Romance missions are missions involving any romantic relationship with another character. Romance missions can be triggered through different methods: confessing, having high relationship levels, or marriage.

Romance missionsEdit


Albert Albert
Spicing It Up
Arlo Arlo
A Strong Man's Adventure
Django Django
Good Things Come in Small Packages
Repair the Scarecrows
Gust Gust
A Date
Gust's Commission
Commission of Happiness
Mint Mint
Mint Condition is required to start dating him
A Near-Departure and Mint's Heart are required to marry him
Remington Remington
Riverside BBQ
Xu Xu
Moonlight Primrose
Taking Care of The Doctor


Emily Emily
Sophie's Test is required to start dating her
Winning the Autumn Festival
Room for a Princess
Ginger Ginger
Ginger's Little Wish
A Gift for Brother
In Sickness
And in Health
Tests of Marriage is required to marry her
Lucy Lucy
A Cozy Picnic
Petra Petra
Stories of Petra
Stories of Togetherness
Phyllis Phyllis
Hotpot for Two
Phyllis' Dream
Time To Get Serious is required to marry her
Sam Sam
The Lucky Charm

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