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Spouse missions are missions that are only available while the player is married. Only a handful of characters currently have unique spouse missions, while all spouses are able to trigger four non-unique spouse missions. Non-unique spouse missions can occur more than once. Most of the spouse missions do not involve any children that the player may have, with the exceptions of Babysitting and Family Picnic.


Any spouse (all romantic partners)
Anniversary Party
Birthday Party
Double Celebration
Double Celebration Bash
Family Picnic
Fishing Trip
Going for a Walk
Photo Shoot
Spouse's Birthday
Spouse's Birthday Party
Triple Celebration
Triple Celebration Bash
Wedding Anniversary
Alice Alice
Alice's Book
Arlo Arlo
Exploring with Arlo
Emily Emily
Dinner at Sophie's
Ginger Ginger
A Trip to Starlight Island
Collect Items
Stroll by the Sea
Gust Gust
Family Dinner with Gust
Fireworks with Gust
Painting with Gust
Mint Mint
Dinner at Gale's
Under the Sun
Phyllis Phyllis verify ]
Dining with Phyllis
Hot Spring with Phyllis
Sam Sam verify ]
An Adventure with Sam
Patrolling with Sam
Xu Xu
Collecting Herbs with Dr. Xu
Visiting the Sick

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