done three times per day, and it earns at least one relationship point each time.

Pinky, Scraps, and Yoyo can be adopted after reaching Familiar status with them, though QQ belongs to Gust, so the player can only "own" him by marrying Gust.

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