Social talk

Social is an interaction typically between two characters. All known characters have the "talk" social interaction. Some characters have additional social interactions, such as "rock, paper scissors" and sparring. Reaching certain milestones in a relationship status provides more social interactions, such as playing, romance, and more. All characters can receive gifts.

Higgins and the Mysterious Man are exempt from most social interactions, except talking, albeit neither receives any relationship boosts.



Social talk

Talking is a generic social interaction. Once a day when talking to a character, the relationship between the player and the character increases by one, unless modified by skills or other methods.

Despite having the talk action, Higgins and the Mysterious Man are exempt from relationship increases.


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Social gift

Gifting is giving an item to a character. All characters, except Higgins and the Mysterious Man, can receive gifts. Every character reacts differently to each item given. Some characters may like milk; others may dislike milk.

On birthdays, gifts receive additional relationship points, typically doubling the amount of points.

Rock, Paper, ScissorsEdit

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Social RPS

"Rock, Paper, Scissors", commonly abbreviated as RPS, is a mini-game, with the purpose of dominating the other player by choosing the superior option. Most townsfolk can play the game and can be played a total of three times a day. Generally, the player receives relationship points after winning a game.


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Social spar

Sparring is a physical boxing match. Most characters can be sparred with, each having a unique set of moves, health, and strength. A sparring match lasts for 60 seconds. The winner of a match earns gols from the other.

Aside from talking, sparring is the only social interaction available for Higgins.

Play datesEdit

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Social play
Social date

When two characters achieve two relationship hearts or more, he or she can initiate a play date. Play dates include having dinner at The Round Table, playing on the seesaw, and general chatting under the tree.


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Social confession

A confession is telling a character that he or she likes them. The social interaction is unlocked by reaching two relationship hearts to an eligible romanceable character. When the player has a Heart Knot in his or her inventory, they can confess their true feelings to the character. This is done by giving the Heart Knot as a gift. The character thinks about their confession for a day and may confess their feelings as well.

When a confession is successful, the two characters will both be in a romantic relationship.

Proposing MarriageEdit

Wedding Ring

After successful confessing to her or him you can propose to that character. To unlock marriage you need to have eight relationship hearts with your lover and your House has to be upgraded to at least level 2. To propose the player needs to buy a Wedding Ring and give it as gift.

The weddding will take place on the day after the successful proposal.


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Social research

After discovering a Data Disc from the Abandoned Ruins, Petra can analyze the data discs and determine its contents by researching it. Blueprints can be unlocked by giving Petra a number of data discs.


Social sell

Selling is a social interaction reserved for the Mysterious Man. When the Mysterious Man comes to Portia, he has various goods to sell to the player. Such items include small engines, wedding rings, and other rare items.

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