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Special gifts are the items that can be gifted to the non-playable characters. These items have a variety of purposes. Some of them are used start or end romantic relationship, propose or divorce. Other items are used to rename or abandon pets.

Item Use Restrictions
Heart KnotHeart Knot
Heart Knot
Used to ask somebody to go out with you
  • Relationship must be Friend (4 Hearts) or higher
  • Can't be given on a Play Date
Wedding RingWedding Ring
Wedding Ring
Used to propose (the higher the Relationship, the higher the chance of success.)
  • Must be at least Girlfriend/Boyfriend (4 Hearts) or higher
  • Must not already be Married
  • Can't be given on a Play Date
Withered BranchWithered Branch
Withered Branch
Used to end a romantic relationship; resets relationship to Friend (3 Hearts)
  • Must be in a romantic relationship with the recipient
Broken MirrorBroken Mirror
Broken Mirror
Used to divorce your spouse
  • Must be married to recipient
Sweetheart CakeSweetheart Cake
Sweetheart Cake
When used, allows the player to create a pet name for their spouse to call them by
  • Must be married to the recipient
Apology BearApology Bear
Apology Bear
Used to patch up a relationship after you cheat
  • Must have triggered jealousy by walking past recipient while on a date with somebody else
Children DollChildren Doll
Children Doll
When given to your spouse, will increase the chances of having children
  • Must be married to recipient
Invitation LetterInvitation Letter
Invitation Letter
Used to invite the recipient to your Workshop for a party (the higher the relationship, the greater the chance the recipient will accept the invitation)
  • Must have enough Banquet Tables for each guest you invite (each table seats 10 people)
  • Banquet Tables must be placed on your Lawn
  • Can only hold up to two parties each week
Abandon TagAbandon Tag
Abandon Tag
Can be gifted to disown Pinky, Scraps, or Yoyo, if the animal already lives with the player
  • The animal must already live with the player

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