Catmaid Statue Piece 1 is a Relic Piece.

Description Edit

One of four Catmaid Statue pieces, the body.

Obtaining Edit

This is 1 of 4 pieces of Catmaid Statue. To recover it, you can find all the pieces from Abandoned Ruins #2 or Lucky Sack.

You can also obtain this relic piece through trading at the Relic Pieces Exchange at the Portia Museum. The following NPCs already own this piece and may occasionally be willing to trade it for one of their favorite relic pieces:

NPC Favorite Relic Pieces
Galloping Horse Piece 1Galloping Horse Piece 1
Galloping Horse Piece 2Galloping Horse Piece 2
Galloping Horse Piece 3Galloping Horse Piece 3
Galloping Horse Piece 4Galloping Horse Piece 4
Sculpted Lion Piece 1Sculpted Lion Piece 1
Sculpted Lion Piece 2Sculpted Lion Piece 2
Sculpted Lion Piece 3Sculpted Lion Piece 3
Sculpted Lion Piece 4Sculpted Lion Piece 4
Duck on a King Piece 1Duck on a King Piece 1
Duck on a King Piece 2Duck on a King Piece 2
Duck on a King Piece 3Duck on a King Piece 3
Performance Center Model Piece 1Performance Center Model Piece 1
Performance Center Model Piece 2Performance Center Model Piece 2
Performance Center Model Piece 3Performance Center Model Piece 3
Performance Center Model Piece 4Performance Center Model Piece 4
Fortune Cat Piece 1Fortune Cat Piece 1
Fortune Cat Piece 2Fortune Cat Piece 2
Fortune Cat Piece 3Fortune Cat Piece 3
Fortune Cat Piece 4Fortune Cat Piece 4
Spring Doll Piece 1Spring Doll Piece 1
Spring Doll Piece 2Spring Doll Piece 2
Autumn Doll Piece 1Autumn Doll Piece 1
Autumn Doll Piece 2Autumn Doll Piece 2
Fan Model Piece 1Fan Model Piece 1
Fan Model Piece 2Fan Model Piece 2
Fan Model Piece 3Fan Model Piece 3
Goddess Statue Piece 1Goddess Statue Piece 1
Goddess Statue Piece 2Goddess Statue Piece 2
Goddess Statue Piece 3Goddess Statue Piece 3
Goddess Statue Piece 4Goddess Statue Piece 4
Goddess Statue Piece 5Goddess Statue Piece 5
Rocket Model Piece 1Rocket Model Piece 1
Rocket Model Piece 2Rocket Model Piece 2
Rocket Model Piece 3Rocket Model Piece 3
Soldier with Axe Piece 1Soldier with Axe Piece 1
Soldier with Axe Piece 2Soldier with Axe Piece 2
Soldier with Axe Piece 3Soldier with Axe Piece 3
Soldier with Axe Piece 4Soldier with Axe Piece 4
Soldier with Axe Piece 5Soldier with Axe Piece 5
Joystick Piece 1Joystick Piece 1
Joystick Piece 2Joystick Piece 2

Crafting Edit

Recovery Machine icoRecovery Machine
Recovery Machine
Relic Pieces Data Discs needed
Catmaid StatueCatmaid Statue

Catmaid Statue
Catmaid Statue Piece 1Catmaid Statue Piece 1

1 Catmaid Statue Piece 1
Catmaid Statue Piece 2Catmaid Statue Piece 2

1 Catmaid Statue Piece 2
Catmaid Statue Piece 3Catmaid Statue Piece 3

1 Catmaid Statue Piece 3
Catmaid Statue Piece 4Catmaid Statue Piece 4

1 Catmaid Statue Piece 4
Data DiscData Disc

2 Data Disc