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Time sensitive missions are missions with time limits. If not completed by the time limit, the player fails the mission and may incur a penalty, such as loss of relationship points. The player cannot redo a failed mission without reloading a previous save file prior to the mission.

Time limits can vary between missions, ranging from 1 hour to 28 days, or uncommonly more than 28 days. Missions without time limits are not included in this category.

Only a handful of main missions have a time limit. Coincidentally, the following missions have multiple commissions to complete, accepted via the commission board in the Commerce Guild. If any main mission commissions are not completed by their time limit's expiration, then another Builder (presumably Higgins) will step up to finish the commission so that the story may continue. If none of these commissions are accepted by the player, then other Builders will eventually finish all of them.

All commissions have a time limit, usually set between 5 days to 15 days. Lower level commissions tend to have a deadline of 5 days, while higher level commissions may last up to 15 days.

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