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The information below only applies to the PC versions.
Consoles may contain different data, and may or may not change in future updates.
For the console version's changelist, please see Console changelist.
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The changelist, also commonly referred to as changelog or update log, is a compiled list of added or removed features, tweaks, and fixes. Changelists are posted by Pathea Games, the developers of My Time at Portia, and are typically released when a new update goes live.

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Version number visible in the lower right corner

The game's version number is visible in-game in the lower right corner of the start menu screen. It is useful (and sometimes required) to provide when needing assistance from Pathea Games with bugs or issues.

Things of note:

  • Update lag: This changelist is based on updates released through Steam. Other providers, such as GOG, may have delayed updates, though Pathea and Team17 are aware of this. This means that some users may still experience bugs or content differences that have already been patched for players with more up-to-date versions, though as of version 2.0.141235, all of the PC versions are up-to-date with the Steam version.
  • Demo version: The My Time at Portia demo version does not have all of the features, story, or character interactions of the full game, and demo version save files cannot be moved to the full game. The demo version is based on an old build of the game, before a number of performance optimizations were added. In addition, the demo version is limited to builds using Assembly Station level 1 and Worktable level 1. The complete game has three levels for both of these.


Release 2.0


My Time at Portia 2.0.141541 was released on 13 August 2021. GOG and Epic version 2.0.141541 are equivalent to this Steam build of the game as of 8 September 2021.[1]


No changelist posted.


My Time at Portia 2.0.141537 was released on 11 August 2021.

Hotfix to remove a stray "0" in text.

No changelist posted.


My Time at Portia 2.0.141532 was released on 9 August 2021.


  • Added a large amount of voiceovers, including Gale, Higgins, Paulie, Alice and others. This adds missing voiceovers for over 60 NPCs.
  • Added the source description for the Pink Cat's Ears item.
  • Added the source description of Wedding Anniversary gifts.
  • Added interior maps for Huss and Tuss' house, as well as Mason's house.
  • Added timeout protection for the Fishing minigame.
  • Added corrections for various English text[2]



  • Fixed inaccurate present in Portia's overview map.
  • Fixed the incorrect distance of Oaks’ interaction with players.
  • Fixed bug where the camera could not be reset while riding mounts.
  • Fixed bug where stables don't display food reduction tips when adding food.
  • Fixed bug where toxic water didn’t cause damage while standing in it in the Sewage Plant.
  • Fixed some collisions in the WOW Industries ruins and Western Plateau dungeon.
  • Fixed bug where the 1st day's prediction results lose effect in the second day of the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Fixed the incorrect entrances and exits on the Commerce Guild Map.
  • Fixed freeze after skipping a level in Ingall's Mine.
  • Fixed improper locations of the resurrection area in some dungeons.
  • Fixed bug where Gale's mission bubbles were not removed after the Fireside meeting for Pa's return.
  • Fixed bug where interaction did not disappear when fighting robots in the “Not Another Calm Morning” quest.
  • Fixed freeze after submitting Cargo Scale to Gale while finishing the “Greatest Scam of Them All?” quest.
  • Fixed conflicts while doing “Adventure on Starlight Island” and “Comfort the Pinecocks”.
  • Fixed bug with interaction options not fading after Remington walks away from the player.
  • Fixed the issue that Sasquatch and Pointy Nosed Snowman's icon missed on the map.
  • Fixed freeze during the first time playing Cross Five while using a controller.
  • Fixed incorrect tips in the Recovery Machine UX, and added a button tip for switching pages while using a controller.
  • Fixed bug where the Commission Board can't be used while using a controller.
  • Fixed the unexpected key response while riding the Portia tour bus .
  • Fixed bug where failing to catch the fish while fishing while using a controller will cause lasting vibration.


My Time at Portia 2.0.141235 was released on 26 October 2020.

GOG is equivalent as of 29 October 2020.

  • New Quests involving Tody, Higgins, Huss & Tuss, and more… (These are available once the main story has been completed)
  • A new NPC – Mason will be coming to live in Portia with his own quests and stories to tell. He also arrives after the main story has been completed.
  • Fixed the issue where Mint’s Under the Sun mission may cause the game to black screen and freeze.
  • Fixed the issue of freezing after the dialogue in the Alice Book Fair plot.


My Time at Portia 2.0.141140 was released on 08 October 2020. No official changelist posted.

  • Minor spelling and grammar fixes.


My Time at Portia 2.0.141082 was released on 29 July 2020.


My Time at Portia 2.0.139880 was released on 28 May 2020.

Hello again, PORTIANS!

This is a hotfix and localization patch, we’ll be doing a few more of these before a bigger content update coming out in a few months. Our immediate plans are to fix bugs and add voices. THIS IS NOT ALL VOICES; MORE VOICES WILL COME LATER. Stay tuned, and, as always, thanks for your patience and support!


  • Added some more translations for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish
  • Optimized the description of A Spice to Remember


  • Fixed menu description errors
  • Fixed the crash when going into the Town Hall
  • Fixed the error that could cause the "Shining Apple" quest not to trigger
  • Fixed an issue where entering the restaurant on Lucy ’s birthday would directly trigger the birthday party CG
  • Fixed crashes when under certain language options


My Time at Portia 2.0.139521 was released on 29 April 2020. No official changelist posted.

Hotfix to add languages that could not be selected, such as Vietnamese, to the language dropdown list.


My Time at Portia 2.0.139461 was released on 28 April 2020.



  • Fixed the display position of the Electric Furnace output.
  • Fixed the appearance of Albert’s child.
  • Fixed issues with machines making incorrect items.
  • Fixed Mint’s eyes not closing when he's sitting down.
  • Fixed the church fountain sound being too loud.
  • Fixed the problem of bridge columns hanging in the air in the sewage area.
  • Fixed part of the hanging grass in the corner of the Town.
  • Fixed the issue of the game crashing when the player triggers A Cup of Melancholy and Beauty is Hard Work quests at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue of the target updating incorrectly during Ginger’s Tests of Marriage quest.
  • Fixed the issue of the mini game triggering incorrectly when you go on a date with Gust.
  • Fixed some text errors.
  • Fixed some NPCs relationship impact not matching the text.
  • Fixed the issue of the camera passing through after player takes a photo of the restaurant and entrance to the Collapsed Wasteland.
  • Fixed Nora’s icon.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would occasionally not participate in events.
  • Fixed an issue with Arlo's punching sound.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be stuck after festival events, dating and exploring the Haunted Cave.
  • Fixed an issue where Dee-dee transport could not be controlled when closing the map.
  • Fixed an issue where a proposal to Gus was always rejected after the Commission of Happiness task was not completed.
  • Fixed an issue with cotton llamas getting stuck in front of doors.
  • Fixed dates being interrupted.


My Time at Portia 2.0.138371 was released on 5 January 2020. No official changelist posted.

Attire DLCs (2.0.137882)[]

My Time at Portia 2.0.137882 was released on 15 October 2019.

The NPC Attire Package and Player Attire Package are two paid DLCs containing new outfits for 8 NPCs, as well as for the player. This patch fixes the issue that prevented the DLCs from being installed successfully.

Swimwear DLC (2.0.137299)[]

My Time at Portia 2.0.137299 was released on 23 August 2019.

The Swimwear DLC is a free DLC containing the following items:


My Time at Portia 2.0.137299 was released on 7 August 2019.

Epic and the Microsoft Store are currently equivalent to this Steam build of the game, as of May 13, 2020.




  • Fixed the bug that gift shops at festivals/competitions have no icons
  • Fixed the bug that some items have incorrect production times in the factory
  • Fixed a confict(sic) between conversation and the action of giving child a gift
  • Fixed the bug where the gulls do not move when time stops
  • Fixed the bug that the Monkey King treasure chest refreshes abnormally
  • Fixed the bug that the camera direction of the mission Sophie’s Basket is incorrect
  • Fixed the bug that time does not stop with chance in the Deepest Ruin
  • Fixed the bug that Gust sometimes gets stuck in the front door of A&G Construction
  • Fixed the bug where Emily sometimes teleports in the Commerce Guild
  • Fixed some text errors.


My Time at Portia 2.0.136439 was released on 14 June 2019.

GOG and Epic version 2.0.136633 are equivalent to this Steam build of the game.[4]



  • Fixed the bug that The Deepest Ruin's first rewards can be obtained repeatedly.
  • Fixed the bug that the player may not have the option to interact with their spouse.
  • Fixed the bug that players receive error messages the day after they adopt a child.
  • Fixed the bug when that Ack's leg would be reset when players load their save file after completing the Made Whole Again quest.
  • Fixed the bug that weapons may disappear.
  • Fixed the bug that the image on the ad board becomes blurred.
  • Fixed the bug that Gust's palette vanishes during the animation of him painting.


My Time at Portia 2.0.136413 was released on 12 June 2019.

GOG and Epic version 2.0.6614 include this Steam build.


  • Added an icon for the player's home on the map. The map will follow the position of this
  • Added ten more levels to the Deepest Ruin
  • Added a new weapon, 'Golden Staff', as a reward for going through the Deepest Ruin
  • Added side missions for Dr. Xu
  • Added side missions for Petra
  • Added the Monkey King clothing set
  • Added side missions for the Monkey King clothing set
  • Added a new hair style
  • Added initial Korean and Turkish language support. (Please note: we are still adding the finishing touches to this new language support)


  • If the player carries out actions whilst holding their baby, the baby will be sent home.
  • Optimised the interaction distance between buildings and mounts
  • Optimised NPCs chore actions. They will now fuel machines and add feed for animals before it runs out
  • Optimised NPCs following the player. NPCs will teleport less often when the player is on a mount
  • Optimised English voiceover
  • Optimised some sound effects


  • Fixed the bug that character's Pa is unable to attend their wedding
  • Fixed the bug that a date would be interrupted when riding a mount
  • Fixed the bug that the baby will be dropped while the player character is restoring HP or SP
  • Fixed the bug that the competition time of Martial Arts Tournament final is not 90 seconds
  • Fixed the bug where the camera cannot be rotated if Vertical Synchronization is turned off
  • Fixed issues with the appearance of the map
  • Fixed the incorrect conversation when fullfilling Sonia's wish
  • Fixed the bug that voice of The gift from Aadit can't play
  • Fixed the bug that the player's spouse cannot attend their birthday party if there are too many attendees
  • Fixed the bug where the carpet in 'Chat Among the Grass' would disappear
  • Fixed some errors in the skills information
  • Fixed some map configuration issues
  • Fixed the bug causing the game to softlock when the player attends the Portia Land Run with a Robopig Rider
  • Fixed the bug that Ginger will not hold an umbrella on Starlight Island
  • Fixed the bug that QQ floats in the air while asleep


My Time at Portia 2.0.134712 was released on 21 March 2019.

GOG and Epic version 2.0.6614 are equivalent to this Steam build of the game.[5][6][7]

Microsoft Store version 2.0.7043 is equivalent to this Steam build of the game.[8]

  • Adjusted the colour of the sand and ore distribution in the mines.
  • Added more dye colours for the dog house.
  • Fixed the crash that occurs during the Autumn Festival cutscene.
  • Fixed the bug where Scraps did not show up in the mission 'A New Friend'.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the forge and added more weapons to the forge.
  • Fixed the colour of the grass in the dungeon during the 'Adventures With Mali' mission.
  • Fixed the audio bug in Penny's cutscene.
  • Fixed the audio bugs and optimised visuals in several cutscenes.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to get stuck when they place the Basic Skiver behind the Worktable.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to get stuck by an invisible wall during the 'Rescue in Ingall's Mine' mission.
  • Fixed the animation error affecting Panbats.
  • Fixed the Sea Urchin attack sound effect.
  • Fixed the Snaillob attack sound effect.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from getting out of the waterfall if they fall in.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the pig tag from showing in the gift bar.
  • Fixed the bug affecting Ack's voice before he is fixed.
  • Fixed several voice audio issues.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the footstep sound effect in the Wow dungeon.
  • Fixed the crash when cooking at the end of the Autumn Festival.
  • Fixed the bug where a Snaillob won't disappear after it is killed.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from getting across a wall in the Wow dungeon.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the footstep sound effect during the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Fixed the attack sound effect for the Rat King and Rat Princes.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to fall outside of the map during 'The Theft' mission.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to overlap when entering the museum.
  • Fixed a collision issue affecting the stones in front of the waterfall.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the size of a tree when players get closer to it.
  • Fixed the issue with the windmill in the desert having a missing blade.
  • Fixed a collision issue in the marsh and Collapsed Wasteland.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the Kungfu Sack in the inspection mini game.


My Time at Portia 2.0.134241 was released on 12 March 2019.

GOG version 1.1.6251 is equivalent to this Steam build of the game.[9]

  • Fixed several crash issues.
  • Fixed the bug causing babies to float in the air when they are being held.
  • Fixed the bug where Albert would possibly walk into the sea during the mission ‘The Harbor Crane’.
  • Fixed the bug causing Scraps to show up before the mission ‘A New Friend’.
  • Fixed the crash when loading a save in the Haunted Cave.
  • Fixed the bug causing the customized storage name to change back to default after players have upgraded their storage.
  • Fixed the bug that if players participate in the fireside meeting, the content after ‘Ginger's Little Wish’ cannot be triggered.
  • Fixed the bug causing the sound of a monster attacking to continue playing after the monster has been killed.
  • Fixed the crash after the cutscene called ‘My Time at Portia’.
  • Fixed the bug that several voices in game are cut off by the next voice.
  • Added greetings for several NPCs.
  • Optimized the volume of several audio files in game.
  • Removed the depth of field in camera mode.
  • Adjusted the appearance of different minerals in the ruins. (Players will need to reset the elevator in the ruins.)
  • Adjusted the appearance of wheat across the different graphics settings. It will be hidden in the fastest graphics setting.


My Time at Portia 2.0.133995 was released on 8 March 2019.

  • Fixed the crash in the mission of Soak in the Hot Spring.
  • Fixed the bug that storage upgrade will not cost any materials.
  • Fixed the bug that players will get wrong number of products when craft items in different crafting lines.
  • Fixed the bug that players cannot get access into the hazardous dungeon in dessert.
  • Fixed the bug when players turn in the mission of Tests of Marriage to Gale, Gale doesn't respond.
  • Fixed the bug that players cannot adjust the number of items when turning in food in Harvest Pile in Autumn Festival.
  • Fixed the crash when players take Scare Soaker in the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the crash in the fishing competition.
  • Fixed the bug that players cannot see the Rogue Knight's Sword in the next day of the Final Battle.
  • Fixed the animation when NPC swings.
  • Removed the audio for the reminder messages on the left.
  • Fixed the wrong icon of Golden Salmon King.
  • Fixed the crash problem when player try to attend Fishing day without enough gols.
  • Fixed the problem of button being wrongly functional on Civil Corps Commission board.
  • Fixed the problem that baby may be suspended in the air after birth.
  • Fixed the wrong display of the Sewage Plant map.


My Time at Portia 2.0.133926 was released on 7 March 2019.


  • Added to the Japanese translation in game.
  • Added new side quests for Phyllis, Ginger and Gust.
  • Added post-marriage side quests.
  • Added a forge machine which can change weapon attributes.
  • Added the ability to craft the first aid kit and antidote at the worktable.
  • Added an advertising board to the store in the harbour.
  • Added diapers at the clothing store.
  • Added the ability to upgrade a wooden storage box to a metal storage box.
  • Added a play/date event in the Haunted Cave on Amber Island.
  • Added animations for Pinky, Scraps and QQ.
  • Added more interactions between your spouse and children. Your spouse will feed and play with your children.
  • Added more English and Chinese voice audio.
  • Added sound effect for walking.
  • Added environmental sound effects.
  • Added a piece of background music for the Deepest Ruin.
  • Added music for the mini carousel and vinyl record player.
  • Added sound effects of being attacked by multiple monsters.
  • Added sound effects for several UI features.
  • Added Penny’s song.
  • Added a switch for special effects. (This is off by default)
  • Added more items to the inspection mini game.
  • Added a collection point for ginger in Sewage Plant Ruins.
  • Added a dropdown menu to filter by name in the storage interface.
  • Added the ability to craft different items simultaneously.
  • Added an auto-run button for playing with a controller.
  • Added an effect to differentiate between a learned and new crafting recipes/diagrams.
  • Added a function to allow players to name a mount for Sam, Remington and Arlo.
  • Added a pig tag and piggy bed to the Mysterious Man’s store.
  • Added adventurer Marco’s videotape.


  • Changed default setting for English voice audio to ‘on’.
  • Changed Emily’s reaction to feces.
  • Optimised the party system. If an NPC cannot attend the party, other NPCs will join instead.
  • Optimised the poses when taking a family photo.
  • Optimised the animation when a female character uses the Rogue Knight’s sword.
  • Optimised the NPC following system. When players get hurt, the NPCs will help them fight.
  • Optimised the material consumption in The Final Battle.
  • Optimised the king fish icons.
  • Optimised the look of trees during winter.
  • Adjusted the amount of leather required to revise clothing.
  • Adjusted the crafting recipe for the paddle boat.
  • Adjusted the required number and the rewards for SS level commissions.
  • Adjusted the summary interface of the roping mini game.
  • Adjusted the depth of field in game. Decreased the depth of field effect when running the game with lower specs.
  • Removed Huya’s videotapes.
  • Removed the fishing spot in the Sewage Plant Ruins.
  • Removed the ability to start a mini game in the Round Table restaurant while on a date.
  • Changed the photo shoot time with Mei during the Day of the Bright Sun.


  • Fixed the crash when riding a llama during the Day of the Bright Sun.
  • Fixed the crash caused by Ack’s conversation when you are talking to another NPC.
  • Fixed the description error for several items.
  • Fixed the bug preventing Mint from confessing to the player after the player is divorced.
  • Fixed the bug that the exclusive quests for Gust can still be triggered after the player marries him.
  • Fixed the bug preventing some players from getting the Master Fishing Rod.
  • Fixed the bug preventing customised reminders from being saved in the calendar.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes the Portia Bridge mission cannot be triggered.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to end up outside of the map after leaving the Deepest Ruin.
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when the mission ‘The Brightest Star’ conflicts with dates.
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when players are forced to sleep during the mission ‘The Eufaula Tunnel’.
  • Fixed the incorrect attributes on the race horse memorabilia carpet and llama memorabilia carpet (both previously referred to as ‘furnitures’) If you have already placed these carpets in your home, you will need to retrieve them to reset their attributes.
  • Fixed Ack’s icon in the social interface.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the camera from identifying Bikini Flippers when taking a photo of it.
  • Fixed the bug causing the defeated NPC to stay on the field when players fight two NPCs (for example – Emily and the chickens)
  • Fixed the conversation error when giving gifts that Ginger dislikes.
  • Fixed the bug causing the balloon shooting game to change to the slots game during a date.
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when the balloon shooting game changes to the slots game during a date.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs watching sparring to get stuck.
  • Fixed the bug causing the baby to disappear suddenly when the camera gets too close.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the mini map for Alice’s house.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to continue to follow the player during sparring.
  • Fixed the bug causing the game speed to affect the NPC’s attack timing.
  • Fixed the fighting animation of the Lost Variant.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the player’s location when playing RPS with an NPC by the river.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to go in and out of a house repeatedly.
  • Fixed the bug causing Gust to get stuck inside A&G Construction.
  • Fixed the bug where your spouse will not sit in your house after marriage.
  • Fixed the bug preventing pets from playing with toys when they are placed outside your house.
  • Fixed the bug preventing a photo shoot mission from being completed when you take photos of several NPCs.
  • Fixed the bug allowing players to get the parts box from inside the Abandoned Ruins. If you already have this item, you can delete it.

Release 1.1


My Time at Portia 1.1.130102 was released on 28 January 2019.

  • Fixed the bug that Arlo would continue to follow the player during the "Training for the Flying Pigs" quest.
  • Fixed the bug where Tody, Martha and Higgins might stand outside the Commerce Guild door after the fireside meeting.
  • Fixed the bug causing Gust to repeat the same dialogue after you marry him.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the lock frames option from working.
  • Fixed the crash when pressing the left and right mouse buttons at the same time when holding an item.
  • Fixed the bug where players cannot interact with the food on the table during the Autumn Festival.
  • Fixed the bug where players will stand on their mount when interacting with the pan during the Autumn Festival.
  • Fixed the bug where items could be duplicated.
  • Fixed the content error when giving NPCs their favourite gifts.


My Time at Portia 1.1.129956 was released on 25 January 2019.

  • Adjusted the difficulty of fishing.
  • Fixed the bug preventing some players from hiring Ack.
  • Fixed the bug that when there's no fireside meeting, people will still gather around.
  • Fixed the bug causing an error to show when replaying a cut scene in the photo album.


My Time at Portia 1.1.129790 was released on 21 January 2019.


  • Add some environmental sounds – bugs buzzing sound in caves, birds chirping, and wind sounds.
  • Add some character voices - female player voice 2, male player voice 3, Arlo, Lucy, and Albert.
  • Add audio for mobs yell and llama footsteps.
  • Added quest after marrying Gust - Family Dinner with Gust.
  • Added quest after marrying Arlo - Exploring with Arlo.
  • Added quest after marrying Emily - Dinner at Sophie's.
  • Added quest after marrying Mint - Under the Sun.
  • Added interactions with babies.
  • Added a new cutscene where Django talks about the Mystery Knight. This can be triggered before the quest to find the third key after the Council meeting.
  • Added the display of material sources in the workshop handbook diagrams.
  • Added a new step that the player needs to go inside the factory to activate the Assembly Station podium.
  • Added the ability to take photos with town folks on the Day of the Bright Sun.
  • Added a new key binding option - the mouse side button can now be assigned.
  • Added an on/off option for highlights. The default setting is off.
  • Added a new feature - time is paused when taking photos.
  • Added a new feature that your friend/spouse can gain some mood when player accomplish hazardous ruins' challenge with them during playing/dating.
  • Added more displays in the Portia Museum.
  • Added more dialogue for NPCs.
  • Added a new feature that remaining Gols are displayed when playing slots.
  • Added a new feature that NPCs might come to the player's home and send gifts on the player's birthday.
  • Added photos of Bikini Flippers and Huge Snaillob to the photo album.


  • Cancelled the chat option in the NPC's interaction bubbles during The Final Battle.
  • Set constant places for following rides when player fight a combat during storyline missions
  • Optimised the graphics speed when playing the cutscene of the Final Battle.
  • Shrunk the area of the Martial Arts Tournament entrance so the player has less chance of being shut out.
  • Adjusted the number of birthday gifts the player can have, to 25.
  • Adjusted the UI icons of the seasons and weather.
  • Adjusted that the player will gain the diagram for the Triple Barrel Snakebite after the story of the Rat King.
  • Adjusted the behaviour of babies after getting milk powder and toys.
  • Adjusted that Arlo's quest ‘A Strong Man's Adventure’ needs to be triggered after building the Portia Bridge.
  • Lowered the price of some fish to match the difficulty of catching them.
  • Revised the description of the Rogue Knight's sword requiring LV70 to pick up.


  • Fixed the problem that female player's ponytail cannot be dyed black.
  • Fixed the problem that the female player's face doesn't display normally when in a cutscene.
  • Fixed some art and collision problems.
  • Fixed the problem that NPC's cannot be hurt during sparring.
  • Fixed the problem that face make-up glows at night.
  • Fixed the problem that the table is recycled repeatedly.
  • Fixed the problem where Dawa will attempt to go to the desert before building the Portia Bridge.
  • Fixed the problem that Sophie was stuck in her home during the Final Battle.
  • Fixed the problem where Aadit sleeps in the wrong place in bed.
  • Fixed the problem that Gust may be stuck inside A&G Construction Company.
  • Fixed the animation, tools in hand and VFX problem of the workers.
  • Fixed the animation problem when larger characters are fishing.
  • Fixed the problem with seats being invisible inside Happy Apartments.
  • Fixed the overlap problem of Merlin.
  • Fixed the collision and location problem of Pumpkin Room.
  • Fixed the possibility that the player could get stuck in the seat in Gust's room.
  • Fixed the problem that some mob spawn points did not spawn mobs.
  • Fixed the problem that changing the game time speed leads to more gifts being dropped on the airship during the Day of the Bright Sun.
  • Fixed the problem that the table cannot be recycled if player has placed it incorrectly.
  • Fixed the problem where NPCs may not sit around the table when attending the player's birthday party.
  • Fixed the problem where the player can see the names of Pinky, Scraps and QQ before having enough hearts.
  • Fixed the problem that some NPCs can't be hit during the Snowball Fight.
  • Fixed the problem that the player doesn't get the rewards from the Portia Museum for collecting fish.
  • Fixed the problem that the photo in Sam's home is bigger than the photo frame.
  • Fixed the collision problem of the Civil Cutter.
  • Fixed the light problems of some of the item preview pictures.
  • Fixed the suspended items and floor clipping in the Western Plateau.
  • Fixed the problem that the Rat King circles when being attacked.
  • Fixed the problem where the player cannot get rewards on the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when being 1st in the Day of Memories game.
  • Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when getting 3 swords in Slots.
  • Fixed the bug where the player is unable to exit the dangerous ruins between 23:59 - 00:00.
  • Fixed the bug that Aadit and Dawa sleep in a same bed.
  • Fixed the bug that Gale gives the player money without having married Ginger.
  • Fixed the missing icons on the social tab.
  • Fixed the bug that the quantities of food taken from the banquet table are incorrect.
  • Fixed the bug where NPCs follow the player onto the Martial Arts Tournament stage.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the pose of some NPCs when taking a family photo.
  • Fixed failing loading saves which used the calendar reminder feature.
  • Fixed the problem where Gust or Ginger will transport to another place after chatting with them during the Snowball Fight.

Release 1.0


My Time at Portia 1.0.129395 was released on 21 January 2019.

  • Fixed the bug causing no rewards to be given when you have collected all the king fish.
  • Research notes can be sold in game.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from receiving missions for the tree farm.
  • Fixed the bug that missions after the Portia Bridge mission cannot be triggered.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the amount of materials needed for A&G Construction services.
  • Adjusted the time limit for the mission 'The Builder Bout'. If yours has expired, you will just need to reload the save and the mission will continue.


My Time at Portia 1.0.129133 was released on 17 January 2019.

  • Added a diagram for the Triple Barrel Snakebite at Total Tools (the item has been deleted from the worktable and players can buy it after fixing the lift).
  • Added a function to allow items to be used on the assembly machine, direct from the warehouse.
  • Fixed the bug causing the storage box UI to freeze.
  • Fixed the bug causing the house to disappear when it does not have the default appearance, when the player moves it in A&G Construction, and when the it has the default level 4 appearance (blue & white).
  • Fixed the crash when the player presses ‘ESC’ while fishing.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the Chicken Run mission, where players would not receive any eggs.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the Photos of Portia mission from being completed.
  • Fixed the bug where the system language will not be detected when you first install the game and so the game language may be different.
  • Fixed the bug that in the Crash Station mission, players cannot find Ack.
  • Fixed the bug where the interaction bubble might be scaled down while fishing.
  • Fixed the bug from preventing the player from customising the baby’s name.
  • Fixed the bug causing the maximum number for the recycle machine and repair machine to be incorrect.
  • Fixed the bug that when getting down from a mount, players will automatically be distanced from it.
  • Fixed the bug that when getting down from the mount in the sky, the mount might freeze in the sky.


My Time at Portia 1.0.128955 was released on 16 January 2019.

  • Fixed the bug affecting the level of the factory after replacing the missing factory. After this patch, players will need to move the factory at A&G construction company to correct the level.
  • Fixed the potential crash after interacting with Rogue Knight.
  • Fixed the time freezing bug when finishing the mission of My Eviction from Portia 2 when you have Arlo as a companion.
  • Fixed the bug causing Arlo to continue following players even after he has finished his mission.
  • Fixed the bug causing the production process screen to not appear when using the factory.
  • Fixed the crash when on the swing.
  • Fixed the bug that the power bar of the robopig rider will not update.
  • Fixed the bug that in the roping game, players can continue playing the game even when they do not have enough stamina.
  • Fixed the conflict issues between an NPC's date schedule and an NPC's mission responsibility.
  • Fixed the bug where Penny will fight against monsters.


My Time at Portia 1.0.128791 was released on 15 January 2019.

We've fixed a crash that was occurring when you first load into the game. This crash related to the .net framework 3.5.

  • Fixed the bug where the "show accessory" checkbox in the settings cannot be selected.
  • Fixed the crash after fighting against the rogue knight.
  • Fixed the potential crash in the factory.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the power bar of robopig rider from updating.
  • Fixed the bug that when you change the colour of the storage box, the colour will remain the same.
  • Fixed the bug affecting players getting rewards from Alice's mission.
  • Fixed the bug that the 'Artisan' skill will decrease the material consumption for all machines. Consumption should only decrease when using the worktable.
  • Fixed the crash when loading the save after the Ack’s family station mission.
  • Fixed the bug in the clothing attributes.
  • Fixed the bug preventing clothes from being placed in cabinet.


My Time at Portia 1.0.128689 was released on 15 January 2019.

  • Added main storyline and ending.
  • Added the summary UI to the end.
  • Added features after marriage, including missions relating to anniversary, birthday parties for players and spouse, and side quests.
  • Added side quests for Penny, the singer.
  • Added side quests for Sam.
  • Added side quests for Arlo.
  • Added side quests for Alice.
  • Added side quests for Emily.
  • Added side quests for Ginger.
  • New content and changes to Ack:
  • Added new stories for Ack.
  • Changed the way to hire Ack. After you become friends with Ack and have triggered Lara's mission, you'll need to pay Ack to help you.
  • Added recipe data - Ack will need receipe data chip to cook.
  • Added ability for Ack to plant in batch. But will need planting data chip.
  • Added facial hair and face decoration in the character customisation interface. You can also change these styles in the barber shop.
  • Added baby system/adoption system. (Requires 12 hearts with your spouse to unlock)
  • Added party system. This will require a banquet table.
  • Added birthday for players. New players can choose their birthday when they first start the game. Other players can choose their birthday when you load the game after this update.
  • Assembly diagrams received in missions can be purchased in the research centre.
  • Added video tapes in abandoned ruins.
  • Added television in game which can play video tapes that are found in the abandoned ruins.
  • Added lots of conversations.
  • Added new clothing.
  • Added wedding furnitures.
  • Added ordering system for single person. Players can restore their HP and obtain different buffs.
  • Players can mine all categories of mines and find new relics in the abandoned ruins in the swamp.
  • Map will display the name of the dee dee stop (when you hover your cursor over it).
  • Added swing for single person.
  • Added information filter in the map.
  • Added and replaced several voice recordings.
  • Added new items for inspection.
  • Added yoga mat.
  • Added one piece of BGM for inside the house. One of these two tracks will play at random when inside the house.
  • Added wedding anniversary to the calendar.
  • Added animation and effect for placing furniture.
  • Added fighting guide.
  • Added more cutscene photos.
  • Added tips to the loading screen.
  • Added decorations in the church for weddings.
  • Added new relationship levels with Pinky, Scraps, and QQ.
  • Added dating event - chatting by the sea.
  • Added reward for collecting 60 exhibitions in museum - billiards.
  • Added the patrol animation for Arlo, Remington, and Sam.
  • Dawa's favor points will affect the payment to Tree Farm.
  • Dana's favor points will affect the payment to the Mining Company.
  • Added Alice's interaction with Jack after she gets married.
  • Added revival after death. After death, the player will respawn outside their house.
  • Added horse rental expiration, ruin payment expiration, and regular meeting reminders.
  • Added the special effect of page turning.
  • Added new diagrams and crafting recipes.
  • Added an automatic reminder for the Sunday meeting event.
  • Added king fish. There are now 'king' types of all fish.
  • Added king fish collection in the museum.
  • Added monsters in the swamp during winter.
  • Added Chief Honcho in hazardous dungeon in the desert.
  • Added flying mount - robopig rider.
  • Added the function to get food directly without waiting.
  • Players can replay several cutscenes in the album.
  • Added Game Speed in the settings, which can extend the in-game day.
  • Added fishing spot in map.
  • Added special effects on UI.
  • Added shortcut when interacting with NPCs.
  • Added the position adjustment feature for exhibition items in the museum when you have a good relationship with Merlin.
  • Added number above the scrolling bar in settings.
  • Added more sound effects in game and added BGM & sound effects for cutscenes.
  • Added different sound effects when fighting different monsters.
  • Added more treasure chests.
  • Added exclusive attacking animation for Mint.
  • Added stamina consumption for several holidays and events.
  • Added the highlight feature for Nvidia.
  • Added time display while fishing.
  • Added animation of playing the drums.
  • Added devotion in the relationship. Will need to have 1200 favor points with your spouse.
  • Added new conversations for Gust when you propose, confess, date, and send gifts.
  • Added a wedding photo to the story album.
  • Added closet, plant rack, and weapon rack for classify items.
  • Added new greetings. Player's spouse will call player "Darling".
  • Added a time limit to Gust's conversation after The Second Key mission. If you missed the conversation in this time limit, you will not receive it again.
  • Added daily routine for llama. Will add more behaviors for monsters.
  • Added a naming function in the storage box interface that allows players to edit the name of the storage box.
  • Added a setting to turn the voice acting on or off. If you turn this off, a typewriter sound will play instead of the voice acting.
  • Adjustment on the missions:
  • Adjusted the upgrade time for the level 2 Relic Scanner. It can only be upgraded after Ack has been fixed.
  • Adjusted the expiration time for building the Portia bridge. Changed to 7 days.
  • Adjusted the issue affecting the description of the Portia bridge mission being different than the mission itself.
  • Adjusted the regular meeting time of Ack and Mint.
  • Adjusted the mission release time of building the musuem.
  • Adjusted the reminder time for the mission to fix a pipe. The player will received a reminder before the mission.
  • Cancelled the time limit for missions relating to the Farm Tree and the lift.
  • Adjusted the required item number from 20 to 10, in the mission Umbrellas Are Important.
  • Adjusted the rewards for missions.
  • Adjusted the difficulty and the required completion time to the South Block mission.
  • Adjusted the material consumption of the mission The Desert Wind.
  • Adjusted the trigger time of the harbor construction and shortened the required time for completing them.
  • Optimized the operation of controllers and updated the guidance.
  • Optimised the playing experience in the side quests of Gust, Mint, Emily, and Arlo.
  • Optimized the texure of the ground in town.
  • Optimized the pathfinding of NPC when they're outside of the town.
  • Optimized the pathfinding of NPC in town.
  • Optimized the events for the wedding day. There will not be any other arrangements on the wedding day.
  • Adjusted the relationship points decrease when you break up or get divorced. The relationship level will go down to stranger if you get divorced and down to friend if you end a romantic relationship.
  • Changed the payment method to the Tree Farm and Mining company to a monthly payment. Optimized the UI.
  • Adjusted NPCs' favourite items.
  • Adjusted the distribution of monsters.
  • Adjusted the attribution of All Source.
  • NPC will not hold an umbrella when taking a group photo.
  • Adjusted the gifts and the gifts in the wishlist.
  • Adjusted the icon above NPC's head. When an NPC is in the middle of a mission, the mission mark will not show above NPC's head.
  • Adjusted the loading picture when getting into the sewage plant dungeon and desert dungeon.
  • Adjusted the attribution of several necessaries.
  • Adjusted the appearance of several items.
  • Adjusted the sell condition of several main story related items. Adjusted the number and type of items for sale.
  • Adjusted the drop rate and the reward rate of several items, and lowered the difficulty of obtaining them.
  • Adjusted lip colour. Players will need to visit the barber shop to change the colour.
  • Adjusted the way to dye furniture. The player will need to have pigments in hand to change colour.
  • Adjusted four seasons images used on the main menu.
  • Adjusted the minimum value of the favor point from 0 to -50.
  • Adjusted the buff effect from eating hot pot during Winter Solstice.
  • Adjusted the maximum value of the favor point between you and your spouse from 1000 to 1200. The other NPCs maximum value of favor points remains at 1000.
  • Adjusted the length of the Autumn Festival music. It will last throughout the whole day.
  • NPCs in the house will not say goodbye.
  • Adjusted the number of monsters in several rooms inside the hazardous dungeon.
  • Adjusted the volume of several sound effects.
  • Adjusted the position of Sophie. She will stand by Emily's stand during Winter Solstice.
  • Adjusted the animation when players fall off the swing
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the animation bug when Paulie has dinner in the restaurant.
  • Fixed the bug that players cannot interact with NPCs on the first day of the Portia Land Run.
  • Fixed the bug causing an error with the players name after the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Fixed the issue of NPCs fighting each other. This update will fix the issue for all save files.
  • Fixed the issue where the advanced factory is in the wrong place. The player will need to move the factory in A&G Construction.
  • Fixed the issue that rooms in the hazardous dungeon do not match the mark on the map.
  • Fixed the issue that Ten and Ryder can be passed through after the cutscene.
  • Fixed the bug that the elevator inside WOW Industries can push players away.
  • Fixed the bug that when players get out of the school and the museum, they might fly to the sky.
  • Fixed the wrong item in Arlo's wishlist.
  • Fixed the wrong animation when Paulie is having food during the Autumn Festival.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the special effect of throwing a snowball to be missing.
  • Fixed the bug causing the incorrect weather icon to be shown in the relationship interface.
  • Fixed the bug causing an error with the time shown after the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • After the Portia Land Run, players will be pulled out of the racing track since the competition is over.
  • Fixed the bug where players might disappear when loading the Portia Land Run.
  • Fixed the bug causing an NPC to leave the sparring area when the player is sparring with them.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to have an issue getting on the stage at the Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Fixed the bug that when NPCs are beaten in the snowball fight, they might still have points.
  • Fixed the tips relating to seasons changing displaying in the incorrect language after changing the game language.
  • Fixed the issue that players will hear the fighting music even they are not around the Martial Arts Tournament's stage.
  • Fixed the bug where players may not get the camera mission if they craft the camera beforehand.
  • Fixed the conversation error with Django in the mission Russo's New Recipe
  • Fixed the bug where Higgins will not help to repair the res of the dee dee stops once the player has repaired the first one.
  • Fixed the description error of targets in the mission The Crashed Station.
  • Fixed the description error of targets in the mission Time to get Serious
  • Fixed the bug after the mission The First Key where players cannot interact with Ten.
  • Fixed the bug preventing NPCs from hitting monsters.
  • Fixed the movement issue when holding an item with two hands.
  • Fixed the bug causing the player to fall through the floor in several rooms in the hazardous dungeon.
  • Fixed the bug that the relic scanner can detect the items behind the camera.


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