The changelist, also commonly referred to as changelog or update log, is a compiled list of added or removed features, tweaks, and fixes. Changelists are posted by the developers of My Time at Portia and are typically released when a new update goes live.

Please note:

  • This changelist is based on updates released through Steam. Other providers, such as GOG, may have delayed updates, though Pathea should now be aware of this.
  • Some non-English versions may erroneously still show the Early Access message screen, despite being up-to-date. The game should otherwise be up-to-date and all of the full release content should be available.


Release 1.1Edit


Fixed the bug that Arlo would continue to follow the player during the "Training for the Flying Pigs" quest.
Fixed the bug where Tody, Martha and Higgins might stand outside the Commerce Guild door after the fireside meeting.
Fixed the bug causing Gust to repeat the same dialogue after you marry him.
Fixed the bug preventing the lock frames option from working.
Fixed the crash when pressing the left and right mouse buttons at the same time when holding an item.
Fixed the bug where players cannot interact with the food on the table during the Autumn Festival. 
Fixed the bug where players will stand on their mount when interacting with the pan during the Autumn Festival. 
Fixed the bug where items could be duplicated. 
Fixed the content error when giving NPCs their favourite gifts.


Adjusted the difficulty of fishing.
Fixed the bug preventing some players from hiring Ack.
Fixed the bug that when there's no fireside meeting, people will still gather around.
Fixed the bug causing an error to show when replaying a cut scene in the photo album.


Add some environmental sounds – bugs buzzing sound in caves, birds chirping, and wind sounds.
Add some character voices - female player voice 2, male player voice 3, Arlo, Lucy, and Albert.
Add audio for mobs yell and llama footsteps.
Added quest after marrying Gust - Family Dinner with Gust.
Added quest after marrying Arlo - Exploring with Arlo.
Added quest after marrying Emily - Dinner at Sophie's.
Added quest after marrying Mint - Under the Sun.
Added interactions with babies.
Added a new cutscene where Django talks about the Mystery Knight. This can be triggered before the quest to find the third key after the Council meeting. 
Added the display of material sources in the workshop handbook diagrams.
Added a new step that the player needs to go inside the factory to activate the Assembly Station podium.
Added the ability to take photos with town folks on the Day of the Bright Sun.
Added a new key binding option - the mouse side button can now be assigned.
Added an on/off option for highlights. The default setting is off.
Added a new feature - time is paused when taking photos.
Added a new feature that your friend/spouse can gain some mood when player accomplish hazardous ruins' challenge with them during playing/dating.
Added more displays in the Portia Museum.
Added more dialogue for NPCs.
Added a new feature that remaining Gols are displayed when playing slots.
Added a new feature that NPCs might come to the player's home and send gifts on the player's birthday.
Added photos of Bikini Flippers and Huge Snaillob to the photo album.
Cancelled the chat option in the NPC's interaction bubbles during The Final Battle.
Set constant places for following rides when player fight a combat during storyline missions
Optimised the graphics speed when playing the cutscene of the Final Battle.
Shrunk the area of the Martial Arts Tournament entrance so the player has less chance of being shut out.
Adjusted the number of birthday gifts the player can have, to 25.
Adjusted the UI icons of the seasons and weather.
Adjusted that the player will gain the diagram for the Triple Barrel Snakebite after the story of the Rat King.
Adjusted the behaviour of babies after getting milk powder and toys.
Adjusted that Arlo's quest ‘A Strong Man's Adventure’ needs to be triggered after building the Portia Bridge.
Lowered the price of some fish to match the difficulty of catching them.
Revised the description of the Rogue Knight's sword requiring LV70 to pick up.

Fixed the problem that female player's ponytail cannot be dyed black.
Fixed the problem that the female player's face doesn't display normally when in a cutscene.
Fixed some art and collision problems.
Fixed the problem that NPC's cannot be hurt during sparring.
Fixed the problem that face make-up glows at night.
Fixed the problem that the table is recycled repeatedly.
Fixed the problem where Dawa will attempt to go to the desert before building the Portia Bridge.
Fixed the problem that Sophie was stuck in her home during the Final Battle.
Fixed the problem where Aadit sleeps in the wrong place in bed.
Fixed the problem that Gust may be stuck inside A&G Construction Company.
Fixed the animation, tools in hand and VFX problem of the workers.
Fixed the animation problem when larger characters are fishing.
Fixed the problem with seats being invisible inside Happy Apartments.
Fixed the overlap problem of Merlin.
Fixed the collision and location problem of Pumpkin Room.
Fixed the possibility that the player could get stuck in the seat in Gust's room.
Fixed the problem that some mob spawn points did not spawn mobs.
Fixed the problem that changing the game time speed leads to more gifts being dropped on the airship during the Day of the Bright Sun.
Fixed the problem that the table cannot be recycled if player has placed it incorrectly.
Fixed the problem where NPCs may not sit around the table when attending the player's birthday party.
Fixed the problem where the player can see the names of Pinky, Scraps and QQ before having enough hearts.
Fixed the problem that some NPCs can't be hit during the Snowball Fight.
Fixed the problem that the player doesn't get the rewards from the Portia Museum for collecting fish.
Fixed the problem that the photo in Sam's home is bigger than the photo frame.
Fixed the collision problem of the Civil Cutter.
Fixed the light problems of some of the item preview pictures.
Fixed the suspended items and floor clipping in the Western Plateau.
Fixed the problem that the Rat King circles when being attacked.
Fixed the problem where the player cannot get rewards on the Day of Memories.
Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when being 1st in the Day of Memories game.
Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when getting 3 swords in Slots.
Fixed the bug where the player is unable to exit the dangerous ruins between 23:59 - 00:00.
Fixed the bug that Aadit and Dawa sleep in a same bed.
Fixed the bug that Gale gives the player money without having married Ginger.
Fixed the missing icons on the social tab.
Fixed the bug that the quantities of food taken from the banquet table are incorrect.
Fixed the bug where NPCs follow the player onto the Martial Arts Tournament stage.
Fixed the bug affecting the pose of some NPCs when taking a family photo.
Fixed failing loading saves which used the calendar reminder feature.
Fixed the problem where Gust or Ginger will transport to another place after chatting with them during the Snowball Fight.

Release 1.0Edit


Fixed the bug causing no rewards to be given when you have collected ll the king fish.
Research notes can be sold in game.
Fixed the bug preventing players from receiving missions for the tree farm.
Fixed the bug that missions after the Portia Bridge mission cannot be triggered. 
Fixed the bug affecting the amount of materials needed for A&G Construction services.
Adjusted the time limit for the mission 'The Builder Bout'. If yours has expired, you will just need to reload the save and the mission will continue.


Added a diagram for the Triple Barrel Snakebite at Total Tools (the item has been deleted from the worktable and players can buy it after fixing the lift).
Added a function to allow items to be used on the assembly machine, direct from the warehouse.
Fixed the bug causing the storage box UI to freeze.
Fixed the bug causing the house to disappear when it does not have the default appearance, when the player moves it in A&G Construction, and when the it has the default level 4 appearance (blue & white).
Fixed the crash when the player presses ‘ESC’ while fishing.
Fixed the bug affecting the Chicken Run mission, where players would not receive any eggs.
Fixed the bug preventing the Photos of Portia mission from being completed.
Fixed the bug where the system language will not be detected when you first install the game and so the game language may be different.
Fixed the bug that in the Crash Station mission, players cannot find Ack.
Fixed the bug where the interaction bubble might be scaled down while fishing.
Fixed the bug from preventing the player from customising the baby’s name.
Fixed the bug causing the maximum number for the recycle machine and repair machine to be incorrect.
Fixed the bug that when getting down from a mount, players will automatically be distanced from it.
Fixed the bug that when getting down from the mount in the sky, the mount might freeze in the sky.


Fixed the bug affecting the level of the factory after replacing the missing factory. After this patch, players will need to move the factory at A&G construction company to correct the level. 
Fixed the potential crash after interacting with Rogue Knight. 
Fixed the time freezing bug when finishing the mission of My Eviction from Portia 2 when you have Arlo as a companion. 
Fixed the bug causing Arlo to continue following players even after he has finished his mission. 
Fixed the bug causing the production process screen to not appear when using the factory. 
Fixed the crash when on the swing. 
Fixed the bug that the power bar of the robopig rider will not update. 
Fixed the bug that in the roping game, players can continue playing the game even when they do not have enough stamina.
Fixed the conflict issues between an NPC's date schedule and an NPC's mission responsibility.
Fixed the bug where Penny will fight against monsters.


We've fixed a crash that was occurring when you first load into the game. This crash related to the .net framework 3.5.
Fixed the bug where the "show accessory" checkbox in the settings cannot be selected.
Fixed the crash after fighting against the rogue knight.
Fixed the potential crash in the factory.
Fixed the bug preventing the power bar of robopig rider from updating.
Fixed the bug that when you change the colour of the storage box, the colour will remain the same.
Fixed the bug affecting players getting rewards from Alice's mission.
Fixed the bug that the 'Artisan' skill will decrease the material consumption for all machines. Consumption should only decrease when using the worktable.
Fixed the crash when loading the save after the Ack’s family station mission.
Fixed the bug in the clothing attributes.
Fixed the bug preventing clothes from being placed in cabinet.


Added main storyline and ending.
Added the summary UI to the end. 
Added features after marriage, including missions relating to anniversary, birthday parties for players and spouse, and side quests. 
Added side quests for Penny, the singer. 
Added side quests for Sam. 
Added side quests for Arlo.
Added side quests for Alice.
Added side quests for Emily. 
Added side quests for Ginger.
New content and changes to Ack:
Added new stories for Ack.
Changed the way to hire Ack. After you become friends with Ack and have triggered Lara's mission, you'll need to pay Ack to help you. 
Added recipe data - Ack will need receipe data chip to cook. 
Added ability for Ack to plant in batch. But will need planting data chip.
Added facial hair and face decoration in the character customisation interface. You can also change these styles in the barber shop. 
Added baby system/adoption system. (Requires 12 hearts with your spouse to unlock)
Added party system. This will require a banquet table. 
Added birthday for players. New players can choose their birthday when they first start the game. Other players can choose their birthday when you load the game after this update.
Assembly diagrams received in missions can be purchased in the research centre.
Added video tapes in abandoned ruins. 
Added television in game which can play video tapes that are found in the abandoned ruins. 
Added lots of conversations.
Added new clothing.
Added wedding furnitures. 
Added ordering system for single person. Players can restore their HP and obtain different buffs.
Players can mine all categories of mines and find new relics in the abandoned ruins in the swamp.
Map will display the name of the dee dee stop (when you hover your cursor over it).
Added swing for single person. 
Added information filter in the map.
Added and replaced several voice recordings. 
Added new items for inspection. 
Added yoga mat.
Added one piece of BGM for inside the house. One of these two tracks will play at random when inside the house. 
Added wedding anniversary to the calendar. 
Added animation and effect for placing furniture.
Added fighting guide.
Added more cutscene photos.
Added tips to the loading screen.
Added decorations in the church for weddings. 
Added new relationship levels with Pinky, Scraps, and QQ. 
Added dating event - chatting by the sea.
Added reward for collecting 60 exhibitions in museum - billiards.
Added the patrol animation for Arlo, Remington, and Sam.
Dawa's favor points will affect the payment to Tree Farm.
Dana's favor points will affect the payment to the Mining Company. 
Added Alice's interaction with Jack after she gets married. 
Added revival after death. After death, the player will respawn outside their house.
Added horse rental expiration, ruin payment expiration, and regular meeting reminders.
Added the special effect of page turning. 
Added new diagrams and crafting recipes. 
Added an automatic reminder for the Sunday meeting event.
Added king fish. There are now 'king' types of all fish.
Added king fish collection in the museum. 
Added monsters in the swamp during winter. 
Added Chief Honcho in hazardous dungeon in the desert.
Added flying mount - robopig rider. 
Added the function to get food directly without waiting.
Players can replay several cutscenes in the album.
Added Game Speed in the settings, which can extend the in-game day.
Added fishing spot in map.
Added special effects on UI. 
Added shortcut when interacting with NPCs. 
Added the position adjustment feature for exhibition items in the museum when you have a good relationship with Merlin. 
Added number above the scrolling bar in settings. 
Added more sound effects in game and added BGM & sound effects for cutscenes.
Added different sound effects when fighting different monsters.
Added more treasure chests.
Added exclusive attacking animation for Mint.
Added stamina consumption for several holidays and events. 
Added the highlight feature for Nvidia.
Added time display while fishing. 
Added animation of playing the drums.
Added devotion in the relationship. Will need to have 1200 favor points with your spouse. 
Added new conversations for Gust when you propose, confess, date, and send gifts. 
Added a wedding photo to the story album.
Added closet, plant rack, and weapon rack for classify items. 
Added new greetings. Player's spouse will call player "Darling".
Added a time limit to Gust's conversation after The Second Key mission. If you missed the conversation in this time limit, you will not receive it again.
Added daily routine for llama. Will add more behaviors for monsters. 
Added a naming function in the storage box interface that allows players to edit the name of the storage box.
Added a setting to turn the voice acting on or off. If you turn this off, a typewriter sound will play instead of the voice acting.

Adjustment on the missions:
Adjusted the upgrade time for the level 2 Relic Scanner. It can only be upgraded after Ack has been fixed. 
Adjusted the expiration time for building the Portia bridge. Changed to 7 days. 
Adjusted the issue affecting the description of the Portia bridge mission being different than the mission itself.
Adjusted the regular meeting time of Ack and Mint. 
Adjusted the mission release time of building the musuem. 
Adjusted the reminder time for the mission to fix a pipe. The player will received a reminder before the mission. 
Cancelled the time limit for missions relating to the Farm Tree and the lift.
Adjusted the required item number from 20 to 10, in the mission Umbrellas Are Important.
Adjusted the rewards for missions. 
Adjusted the difficulty and the required completion time to the South Block mission.
Adjusted the material consumption of the mission The Desert Wind. 
Adjusted the trigger time of the harbor construction and shortened the required time for completing them.
Optimized the operation of controllers and updated the guidance.
Optimised the playing experience in the side quests of Gust, Mint, Emily, and Arlo. 
Optimized the texure of the ground in town. 
Optimized the pathfinding of NPC when they're outside of the town. 
Optimized the pathfinding of NPC in town. 
Optimized the events for the wedding day. There will not be any other arrangements on the wedding day. 
Adjusted the relationship points decrease when you break up or get divorced. The relationship level will go down to stranger if you get divorced and down to friend if you end a romantic relationship. 
Changed the payment method to the Tree Farm and Mining company to a monthly payment. Optimized the UI.
Adjusted NPCs' favourite items.
Adjusted the distribution of monsters. 
Adjusted the attribution of All Source. 
NPC will not hold an umbrella when taking a group photo. 
Adjusted the gifts and the gifts in the wishlist. 
Adjusted the icon above NPC's head. When an NPC is in the middle of a mission, the mission mark will not show above NPC's head. 
Adjusted the loading picture when getting into the sewage plant dungeon and desert dungeon.
Adjusted the attribution of several necessaries. 
Adjusted the appearance of several items.
Adjusted the sell condition of several main story related items. Adjusted the number and type of items for sale. 
Adjusted the drop rate and the reward rate of several items, and lowered the difficulty of obtaining them. 
Adjusted lip colour. Players will need to visit the barber shop to change the colour.
Adjusted the way to dye furniture. The player will need to have pigments in hand to change colour. 
Adjusted four seasons images used on the main menu. 
Adjusted the minimum value of the favor point from 0 to -50. 
Adjusted the buff effect from eating hot pot during Winter Solstice.
Adjusted the maximum value of the favor point between you and your spouse from 1000 to 1200. The other NPCs maximum value of favor points remains at 1000. 
Adjusted the length of the Autumn Festival music. It will last throughout the whole day.
NPCs in the house will not say goodbye. 
Adjusted the number of monsters in several rooms inside the hazardous dungeon. 
Adjusted the volume of several sound effects. 
Adjusted the position of Sophie. She will stand by Emily's stand during Winter Solstice.
Adjusted the animation when players fall off the swing

Bug Fixes
Fixed the animation bug when Paulie has dinner in the restaurant. 
Fixed the bug that players cannot interact with NPCs on the first day of the Portia Land Run. 
Fixed the bug causing an error with the players name after the Martial Arts Tournament.
Fixed the issue of NPCs fighting each other. This update will fix the issue for all save files.
Fixed the issue where the advanced factory is in the wrong place. The player will need to move the factory in A&G Construction. 
Fixed the issue that rooms in the hazardous dungeon do not match the mark on the map. 
Fixed the issue that Ten and Ryder can be passed through after the cutscene.
Fixed the bug that the elevator inside WOW Industries can push players away. 
Fixed the bug that when players get out of the school and the museum, they might fly to the sky. 
Fixed the wrong item in Arlo's wishlist. 
Fixed the wrong animation when Paulie is having food during the Autumn Festival. 
Fixed the bug that caused the special effect of throwing a snowball to be missing. 
Fixed the bug causing the incorrect weather icon to be shown in the relationship interface.
Fixed the bug causing an error with the time shown after the Martial Arts Tournament. 
After the Portia Land Run, players will be pulled out of the racing track since the competition is over.
Fixed the bug where players might disappear when loading the Portia Land Run. 
Fixed the bug causing an NPC to leave the sparring area when the player is sparring with them.
Fixed the bug causing NPCs to have an issue getting on the stage at the Martial Arts Tournament. 
Fixed the bug that when NPCs are beaten in the snowball fight, they might still have points. 
Fixed the tips relating to seasons changing displaying in the incorrect language after changing the game language. 
Fixed the issue that players will hear the fighting music even they are not around the Martial Arts Tournament's stage. 
Fixed the bug where players may not get the camera mission if they craft the camera beforehand. 
Fixed the conversation error with Django in the mission Russo's New Recipe
Fixed the bug where Higgins will not help to repair the res of the dee dee stops once the player has repaired the first one.
Fixed the description error of targets in the mission The Crashed Station. 
Fixed the description error of targets in the mission Time to get Serious
Fixed the bug after the mission The First Key where players cannot interact with Ten. 
Fixed the bug preventing NPCs from hitting monsters. 
Fixed the movement issue when holding an item with two hands.
Fixed the bug causing the player to fall through the floor in several rooms in the hazardous dungeon.
Fixed the bug that the relic scanner can detect the items behind the camera.

Alpha 10.0Edit


We have temporarily removed the Yoga mat as we have identified some potential bugs with the item. We will re-add this to the game in the next build.
Fixed the bug that occurred when players tried standing on the heads of NPCs, they’d fall into the ground.
Fixed the mysterious bug that caused players to sometimes teleport to a random location when using the boxing gloves.
Fixed the crash bug that was related to the workshop machines.
Fixed a bug that caused the player to move away for no reason when petting animals. Pet away!
Fixed a bug that caused items models to remain when Ack or one of your companions were helping to collect items.
Fixed a bug that caused players to stop moving when using the sword or hammer to dash.


Decreased the difficulty to unlock the "The Advertiser","Rock Paper Win!" and "Astronomer" achievements.
Fixed the bug preventing horse and llamas from jumping over fences.
Fixed some script errors.
Added a tip showing that you need an automatic assembly station in the factory.
The grass can now be hidden when you select the lowest grass quality setting.
Fixed the bug causing there to be only two commissions on the commissions board when your workshop is rated S.
Fixed the bug that the production speed of factory is slower than any other machines, even when you have the max mechanical capability.
Added furniture for two people in the store.
Fixed the bug causing the number of dried apple slices made from an aroma apple, to be inconsistent with the number described. Production time for this has also been increased.
Fixed the bug where monsters will not generate the next day when you load your save file.
Fixed the crash occurring when using a controller to scroll through the pages of a storage box.
Fixed the crash occurring when players try to enquire about recipes from Django.
Fixed the bug causing players to get doubled items when retrieving items from furniture.
Fixed the bug preventing players from placing items in a display case.


Django will help players with food recipes.
Players can now upgrade the factory and add more machines and remote assembly consoles.
Added automatic assembly capability for products made in the factory. 
Players can move their beds freely. And the animation of players going bed and getting up has changed. 
Added roller brush and floor brush that can change the colour of the wallpaper and floor.
Added cooking guide.
Added badge exchange place for Autumn Festival.
Added fishing spots in swamp and Starlight Island
Added sound effects to the drum, piano, bubble machine, and fireplace.
Added environmental sound effects for windmills and many other things. 
Added the fourth level of the hazardous dungeon in desert.
Players can invite NPCs to ride with them.
Added a special effect when picking up a badge and when the badge has been shot down in the mission of 'Try to find the items'
Added voice recordings. 
Added a new holiday - Autumn Festival
Players can take photo with QQ, Pinky, Scraps and Papa Bear. 
Players can take photos with NPCs in Winter Solstice.
Players can have more interactions with Pinky and Scraps. 
Added a special animation for player's spouse when making way for the player. 
Once all missions relating to Mint are complete, Mint will go to work.
Players can ask their spouse to follow them once they are married.
Optimized the house models for Albert, Merlin, Isaac, Dr. Xu, and Higgins. Added a room for Mint in Gale's house. 
Added new furniture items that players can interact with with their spouses. 
Added the scene that players sleeping with their spouses.
Players can place items on tables and in cabinets. 
Added a new abandoned ruin in the swamp area.
A holiday/activity reminder will show on the bottom left of the screen
Players can teleport out of the dungeon any time before they meet the boss. 
Optimized how the grass looks in game. 
Changed NPCs greeting words after getting married.
Decreased the favour points players can get from lighting up the Kingming's lantern.
Optimized the animation of NPC rollover.
Adjusted the appearance order of all diagrams. Players will get the lower level diagrams first. 
Changed the appearance of the rifle into the toy rifle. 
Changed the loading screen pictures.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed the time counting error when crafting items. 
Fixed the bug causing the blanket to disappear when chatting on the grass. 
Fixed the bug preventing Mint from appearing when chatting on the grass with him. 
Fixed the bug that when interacting with NPC in the horse racing competition, NPC might teleport from no where. 
Fixed the display error when saving the game after the Martial Arts Tournament UI appears.
Fixed the bug that in the second day of the Martial Arts Tournament, the participants might change if you load the second day's file. 
Fixed the bug that when marrying Lucy, the cutscene will show two Lucys. 
Fixed several bugs in the mission related to Emily.
Adjusted the model of Tody, so that the model will keep consistant with the art. 
Fixed the bug that NPCs will fight each other after the Martial Arts Tournament. 
Fixed some script errors. 
Fixed the bug that some NPCs will get stuck in some of the houses. 
Fixed the bug preventing harbour orders from being submitted.
Fixed the bug that the player's horse might appear on the stage during the Martial Arts Tournament.
Fixed the bug that a new cooking set might appear on the second floor of the house. 
Fixed the bug that when Ginger says she wants to change the wallpaper, the screen will freeze. 
Optimized the way to upgrade and move the house in A&G Construction.

Alpha 9.0Edit


Fixed a bug related to the South Block cost being incorrect. 
Fixed the bug with players not getting any skill points after their character levels up. Now the skill tree has been reset.
Fixed a crash issue in the snowball fight mini game.
Fixed the crash issue that occured when loading a save during the Martial Art Tournament. 
Fixed the bug that caused the cupboard to not be on sale in the store.


Fixed the bug causing storage boxes to disappear on the second floor. To recover those boxes, please reload the file from the last build of the game.
Adjusted the tree/bush generation system so that they will only grow in yard areas without furniture.
Added Traditional Chinese language support. Please let us know if you find any errors.
Added the option for players to hide accessories.
Added badge rewards after the snowball fight in Winter.
Higgins is now more likely to fail to complete the advanced commissions.
Added the Nova Sword to the Total Tools store.
Increased the drop rate of lubricant on the third and fourth level of the sewage plant during the mission with the Civil Corps.
Added the functionality to manually input the quantity of wood needed from the Tree Farm.
Added one registration table for horse racing at the start of the Land Run Time Attack track.
Adjusted the appearance of the way to the Somber Marsh.
Adjusted the order of appearance of the Alliance Council members, and the following missions. (Changes stop when the port store is built).
Players will be rewarded with the steel beam diagram for completing the 'Road to the Marsh' mission.
The Research Center store is now open from the start of the game.
Increased the number of badges earned from competitions.
Adjusted the difficult of the horse racing competition.
Optimised the appearance of the grass near the marsh.
Adjusted the volume of working machines.
Special commissions on Friday will no longer be low level.
If an NPC has an emergency and he/she has to leave your date, then you can continue the date when the NPC returns.
Players between level 25 to level 50 will not depend on experience as much.
Adjusted the opening hours for hot air balloon rides to 7am - 9pm.
Adjusted the stamina consumption when using a rifle.
Fixed the bug preventing the advanced skiver from recycling materials when you cancel the process.
Fixed an issue preventing you from cutting down a tree under certain circumstances.
Fixed the bug affecting the magnifying glass in the inspection mini game.
Fixed the bug causing the attack sound continues to play after defeating the boss in the tunnel.
Fixed the bug causing items to disappear when running the game at a low resolution.
Fixed the bug affecting plants growing in the planter box.
Fixed the bug causing players to get stuck in the flooring.
Fixed the animation error when the piggyback frog dies.
Fixed the issue with the horse riding sound effect.
Fixed the bug causing the feather duster to disappear when petting animals.
Fixed the bug affecting apples, honey and beeswax being sent from the Tree Farm.
Fixed the issue with using the relic scanner during the Day of Memories.
Fixed the bug affecting resolution when switching to default display settings.
Fixed the crash that occurs when taking pictures with NPCs in the hot air balloon.
Adjusted the amount of textiles needing for producing quality leather.
Fixed the bug causing items to float after cutting a tree.
Fixed the bug causing NPCs to get stuck in the dungeon in the marsh.
Fixed the bug causing the game to freeze when interacting with several NPCs.
Fixed issues affecting Ack collecting all items in the yard.
Added the entrance icon of the mission 'The First Key'
Fixed the crash when riding a horse.
Fixed the crash when returning to the menu during the Day of Memories.
Fixed the bug causing NPCs to get stuck in the land.
Fixed the crash when finishing the snowball fight.
Fixed the bug preventing players from taking the trap out of the factory once it is complete.
Fixed a script error in Gust's dialogue.
Fixed the bug preventing players from entering the final room after being defeated by the Piggy-Bot.
Fixed the collision error.
Fixed several script errors.
Fixed the textures of antidote,clock glass and fish tank. 
Fixed the icons of All Source Model and Snowball Battle Badge.
Fixed the language issues on the South Block trade board.
Fixed the issue of the new look worshop taking up extra land.
Added a 'cancel' button for production in the factory.
Players will now receive experience for making products in the factory.A 'tip' pop-up will appear each morning to tell you how much experience you have earned.


In this build, trees and brushes will not grow in the yard after the update.
Even after you expand the yard, the trees and brushes in yard will also be cut automatically. 
Changed the placing orders of commissions. High level commission will display ahead of low-level commissions. 
Fixed the bug that the demo save file can be read in the 9.0 build. So that players will not load it and crash the game. 
Fixed a bug that caused the animals in the stable to be stuck by characters. 
Fixed a bug that where choosing the number of food in the feeding UI, it would reset the scroll bar. 
Fixed the crash when players restart the timed out Cross Five.
Fixed the crash at the end of the horse racing game. 
Fixed some potential crashes. 
Improved the performance when riding the horse.
Fixed the crash that caused by pathfinding.
Fixed a crash that occured when players were killed by traps.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure you go to bed before 12am on the 28th of every month. Failure to do so will cause the game to crash. We aim to have a fix for this next week.


Added the new story quest 'Finding the All Source.' 
Added a new storyline for Emily.
Added new shop in south station where players can exchange their products into gols. 
Players can now assign commissions to the civil corps. They'll help you collect items from monsters. 
Added search function for material sources. 
Added two new outfits. 
Added new, advanced weapons. 
Added four new hairstyles.
Added a new workshop appearance.
Added more furnitures in exchange store. 
Added cornball and apple tree.
Added feather duster, so that players can pet multiple animals at the same time. 
Added floor cleaner, so that players can dismiss all the floorings and furnitures in a certain area. 
Added guide for revise and ride hunting.
Added a function that enables NPCs to ask for a date.
The indoor area of Happy Appartments is now open! 
Several NPCs now have their own facial expressions. 
Added name-change item for pets. 
Added feedback voices after petting animals.
The picture in the album can be replaced.
Added sound effect for petting chicks and ducks. 
Added maps for several houses.
Added maps for dungeons.
Added photo shoot event when riding a hot air balloon during a date. 
Added more sound effects. 
Added new in-game activity - Martial Arts Tournament.This occurs on the 12th and 13th of Feburary.
Added new in-game activity - Snowball fight. This occurs on the 12th and 13th of April.
Added new reaction when monsters get hit.
Added new influence mechanic for the social network, it will effect a products' selling price in Yeye's shop, as well as the commissions' reward to the civil corps. 
Your spouse, who can help you with farming, can now also help you pet animals. 
Added new commissions that require more items to complete. Added new types of commissions that can increase the favor points. 
When Higgins get his daily commission, his workshop reputation point increases.
Added button "play again" in several mini-games (playing dart, roping, and shooting balloons).
Added three new dungeons with monsters inside. 
Added elite monsters: Flurpee, Balloon Urchin; Monsters in The Somber Marsh: Glorycroc, Piggyback Frog
Adjusted the appearance inside the AG construction company, news press, Happy Appartment,
Gale's house, Alice's house and Arlo's house. 
You can now interact with NPCs while you're walking.
Added three new NPCs and fighting postures. 
Added background music and sound effect for several cutscenes. 
Added sound of footsteps in dungeons. 
Adjusted the UI when holding items, and added items' name in the UI. 
Added settings for saturation. 
The system will now automatically take a screenshot during cutscenes. If players skip the cutscene, then they will not be shown in the screenshot. If players didn't skip the cutscene, then players will be shown in the screenshot. 
Fishing can increase the experience point. 
Added button "play again" after fishing. 
Added new wallpapers and floorings. 
Added more items for players to inspect. 
Changed the rule of "Attempt to find item" in Day of Memories.
Added Scraps related achievements and the achievements when taking adventures in the haunted cave, attempting to find items in the Day of Memories, fishing contest, and lighting the fireworks.
Adjusted the reward UI interface. It will display items' name. 
Added a switch for turning on/off the snow & rain effect. 
If your relationship with NPC has reached friend or above, then this NPC's location will show up on the map. 
Added extra icon animation in the portrait in the social page when the relationship with NPC has reached lover. 
The factory will now return all the materials when crafting is canceled. 
Optimized the running of the game.
Adjusted the price of several products. 
Adjusted the recipe of crafting.Decreased the required items. 
Adjusted the unlock requirement for "Well-rounded Workshop" and "Science Power".
Increased the money Gust will send to playsers after marrying him.
Adjusted the lasting time of several comsumptions. 
Optimized the behavior of NPCs. They're less easy to be interrupted now. 
Optimized the position when interacting with NPCs. 
Changed the birthday of Gust from Feburary 12th to Feburary 11th. 
You'll get a storage which stores all the additional items when you have a full inventory. 
Optimized the attacking experience of all the weapons. 
Adjusted the appearance of mission letters in the mailbox. 
Optimized the UI of factory. 
Mission related items cannot be sold and are undeletable
Deleted the unnecessary conversation while sending gift in the Day of Bright Sun.
Adjusted the priority of overhead NPC chat.
Adjusted the stamina display bar. The remaining stamina will not be displayed when players have 100% stamina. 
Fixed the bug where players would still get a mission reminder over Dr. Xu's head, even when there are no missions for him. 
Fixed the display timing error in UI when taking missions about photo-taking. 
Fixed the bug that there're two Alices in the cutscene of Alice getting married. 
Fixed the bug that the holiday background music woudn't stop when leaving out of the holiday area.
Fixed the error in the conversation with QQ, Pinky, and Scraps while in the holidays or birthday. 
Fixed the conversation error while sending a sweetheart cake to a partner. 
Fixed the bug that made NPCs not go to have a hot-pot when re-loading a save during the Winter Solstice.
Fixed the bug that caused NPCs to shake when riding the hot balloon. 
Fixed the bug where the date and play event cannot be triggered while having the buff that alters health. 
Fixed the bug that caused horses to follow players into the sparring when the players had multiple horses following them. 
Fixed the bug that the sound effect of swinging will keep playing if players don't do anything in that mini-game. 
Fixed the bug that caused the monsters' name in the album collection refers to the wrong monsters.
Fixed the bug wjere horses will block the way when the players had multiple horses following them. 
Fixed the bug that caused the relic scanner to scan multiple times when the items overlap each other. 
Adjusted the lengh of the conversation when getting married.
Fixed the issue when players got favor points from multiple NPCs at the same time that caused sound effects to be too loud. 
Fixed the bug that caused the game to not play the animation of lying on the floor before bed time after continuous fishing.
Fixed the bug where entering the fishing competition will not cost the player any gols.
Fixed the bug that players cannot load the game if they died while fishing. 
Fixed the spotlight in the abandoned ruins. 
Fixed the crack in the top of the abandoned ruins.Players will need to reset their ruins instance for this to take effect. 
Fixed several scripts errors. 
Fixed the error in conversation after unlocking all the diagrams.
Fixed the bug that caused the attribute of furnitures to change if the game was reloaded. 
Fixed the bug that caused the camera to stop working if players triggered the jealousy event during the dating mini-games. 
Fixed the bug that caused the game to freeze when players trigger the jealousy system after the dating mini-games. 
Fixed the bug where animals could not be placed on floorings. 
Fixed the bug that the guidance page cannot be closed by using the controller.
Fixed the bug that caused characters to disappear.
Fixed split 0 item bug.

Alpha 8.0Edit


Fixed the bug causing the camera sensitivity inside and outside to be different.
Fixed the crash when detecting relics with the level 3 relics scanner.
Fixed the model for Phyllis in the cutscene. 


Players can move freely when using the relic scanner. 
"Fixed the bug that the mission after The brightest star in the night sky
cannot be triggered. (If you've already talked to Phyllis and the mission still cannot be triggerd, then bring the spicy fish soup to her before the deadline.)"
Fixed the bug that the Starlight Island mission cannot be triggered. 
Deleted the candle after Mint's Heart.
Fixed the model of Phyllis in cutscene. 
Fixed the bug that the cost of the material in factory is incorrect.
Fixed the bug that when control items using both controller and keyboard will duplicate items. 
Fixed the bug that when cancel crafting the item which requires three materials in the workshop, the third material will return in a multiple times number. 
Fixed the crash when revising the clothes. 
Fixed the crash made by the footprint. 
Fixed the crash when NPC blinking. 
Fixed the crash when pressing adding material button (A in Xbox controller, and X in PS controller) in an empty crafting page in the factory.
Fixed the bug when selling item of which the price is much higher than the store can afford, thus made the gold number that the store obtains under the zero. 
Fixed the crash when using controller to move items in the material warehouse. 
Fixed the displaying error in the Starlight Island. 
Fixed the crash when the character's name contains space. 
Fixed several crashes. 
Fixed some text errors.


Now fences can be placed in the yard. 
Added one click retrieve finished products from workshop
Optimized the UI interactions for capturing a mount.
Fixed the bug that Mali will fight you on the Day of Memories. 
Fixed the bug that sometimes workshop materials are lost when transfered to the storage box.
Fixed the bug that crashes the game when going back to the main menu during the ghost festival.
Fixed the bug when interacting with scene items during the Day of Memories.
Fixed the bug where items can be lost when the inventory is full or equipping 3 identical accessories. 


Added several main stories.
Added personal quests for Mint, Dr Xu, and Arlo.
Added the first version of the horse racing competition in Spring.
Added the first version of the fishing competition in Autumn.
Added new white horse in MacDonald’s stable.
Elite llama can be captured as a new mount.
Added mini game – exploring the ghostly cavern.
Added the first version of a new holiday – The Day of Memories in Summer.
Added factory. It will unlock after the construction of the harbor.
Added rest stop store, harbor store, and a Badge Exchange in the store in the Commerce Guild.
Added drop down menu to manage all storage boxes.
All storage box items will be shown when opening one storage box, and can be sorted.
Added furniture showcase which can display small decorations.
NPC location will appear on map when they are a friend of the player.
Added three outfits.
Added two hairstyles.
Added several new decorations.
Added electronic saw to cut trees.
Electronic saw can continuously cut trees.
Added Starlight Island, and dungeon on Starlight Island.
Added new weapon – knuckles and intimidating spear.
Expanded inventory screen by one page.
Added magnifying glass to Inspection mini game to help find distinctions.
Added a new photography posture.
Several NPCs can wear gifted items for a while.
Added several sound effects – sound of waterfall, sound of wind in desert, and sound of the waterwheel.
Added three mini games for dating/playing while in Django’s Round Table.
Added dating/playing event – fireworks.
Added the relationship network – relationship points with one NPC can change your relationship points with another NPC.
Tourists can take the bus to and from Portia.
Some tourists will go mining in the Abandoned Ruins, and sell their mined materials at the entrance of the ruins.
Relic scanner can be upgraded to level three – it can detect five items and display their names.
Added deedee station around hot spring.
Pressing any button will end the animation after successfully catching a fish.
Added the dog – Scraps.
Added Scraps’ toy.
Added the start time of holidays and competitions to the calendar.
NPCs can help clean the stable and use the irrigation tower.
When crafting an item – the number currently in your inventory will appear in the crafting interface.
Added two pieces of background music.
Added frameless mode.
The tip when successfully learning a craft recipe will be more detailed.
Edited some character voices and added more.
Added Explosive Spider.
Added background music for wedding.
Adjusted the skill tree and added more more skills. 
Optimised loading.
Optimised loading speed and improved frame rate. We will continue to optimise in the next build.
Optimised pathfinding.
Some accessories are now visible when worn.
Electric drill can be used to break stone.
Players can only equip one item, even if they have multiples of the same item.
Food can no longer be used to fuel machines. Helpers will not use food to refuel.
Adjusted the maximum distance when taking photos.
Players can send a gift once a day.
Changed the juice from Day of the Bright Sun to lemon juice.
Fixed the bug where the space button would not work after the pressing the escape button when playing on the seesaw.
Fixed the bug in Gust’s quest where the actual deadline is different from the deadline shown in the quest detail.
Fixed the way of triggering Higgins side quest.
Camera lock on an enemy will be cancelled when the playing is riding a mount.
Fish will not starve to death if the player does not feed them, but they will need food to breed.
Players will not get stuck in the dungeon in the Highlands.
Fixed the bug causing the player character to disappear. Please let us know if you experience this issue again.
Fixed the bug causing Aadit and Lucy’s ‘love’ gift preference from showing.
Fixed the bug where the player cannot complete Tody’s mission while he is in prison.
Fixed several content errors.
Fixed the bug allowing players to jump out of a room inside the Hazardous Ruins.
Fixed the bug when holding up and item and trying to pick up more items from the crafting machine (pressing E continuously can make player pick up more of this kind of item, even when there's not that many items in the machine).
Fixed the bug causing the store price to continuously show 140% of the regular price.
Fixed the bug causing the music box to continue to play music after the player has picked it up and added it to their inventory.
Fixed the bug showing a machine as still working, after it has instantly repaired an item. After cancelling the repair, the original item will be returned.
Fixed the bug preventing the relic scanner from working on certain items, for example: fan and soda.
Fixed the bug causing the music box audio to distort when moving the camera.
Fixed the bug where Ack has not refuelled a machine – the tip will show that Ack added 0 fuel.
Fixed the bug causing ‘Emily’s Well’ quest to not be triggered.
Fixed the bug causing tourists to appear in water.
Increased the attributes of the cotton llama.
Fixed the bug preventing wooden storage boxes and some other furniture items cannot be placed inside the house.
Increased the drop rate of valves in Abandoned Ruins 3.
Adjusted the mission trigger time on Starlight Island.
Adjusted Scraps’ favour items.
Added a new button to sort items from inventory into the wooden storage box.
Adjusted camera sensitivity.
Adjusted the background story of Scraps.
Fixed some text errors.
Lighting Kongming’s lantern can increase favour points.
Bug fixes:
Fixed the error when using the Relic Scanner.
Fixed the bug causing players to get stuck when sitting on a chair.
Fixed the gifting animation of Oaks.
Fixed the display error of NPC’s umbrella hat.
Fixed the error when dating Gust.
Fixed the bug causing the wrong number of used materials to show when crafting items in the factory.
Fixed the trigger issue of some sound effects.
Fixed the bug when changing seasons.
Fixed the black screen in the abandoned ruins.
Fixed the bug preventing subsequent missions to trigger after the ‘Talk to Mint’ mission. If you have already encountered this bug, please take the task items out of the wooden storage box, or get one of the task items again.
Fixed the possible crash when exiting the haunted cave.
Fixed the crash when checking the Bacon Fish Roll.
Fixed the crash when players go to bed after filling up bait.
Fixed the visual bug when using the jetpack inside the Abandoned Ruins.
After using the intimidating spear, you will no longer receive a letter from the church, or experience a decreased in favour points with Nora.
Fixed the points of entry for the factory and camera positions.
The area of the Haunted Cave has been increased to account for some extreme cases in which medals could not be received.
In the quest 'A Ruff Sleep', Mint will wake up a bit later after the quest is picked up.
Fixed the bug causing the interaction to fail after choosing to stay in Gust's Tomb cleaning quest.
Fixed the bug where workshop materials are displayed incorrect when they exceed one page.
Fixed the bug that shows an extra arm on the puppet model on the recovery machine.


Increased the attribution of the elite llama.
Fixed the bug that wooden storage and some other furnitures cannot be placed inside the house. 
Increased the drop rate of valve in No. 3 abandoned ruins.
Adjusted the mission trigger time on the Starlight Island.
Adjusted Scraps' favor items. 
Added a new button to sort items from inventory to the wooden storage box. 
Adjusted the camera sensitivity.
Adjusted the background story of Scraps.
Fixed some text errors. 
Light up Kongming's lantern can increase the favor point.
Fixed the error when using Relic Scanner. 
Fixed the bug that players might get stuck when sitting on the chair. 
Fixed the gifting animation of Oaks.
Fixed the display error of NPC's umbrella hat. 
Fixed the error when dating with Gust. 
Fixed the bug that when crafting items in the factory, the number of used materials is incorrect.
Fixed the trigger issue of some sound effects. 
Fixed the bug when changing the seasons.
Fixed the black screen in the abandoned ruins. 
Fixed the bug that the subsequent missions cannot be triggered after the mission "Talk to Mint".
Fixed the possible crash when exit the haunted cave. 
Fixed the crash when checking the Bacon Fish Roll.

Open TestEdit

There are two things you guys need to pay attention in this build. The first thing is the game will report error when you click quit the game or exit to the main menu. We're still working on the solve method. But don't worry, this will not damage your save file. And the second thing is that you'll find the trees that you cutted before re-generated, and some furnitures will be recycled. Don't be panic, that's just the usual reflection of the changes we made to the game. So you'll have to cut these trees again and place these furnitures again. 
Added several main stories. 
Added personal quests for Mint, Dr. Xu, and Arlo. 
Added the first version of horse racing competition in Spring.
Added the first version of fishing competition in Autumn.
Added new white horse in McD's Stable.
Elite llama can be captured as new mount.
Added the mini game - exploring the ghostly cavern.
Added the first version of a new holiday - the day of memories in Summer.
Added factory in game. It will unlock after the construction of the harbor. 
Added rest stop store, harbor store. And added badge exchange in the store in the Commercial Guild.
Electronic saw can continuously cut trees. 
Added drop down menu that can manage all the storage box there. 
When you click sort the storage box, same items in the inventory and the storage box will be sorted into storage box. 
Added furniture showcase which can display small decorations in it. 
Added three outfits.
Added two hairstyles. 
Added several new decorations.
Electronic saw can cut trees. 
Added Starlight Island and the dungeon on Starlight Island. 
Added new weapon - knuckle and Intimating Spear.
Expanded one page in inventory. 
Added magnifying glass in mini game - Inspection. It can help you find the distinction. 
Added new photography posture. 
Several NPC can wear gifted items for a while. 
Added several sound effects like the sound of waterfall, sound of wind in dessert, and the sound of waterwheel.
Added three mini games in Djiango's Round Table while dating/playing. 
Added dating/playing event - playing fireworks.
Added the relationship network. Relationship points with one NPC can change your relationship point with another NPC. 
Tourists can take bus to Portia or leave the Portia. 
Part of tourists will go mining in abaondoned ruins and selling the materials they just mined in the entrance of the ruins. 
Relic Scanner can be upgraded to level three. And it can detect 5 items and show their names in the same time. 
Added DiDi station around hot spring. 
When successifully caught fish, press any button can finish the animation.  
Added the dog Scraps.
Added Scraps' toy. 
Added the start time of holidays and competitions in calendar.
NPC can help cleaning the stable and using the irrigation tower. 
When the players try to craft the item, the number of this existing item will show up in the crafting interface.
Added two BGMs.
Added frame less mode.
The tip when successfully learned the craft recipe will be more detailed. 
Edited some characters' voices and added more voices. 
Added Explosive spider.
Added BGM for the wedding. 
Adjusted the skill tree, and added more skills in it. But after updating the build, the skill tree will be reset. 
Optimized the way of everything loading in game. 
Optimised the loading speed, and improved the frame rate. Will keep optimizing in the next build. 
Some accessories have changed into visible.
Electric drill can use to break the stone. 
Players can only equip one item even when they have multiple same items. 
Food can no longer be fuels. And the helpers will not use food to refuel. 
Adjusted the maximum distance of taking the photos.
Players can send gift only once a day. 
Changed the juice from the Day of Bright Sun into lemon juice. 
Fixed the bug when playing the seesaw, the space button would not work after pressed esc button. 
Fixed the bug that in the Guest quest the actual deadline is different from the deadline that shows in the quest detail.
Fixed the way of how to trigger the Higgins side quest. 
When camera locked the emeny and ride on the mount, the locking will be cancelled. 
Fish will not starve to death if the players don't feed them. But will need food to breed. 
Players will not get stuck in dungeons in Highland. 
Fixed the bug that character suddenly disappear. If you still have this issue, please let us know. 
Fixed the bug that the items in Addit and Lucy's whishlist are not showing they love in the NPC's Preference interface. 
Fixed the bug that players cannot complete the Tody's mission when Tody is in prison.
Fixed several content error. 
Fixed the bug that whe players in the rooms of hazardous dungeons, they can jump out of the room.
Fixed the bug when holding up the item and trying to pick up the items from the crafting machines, press E continuously can make player pick up more of this kind of item, even when there's not that much items in the machine.  
Fixed the bug that the price in the store keeps 140% of the regular price.  
Fixed the bug that when players picked up the music box and put it in the inventory, the music of this box will keep ringing.
Fixed the bug that when click to repair the items, it will be repaired instantly but the machine still shows working in progress. After cancel the repair, the original item will be returned. 
Fixed the bug that the relic scanner won't work on some items like fan and sofa.
Fixed the bug when music box is playing music, move the camera will distort the music. 
Fixed the bug that when Ack didn't refuel the machine, the tip will show that Ack added 0 fuel. 
Fixed the bug that the quest named Emily's well cannot be triggered. 
Fixed the bug that the tourists would appear in water. 

Alpha 7.0Edit


Fixed crash when leaving the house
Fixed black screen after getting married


Added an interface that will show all the inspection spots if the inspection mini game is failed.
Ack will find the materials in storage boxes when the player asks for something to be cooked.
Added controller support for sewing machine.
Fixed the bug affecting ranking and reputation points.
Fixed the bug causing Pinky to show up in the house when the player starts their game.
Fixed the bug causing storage boxes to disappear for no reason.
Fixed the bug causing Phyllis to go to Dr. Xu's clinic after she has set up her own clinic.
Fixed the bug causing fuel to go missing when in the recycling machine.
Fixed the bug that helpers fail to refuel the generator. 
Fixed the bug causing the player's mount to not follow them after sparring.


Optimized the UI of sewing machine. If you want to revise any clothes, you'll need to take a higher level clothes than the current one with you in your inventory. 
Fixed the bug that Pinky cannot be interacted with. 
Fixed the bug that while in the prompt interface, any conversation will freeze the game. 
Adjusted detection method of the dismount location.
Adjusted the favor points that can be gotten from sparring. 
Fixed the bug that the spouse won't sleep in a level 4 house.
Restore the damage of bare hands while sparring. 
Removed the feature that can dye furnitures while riding. 
Fixed the bug that materials will go missing while in the recycling the machine. 
Fixed the issue where if a player opens a machine when it's crafting items, opening the machine doesn't select the item. 
Fixed the error with the ranking the yearly workshop competition. 
Fixed the task display error in the mission of proposing to Ginger.
Fixed the bug where Emily fails to give a gift infront of the door.
Fixed the bug where the player will stand up on the mount when it falls.
Fixed the bug that the mount will follow the player into the fishing game even when the player asks the mount to stay. 
Fixed the bug in the inspection mini game. 


Fixed bug where the mission after the Tree Farm mission cannot be triggered. (In this update, the mission can be triggered two days after the loading the game once it's past Febuary 6th first year)
Increased the drop rate of advanced engine in Desert Abandoned Ruins. 
Adjusted the reward when clearing Ingall's Mine. Increased the drop rate of the advanced engines and the discs. 
Increased the drop rate of the data discs in Abandoned Ruins. They can also be found in chests dug out from the Abandoned Ruins, but need to scan by pressing the F button. 
Fixed the bug that the character might be trapped by the water tower when placing it. 
Fixed the bug that in the cutscene of Mali first came to Portia there might be two airplanes in it. 
Fixed the bug that Ginger keeps following the player after Ginger's Little Wish.
Fixed the bug that Ginger keeps laying on the bed after the mission. 
Fixed the bug that harbor crane mission cannot be accepted. 
Fixed the bug that the conversations with Gale and Russo are not there in Ginger's tests of marriage.
Fixed the bug that the hint of Grave Visit in map will not disappear.
Fixed the bug where when the helpers are refuelling the generators, the helper will go fetch the fuel in the current storage boxes.
Side quest items can be sold now. The items that belong to expired missions can be sold.
Increased the possibility of taming the llama. And decreased the sales price of llama. 
Fixed the bug that the marble street light won't work at night. 
Added several foods that can feed mounts. 
Fixed the bug that the comprehensive machine cannot craft Igneous Brick.
Fixed the crash when using the sewing machine.
Fixed the crash when adjusting the number of the products in Farm Tree and the operation near Ingall's mine. 
Fixed the displaying error in the recipe of red tea and milk tea.
Fixed the UI and the sound effect error in mining and opening the crafting machines. 
Fixed the bug where the feed disappears upon reloading the game. 
Fixed the missing UI when machines are short on fuel.
Fixed the bug when the comprehensive machine operation gets canceled, the materials that return aren't correct.
Fixed the bug that it will not cost materials while using the sew machine. 
Fixed the bug in the doodle mini game, that the horse could block the way. 
Fixed the bug when sending gifts on January 1st.
Fixed some NPC pathfinding issues. 
Fixed the bug in the inspection mini game. 
When sending gifts in wishlist to NPC, the player can also get extra favor points if the specific social skill in the skill tree is selected. 
Fixed the displaying error when the crops ripen. 
Fixed the content error in some of the UI. 
Fixed the crash bug that caused by the high damage.
Fixed some content error. 
Fixed the bug where the photo frame cannot be made
Increased the satiety feed can bring to mounts.
Fixed the bug where the damage number of bare hands are too much. 
Fixed the bug where the products that the helpers collect will not show up in the resource box.
Fixed the bug where some items will take two exhibition spots in museum. 
Fixed the bug in several recipes where they cannot be made. They are recipes for Sweet Stew Mix, Salty Stew Mix, Spicy Stew Mix, and Seafood Stew Mix.
Fixed the bug that when dismounted, the player might fall into waters. 
Fixed the description error that only if Pinky becomes your friend, she will follow you home. 
Adjusted the score system in inspection mini-game. Players will not score by just clicking complete the game. 
Ack will find the materials in the storage boxes when the player asks for cooking. 
Adjusted the walking path of taking QQ for the Run QQ Run sidequest. 
Decreased the stamina cost for using the shotgun. 
Fixed the display error for mission objects in Dana's Mining Company.
Fixed the bug where the pop up mission during dating might cause the game to freeze.


Added first version of Steam achievement system. Mission related achievements will not unlock if you've already finished the mission. You will need to restart the game and finish that mission again.
Added new main stories about Higgins, Flying Pigs adventurer Mali, fixing harbor, and long distance bus orders.
Added missions about Gust and Ginger. Part of mission will only be triggered after marriage.
Added sewing machine, which can upgrade character's outfit.
Adjusted the research order and added an option to accelerate the research speed. Players will get the result based on their priority. Handing in more disks can speed up research progress.
Assembly station can be upgraded to level 3, and can automatically assemble items.
Home can be upgraded to level 4.
When crafting items in the worktable, the system will find raw materials automatically from the bag and chests.
Crafting can help to gain experience. Helper Ack and spouse collecting products can also gain experience.
Added chests for helpers, so that the helpers can only use the raw materials and fuels from this chest.
The helper will place all the products they've collected into the chest by the front door.
Added smart dash in the fighting system. The character can dash to attack the enemy if they're in range.
Added level 3 hazardous dungeon in desert.
Added new fighting animation for Sam and Remington.
Added more products in the inspection mini game.
Can re-name the workshop at City Hall.
Added new instructions in the Commerce Guild manual.
Added attributes of dishes in the cooking recipe.
Added the annual competition for the builders. The builders in the top three can get rewards from the Commerce Guild. Scores in the ranking system will be reset at the beginning of each year.
Added consumables that can improve characters attributes permanently.
Added one more room with several exhibition stands in museum.
Added new decorations in A&G Construction.
Added fish tank in museum. Player will get rewards when they collect all kinds of fish, and collect all Emperor fish.
Added a venom shotgun. It can be crafted in level 2 worktable.
Added colourful llama as a new ride.
Can catch colourful llama in the wild.
Can dye furniture.
Items can be placed into backpack by pressing 'R' while holding them.
Added new area - highland.
Added IK. NPC will face the player when you say hi to them.
Added more items for Pinky - including scratching board and cat tree.
Ack will send player a gift on the 20th of each month.
Added conversations for Mint, Mars, and Mei.
Added the interaction animation - massage.
Added item apology bear - to remove jealous status from NPC.
Added/updated part of NPCs voice acting.
The shortcut bar selection cursor can cycle through from last slot back to the first slot.
Added bus route, so players can enjoy the scenery.
A special UI will pop out when players get a new rare item. And the animation of opening a chest has been removed.
Added picture frame. Can choose a picture from the album.
Can change lip color in barber shop.
Added home log, which will record two days events of helpers.
Language input is banned while the player is moving.
Added changelist and credit in the main menu.
NPC can level up.
Added one summer background music.
Added light on miner's hat.
Added the diagram for the water storage in Emily's Well 2.

Fishing system:
Optimised the fishing UI.
Added sound effect.
Adjusted the way the bubble follows the bait.
Optimised the camera while fishing.
Adjusted the price of fish.
Adjusted the earnings from fishing.
Adjusted the ranking reward in Commerce Guild.
Adjusted the initial money to 100.
Re-arranged the buildings and terrain in harbour area. 
Adjusted the maximum distance to capture pictures.
Adjusted the number of sending gifts to once a day.
Added tip on the Commerce Guild board showing that no commissions are available at the weekend.
Changed the trigger time of the mission - Meet the Shop Owners. Has changed to the next day of the workshop registration.
The camera can move horizontally while upgrading the house.
Mailbox will show the number of unread and read.
Optimized the movement when placing the furniture.
Any choice under Interact icon will not cost any stamina.
Dye can now be made in the blender instead of at the worktable.
Adjusted the location of dating while riding the horse.
Moved the bus stop from hazardous dungeon front door to research center front door.
Increased the sales price of the farm products.

Fixed the bug that the dialogue box will pop up continuously after the inventory is full.
Fixed the bug that when opening camera mode while petting, the icon of pet's mood will stay on the screen.
Hid the icon of mailbox and resource storage in cutscene.
Fixed the bug that players cannot send any gifts when on a date or playdate.
Adjusted Paulie's location when he is star gazing.
Fixed the bug that the players might get stuck in the dungeon.
Fixed the bug that the character might disappear. If that happens again, please let us know. Thank you.
Removed the string in the middle of the screen while dashing.
Fixed the bug that Dr. Xu and Lucy might disappear.
Fixed the bug that fixing stable mission will expire.
Fixed the bug that after completing the mission The Poisoned Water, part of NPCs will still have stomach aches.
Fixed the display error in the mission details (when the mission needs alpaca hair but shows fluffy pendant).


Venom Dart can be crafted from Comprehensive Grinder
Added new animations when interactive with Llama.

Increased time limited for Ingall's Mine Upper Level as well as most of the Hazardous Ruins
Adjusted Initial distance for Charged Attack
Increased Triple Barrel Snakebite’s stats, now level 3 worktable is needed to craft Triple Barrel Snakebite. 
Increased the possibility to tame a Llama, Trap Box's location is more noticeable.
Increased the drop rate of the Advanced Engine.
Can get the diagram of construction cranes even the mission build the museum is incomplete.
Decreased the drop rate of the disks.

Bug caused by Marble Street Light.
Create new game did not unlock mission achievements
Bug caused by interactive with horse, added 
Bug caused by bus.
Sometimes Gust did not show up for date.
Bug caused by return to main menu.
Can get mineral ores when fishing.
Fixed the wrong text of the source for Dye.
Fixed the display error on the diagram of the lift.


Fixed the bug when completing an achievement but the achievement still shows as locked. 
Fixed the animations when interacting with the llama.
Fixed the bug that players cannot ride to tame a new mount.
Fixed the bug causing the exit of Ingall's Mine level 3 to be blocked.
Fixed the bug preventing the favor points of Antoine and Presley from increasing.
Fixed the character display error in some cutscenes.
Players can get the lift control diagram in the western highland mission. If you have already completed the mission but did not get the diagram, you will get it the next day.
Added cumin in Farm Store.

Alpha 6.0Edit


Adjusted the restore effects of fruit salad.
Added part of the German & French translation.
Adjusted Sanwa's wishlist. Removed one item out of it.
Fixed the crash when playing the dart.
Fixed the crash when fighting with monsters.
Fixed the bug that cannot fight with the minions next to rat princess.
Fixed the display error of glass material.
Adjusted the text in Phyllis proposal mission.
Fixed the bug that the Winter Doll will not show in the list of Recovery Machine.


Can change the scene while holding furniture. (For example: You can enter your house whilst holding an item of furniture)
Can exchange badges for chicken earrings and a butterfly hairpin at the game hall in the Round Table.
Added fruit salad and veg salad into the menu.
Condensed power stone can be placed in fire powered generators.
Adjusted the diagram of the well and the printing press.
Salad can be made in blender.
Fixed the bug where players cannot fight with rat king after loading the save.
Fixed the crash when deleting the photos in album.
Adjusted the size of Marble Fence.
Adjusted the number of ingredients in Sophie's Farm Store for sale.
Adjusted the location of the motel. Fixed the bug where the building floats.
Adjusted the size of several items.
Changed the meow voice of pinky.
Adjusted the animation of dismount.


The relationship points between the player and NPCs will only decrease a little after breaking up or getting divorced. (This will change back on full release of the game)
Added four main missions, relating to: bus station, desert, news camera, and Pa’s debt.
Added side quest for Phyllis.
Added side quests for Ginger and Gust.
Added side quests for Paulie and Albert.
Added side quest for Emily.
Added main story for the hot air balloon.
Added ability to move furniture by holding them directly.
Added a new hazardous dungeon and new monsters in the desert.
Added a new abandoned ruins and new relics.
Added a new mini-game – ‘Inspection’. There will not be new commissions at the guild on weekends. Workshop points for NPCs will not increase on Sunday.
Added new items, decorations and gifts.
Added electric furnace, and can extract aluminium and magnesium.
Added two semi-automatic machines that can deal with raw materials.
Added two new outfits for players.
Houses can be upgraded to level 3.
Added Irrigation Flooring and Irrigation Tower, and players can exchange items at the Church Store.
Players will receive the letter from the Research Center at the beginning of the second year, with the missing blueprint from the Tree Farm mission attached.
Added NPCs wishlist
Players can change their fences and doors.
Added tips for placing furniture (items cannot be placed facing the wall anymore)
Added four kinds of elite monsters: Poppycock, Vampanda, Courteous Bunny, and Cotton Llama.
Added drill for mining.
Added stable.
Added the icon when dating and having dinner in the restaurant.
Added mini-game for playing/dating – hot air balloon. (Player can also play this alone)
Added camera feature. Player can take photos with NPCs. Taking photos of a monster can unlock the collection feature.
Players can pick up nicknames for their partner after marriage.
Added the reminder feature to the calendar – this can be customized.
New features for the horse riding system: 
Horses can be purchased. 
Horse can jump while riding. 
Stamina of the horse and the player are separate while riding. 
Added sound effects for horse riding.
Player can improve different attributes of the horses.
Player can name the horse.
Ack can make multiple dishes at once.
Added sound effects for when NPCs get hit.
Added the behaviour control of player’s spouse in the Home panel settings.
Romantic interactions with other characters will trigger the jealous behaviour of your spouse.
More NPCs will help players doing housework after marriage.
Added new scene sounds.
Added one new winter themed track.
Added the smart follow for camera.
Players can now get divorced.
Added pet names after marriage. Purchase the sweetheart cake from the Mysterious Man to change the pet name.
Added art contest winners artwork into the game.
Optimized the way NPCs collect products.
Optimized the way monsters are generated.
Optimized the model of several buildings and items.
Adjusted the position in hands when holding an item.
Side quests can no longer be discarded.
Adjusted the favor point change after sparring.
Players can date Merlin (but will need to complete specific missions).
The gifts that will change a relationship will not count as regular gifts.
Added a new conversation with Siwa when playing/dating.
Fixed the display error affecting some of the guides.
Fixed the bug preventing marriage with Mei.
Fixed the bug that Mint will not come home after marriage.
Fixed the bug where Lucy and Ack were missing.
Fixed the bug where the Mysterious Man was missing.
Changed the appearance of the flooring and wallpaper.
The mission in Phyllis’ new story can only be triggered after you divorce her.
Adjusted attacking speed of heavy boxer glove and giant hammer.
Added a ‘completed’ tab for the commerce commission.
Adjusted the number of roses for sale – one bunch per day.
Fixed album UI issues.

Alpha 5.0Edit


Optimized the electrical grid in the home
Fixed crash while playing darts
Changed Emily’s gathering logic when married so that she doesn’t harvest a plant anymore
Fixed some English translations

Fixed the bug that the house and the assembly station will disappear for no reasons (you can re-build both of them in AG construction company and PLEASE PLEASE do re-build them first when you start the game after updating, or else the game may crash).
Fixed the bug that the mission Rescue in Ingall’s Mine
cannot be triggered.
Adjusted the position of drying rack’s position.
Fixed the time pause after the hugging.
Reduced the harm effect when got poisoned.
Added the lubricant as a dropping item in hazadous dungeon level 3 and level 4. And increased the dropping rate of lubricant in abandoned ruins.
Fixed the bug that the museum reward can get repeatedly.
Fixed the wrong room in hazadous dungeon.
Fixed the bug that the icon of the picture is different from what it really looks like.
Fixed the bug of Merlin’s path finding.
Fixed the display error of the character’s skin color after wearing worker’s suit.
Fixed the bug that the leather sofa could make the character stuck in.
Added the tips for the items which can be displayed in museum.
Fixed the bug that Emily and Ack both stuck in character’s front door.


Fixed the bug when load the save in which the recycle machine was working.
Deleted the broken mirror in store (if you already bought one, please do not use it because the divorce feature is not completed).

Besides, please do not interact with Ginger in Gale's house, for it will cause time pause for some reason. But if you did (interacted with Ginger in Gale's house), then don't worry, you'll just need to take a snap to moving forward. 


Hey guys, we've got lots of responses from the update we released last night. So if your have a save problem (furnatures or items were just missing without any reasons, and suddenly you become a stranger to all of citizens), please re-load the save from 4.0 once you update the game. Do not load the save from the last 5.0 version.


Fixed the bug after load the save.
Fixed the bug that once cancel the assembly station, will return gold.
Fixed the bug that cannot send gift to QQ pig.
Adjusted the drop rate of items.
Fixed the crash when the player met the collapse in the hazardous dungeon. 
Fixed the bug that can get gold from store.
Fixed the bug that cannot add recipes.
Fixed the bug after upgrade the relic scanner.
Fixed the bug that some NPC will not take umbrellas in the raining day. 
Fixed the bug that Ack will not barbecue in the raining day.
Ginger will come and visit the museum at night.
Added footprints and the special effects while walking on the desert
Adjusted the layout of the bubble talk.
Fixed the bug that NPC will not get on the horse when the player choose to ride with the NPC.
Added one page capacity of the inventory. 
Adjusted the required number of animal bones for the mission A Green Wall. 


Desert story mission
Windbreak mission
Museum building mission
Four kinds of animals which can be raised on your farm
Horse riding has been added. You can rent a horse in this update. The ability to keep, raise and ride your own horses will be added in a later update. 
New machines: recycling machine and recovery machine
New dating feature: Chatting in the meadow
New dating feature: Stargazing
New mini game: Snowball fight
New interactions: Hug and kiss
Cat bed for Pinky
The Museum: Assembled relics can be displayed in the museum, and relic pieces can be exchanged here
New UI interface and new feature for workshop upgrade - workshop can be relocated
A resource box outside the front of your workshop. After completing the Tree Farm mission, resources will be sent to the resource box
Upgrade for Relic Scanner: Once upgraded to level two, it can show three spots at the same time, and outline the shape 
New shops: MacDonald’s and Toddy’s
The aquarium now features hints regarding the status of fish
Dates can ride on the same horse as the Player
Two new background music tracks - spring and autumn.
Your spouse can sit on a chair at home
If the player marries Emily, she will help on the farm after marriage
Some NPCs will help change wallpapers after marriage
Recipe notes for the cooking set
New dungeon in the desert, and three new monsters in this area
New items in Emily’s store during Winter Solstice: Cinnamon, Palm Jujube, and Firefish
Once married, the player will break up with all other NPCs
Chicks and chickens will help Emily during sparring
Players can now date Paulie
Optimized the confession, proposal, and break up features. Decreased the NPC options. These events will only be triggered by sending the correct gifts – heart knot to confess, wedding ring to propose, and thorns to break up
Assembly station can be upgraded to level 2
With the opening of the second-stage assembly platform, the size of many items is still being adjusted.
Players cannot confess to other NPCs once married
Player will receive a reward after the dungeon is cleared for the first time
New weapon: hammer and supporting attack
New weapon: lion claw boxing gloves and supporting attack
NPCs can visit the relics in the player’s yard
A good relationship with Gale will decrease the price of the farmland, and a good relationship with Django will decrease the prices in the game center
New farmland for sale
Second floor now available for the workshop

Cancelled the production limit of the worktable. Increased the production upper limit of the furnace
Optimized the logic of Ack helping to add fuel and collect materials
Brightened the view when the player is mining in the Abandoned Ruins
In the gift interface, the ‘next page’ button will not appear if all the gifts are on one page 
Dart game changed to darts turntable game
Fixed camera issues
Some relics have become unique
Optimized the lag when too many furnaces are placed
A level 2 assembly station is now needed to build the waterwheel
Modified the relationship with some NPCs (they will not become a Nemesis or Adversary)
The dating spot and playing spot in the restaurant has a new layout
Changed the location of the seesaw
Increased the chance of triggering the play/date option with NPCs
Increased the requirement for confession (will need 400 favour points) Increased the required favour points for several dating events
Increased the appearance rate of mysterious room in Abandoned Ruins
Adjusted the attack frequency of several monsters
Missions changed to side quests: ‘The Leaky Roof’, ‘The Broken Clock’, ‘Leaking Pipe’, and ‘The Farmer’
Adjusted the colour of the attack display
Adjusted the logic of price changes
Can place furniture on carpet
Adjusted the size and location of furniture

Bug Fixes…
Fixed the bug when mining upward
Fixed the bug preventing players from starting another date with an NPC once they have ended a previous date
Optimized the English voice acting for Jack
Controller support to play slots. Added controller guidance
Fixed the configuration error when giving gifts
Optimized the conversations, animations, and facial expressions when the player gives gifts to Ginger
Fixed a problem that triggered dining events in non-dining rooms during play/appointments in certain situations
Fix the problem that the NPC will fall when playing the seesaw
Fixed the bug in store

Alpha 4.0Edit


New content
Six new missions.
The first Winter Solstice mini-game – Hotpot!
New house decoration items.
Wallpapers and floorings now available in the A & G Construction store.
Players may now change the wallpaper and flooring of their house.
A new story quest to use Ack as a helper around the workshop.
One additional hairstyle for both male and female characters.
A recovery machine in the Research Centre to recover relics by using data discs.
New character! Siwa, and his house in the desert.
New toy! The Bubble Wand.

Other additions
Added level 20 equipment models.
Added the ability for players to get a discount on acupuncture when you have high relationship points with Phyllis.
Added the ability for players to get a discount in store when you have high relationship points with Gust.
Added the ability for players to increase critical damage values when you have high relationship points with Arlo.
Added an in-game guide that is triggered the first time players find relic pieces.
Added the ability to add more than one piece of raw material into the fire powered generator at the same time.
Added the ability to interact with Mint, who will leave after the player fixes the bridge. He will be back, though!
Added feedback from the dummy when Arlo takes the fighting exercise with him.
Added one additional background music track in Hazardous Ruins.
Added the ability for players to use consumable items in the shortcut bar by pressing the numeric keys.
Added the Holiday Guide.
Added a DeeDee stop near the Portia Bridge.
Ability to interact with the slot machines using a controller.
Added Chinese voice acting for Remington.

Adjusted the drop rate of relic pieces.
Adjusted the reaction of NPCs after interacting with them (they’ll pause before they turn to leave).
Optimized attack animations
An overloaded fire powered generator will no longer power off, but reduce the production speed instead.
Concealed NPC name and all mission-related icons when they’re sleeping.
Changed the walking path of Emily when she has items that she helped collect; she will wander around in front of the house.
Changed the frequency of NPCs who travel to Portia town.
Changed the available time period for Day of the Bright Sun to 10 AM – 2 PM.
Players can now date or otherwise interact with Ginger near her house.
Removed all Madcrabs around the rest stop.
Adjusted the damage output of the Rat King’s continuous attack.
Adjusted the distance of Chemical Dropout’s continuous attack.
The desert will now be uncovered after building the bridge.
Adjusted McDonald’s attack.
Adjusted how relationship points are calculated when gifting items during festivals and birthdays.
The game will now properly check the ability to create a save file upon starting a new game.
Adjusted the visible border of the Abandoned Ruins.
Befriended NPCs will now attend wedding ceremonies.
Adjusted rain visuals for low end hardware configurations.
The player’s headwear (if equipped) will automatically be hidden when getting a haircut at the Barber shop.

Players can no longer be killed by enemies during conversations.
Fish should no longer starve to death when fed properly.
Fixed the crash caused by the ‘The Bassanio Lift’ mission.
Fixed the conversation error with Addit after the ‘Saving the Tree Farm’ mission.
Fixed an issue related to the ‘Bassanio Lift’ mission.
Fixed an issue where followers would be pulled into sparring.
Fixed some bugs related to the Day of Bright Sun.
Fixed a potential issue when the player is holding three newly caught fish.
Fixed an issue where players were unable to properly move around theBarber Shop.
Fixed textures in Hazardous Ruins level 4 rooms.
Fixed issues relating to Hazardous Ruins.
Fixed an issue that could occur when meeting a new NPC for the first time.
Fixed an issue that could occur when entering the Abandoned Ruins.
Fixed an issue that could prevent loading of save files.
Fixed an issue that might prevent players from initiating the fishing mini-game.
Fixed an issue with the display of grass.
Fixed issues with certain trees around Dr. Xu’s clinic.
Fixed an issue related to the Portia Bridge mission.
Fixed an issue related to fishing thread toughness skill not functioning properly.
Fixed an issue related to written letters appearing incorrectly.


Hotfix list
Fixed the crash when players have a low relationship with several NPCs.
Adjusted the consumption of wood and energy stone as fuel so will last longer
The Fish will no longer die from overeating.


Adjusted camera sensitivity.
Fixed some text error.
Added setting on turn on/off camera inertia.


Added cutscenes for the acupuncture.
Increased the maximum camera sensitivity value.
Increased the quality of the gifts for the Day of Bright Sun.
Fixed abnormal behavior for some NPCs.
Fixed the crash of ordering menu during dating.
Fixed some text errors.
Fixed the bug that the dating/player partner will not follow the player after sparring with other NPCs.
Fixed the bug of NPC’s path finding.
Added the save for the market price.
Fixed the bug that several items cannot be sold to the store (including the venom).
Added the level options when entering the hazardous dungeon.
Removed the stamina consumption when waving the fist but hit on nothing.


Fixed the bug that entering/leaving the abandoned ruins will freeze the game. But cannot guarantee, if you still have this issue, please keep contact us.
Added more conversation after Phyllis get married, Phyllis shall not say “Dr. Xu is a great doctor!”. And added more conversation for Ginger, Emily, and Gust.
Fixed the bug that the Tree Farm cannot produce wood. But the production setting will reset to quantity, you can change the setting to quality if you want.
Optimized the animation when players cutting trees, mining, and attacking, and the action will be more smooth.
Added more options for setting up the camera sensitivity and optimized the move of the camera. But need to reset first.
Removed the stamina consumption when waving an axe or pickaxe but hit on nothing.
Adjusted the drop rate for some items (Copper Wire, Silicon Chipset, Colourful Fur and Bat’s Wing).
Adjusted the maximin number per one pack for several items, changed the number to 500.
Removed the setting that NPC’ favour will drop if players haven’t talked to them in a long time period.
Added the controller button layout to the favour interface.
Adjusted the sorting rules. The item will go directly to your bag if you already have it, but it will be added to the shortcut if you don’t have any.
Adjusted the sorting rule of emails. Emails are sorted by time.
Fixed the crash when players deleting the save.
Added options for the frame rate lock.
Fixed the bug when resetting the vertical sync failed.
Adjusted the CG.
Fixed the crash when using the cooking set.
Added the setting that characters will be undefeated once they are in the conversation.
Optimized the lighting in abandoned ruins.
Added the setting that characters will not be poisoned to death when opening the chest.
Adjusted the favour increase when donating in Temple
Added the reputation increase in the next day when the player advertise the workshop.
Changed the setting that the portal in the WOW Industries’ dungeon will not close after The Mouse King’s death.
Fixed the bug that the waiting before the dating/playing time cannot be interrupted if there’s any interaction with other NPCs.
Adjusted the dating/playing place in My Workshop.
Blocked the dating event that cannot be triggered.
Added more Chinese voice acting for Mei. Deleted Chinese voice acting for Nora, Sonia, Oaks, Mars, Albert.
Added one dating event, has changed Rest on the Lap into in the dating event.
Adjusted NPCs’ path-finding in the cemetery.
Fixed the bug that players can have multiple dates everyday after loading saves.
Adjusted the favour increase from each dating/playing events.
Adjusted the social skills of Fair Fight and Happy Camper.
Adjusted the favour increase after sending the items to NPCs, those items include Power Stones, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, rose, Journey from the East, Cooking Master, Farming Guide.
Fixed the bug that the dating/player partner might disappear after having sparring with other NPCs.
Fixed the bug that NPC cannot leave church.
Adjusted the required level for players get
Increased length of time Sanwa’s stays in town.
Added the outline of the item name for the wooden storage.
Added seasonal effect for three buildings.
The stones that closed to Amber Island cannot be break.
Fixed the result number display error when making dough.
The sofa that players get from the mission can be placed in house.
Increased the buff for Massage Chair.
Changed the coin consumption for playing the dart, players will only need to spend 20 coins on it. Adjusted the reward of mini games.
Deleted the commission that requires the loudspeaker. But will add this commission in the later version.
Added the statue Armor of a Knight. It can be redeemed in the game centre in The Round Table.
Updated the UI for NPC
Added one fish into Pinky’s favourite food list.
Adjusted the required heart for confession.
Adjusted the displaying error while introducing the NPCs.
Added two NPCs.
Fixed the bug that Ginger will choose spicy food and seafood which she doesn’t like at all when ordering menu.
Adjusted the favour increase when sending those books to NPCs which redeemed from the game centre. 


Added new item in mysterious businessman's shop.
Fixed the bug that the players' handbook & relationship will reset (but we cannot guarantee it will not happen again, so if you still have this issue, please keep contacting us).
Fixed the bug that some items' icons were missing
Fixed the bug that the Steel Beam cannot be assembled
Added the Street Light and the Planter Box Craft Recipe into the store
Fixed the bug that skill tree reset from Phyllis cannot be saved
Shortened the cool down time of dating/playing
Changed the timing of the date/play icon display, the icon will only show up while the date/play has been triggered
Added the playing time of the save files
Optimized the UI consumption of Planter Box and the machine
Fixed the bug that players cannot get the letter the letter Day of the Bright Sun
Fixed several script content



Fixed the Quality Leather recipe not unlocking
Fixed issue with competitor workshops gaining too many points
Fixed issue with the Portia bridge commission
Fixed issues with the Ack cutscene
Fixed issues with voice over on old saves
Fixed crash when cutting autumn trees on the highlands
Fixed crash from skill effects
Fixed crash from exiting date
Fixed cost of entering the second Abandoned Ruins to 300
Temporarily removed the seesaw and swing activity with Paulie due to animation issues
Temporarily removed the upgrade to Assembly Station level 2 due to some issues
Change made to Arlo and Remington fighting monsters
Changed animal bones drop rate for Llamas
Added Simple Circuits as a loot for clearing level 1 in the Sewage ruins
Changed Water Storage recipe
Added player reputation for completing the Portia Bridge mission 


New additions
- New dynamic scene for main menu
- 3 new faces for male character customization
- 3 new faces for female character customization
- English voice over, more will be added in later version
- Chinese voice over, more will be added in later version
- New mission: Ack
- New mission: Build the Portia bridge
- New mission: Street light
- New mission: Barbershop
- Teleport point before boss fight, you can teleport back later if the fight is too difficult
- News paper bulletin
- New IK system, sometimes NPCs will look at player when passing by
- More NPC behavior on Saturday
- Talk to Phyllis to reset skill points
- NPC background description
- New behaviors for Emily after marriage
- New NPC facial expression system
- Mini game: Shoot air balloon
- Mini game: Slots machine
- Players can activate dating events
- If players didn't get any gift during "the day of bright sun", Gale will mail you a gift the next day.
- Two new levels in Dangerous Ruins
- You can check house bonus on a panel
- More placeable furniture
- More sound effect for machines
- You can steal items from Higgins' workshop
- 3 new fish types
- 2 new fishing spots
- 4 different tree types
- Dynamic effect for tree leaves
- 3 new monster types
- Cemetery
- Waterfall at the desert's edge
- New level of detail for buildings
- New behaviour for Ginger during play events
- More NPC sound effects

- Dinning event now ends at 22:00
- Apple Tree can't be targeted during autumn
- Shorter time for making Dough
- Fixed some commissions
- No longer getting Flour from harvest Wheat
- Entry fee for Abandoned Ruins now weekly
- Monsters in Dangerous Ruins
- Increased time spend when enter Dangerous Ruins
- NPC attacks
- Hidden room in the Abandoned Ruins
- Camera sensitivity
- Gamepad compatibility
- Some player not able to pick up gifts during the day of the bright sun
- Some NPC is not picking up gifts during the day of the bright sun event
- Relationship drops to Adversary if not chatted with for too long 
- Mastery of Pickaxe and Mastery of Axe changed to increase by percentage
- Crystal harvest points increased 
- Increased the sale limit for store, now shows how much money each store has
- Item can sale in groups.
- Increased the drop rate for some items
- Rat King's AI and attack
- Numbers of Snaillob in the Cave
- Jump Dancer's attack animation
- Panbat's attack animation
- Interior of Civil Corp
- Interior of Round Table
- Interior renovation for Amber Island Cave
- Interior ligts changed according to time
- Fishing mechanism
- Emily mission
- NPC model
- Increased Maximum
- New Character customization scene
- New UI for the mail box

- NPC daily behaviour
- NPC following mechanism
- Level of detail for buildings

Alpha 3.7Edit


Fixed bug when harvest Sisal.
Added new diagram drawing for Advanced Skiver.
Tweaked bug report UI.
Fixed stew Mix is not showing correctly.
Fixed some in-game texts.



Plant names displayed above Planter Boxes.
Increased the drop rate of Spines.
LOD of the building.
The script of the Hardwood Sofa, now use Hardwood Plank instead of Wood Plank.
Changed some of NPCs height and weight.

bug tree under waterfall.
mobs' ranged attacks miss the target.
Sometimes can't talk to Mysterious Man after load from save.
Apricot Tree gives unlimited loots.
Sometimes player is getting stuck after sit on a chair.
Rat King is floating in the air.
Sometimes eating in abandoned ruin will make player stuck.
Sometimes player gets stuck while placing sofa.
Treasure Chest mislocated in dungeon.
Drying Rack's script crafts Xylophone instead of Drying Rack.
Fur is displaying in food production page in Workshop Handbook. 
Bug report cannot be sent.


After this update, skills will be reset, players can change their skill paths.
Saves can now have at maximum of 10 back-ups which will not be replaced by new saves.
Two new quests which will unlock Farming.
Farming is avalible now (8 plantable species, more on the way)
Can hide the hat in system settings.
More detailed NPCs info will shown on the Social UI.
New character models for Alice and Sonia.
Experience bar is now shown on character interface.
Items can now be sorted according to category.
Different tools now cost varying amounts of stamina.
Commissions at the Commerce Guild now displays experiences gained after commissions done.
Now finished quests will have a timestamp.
A bunch of new furnitures and a large storage box.
Sound effects for Chemical Dropout.
Right-click items in inventory will stack them up.
Chairs are now sittable.
Nora sells seeds.
Break-up options is now available.
A reminder of wedding ceremony will now be shown to players the day before.
A high-five between the NPC and the player after each round of the swing mini-game.
More item types in abandoned ruin, and a new secret room in the abandoned ruin.
New special effects for the WOW industry dungeon.
Completed special effects for the rat king’s attacks.
UI “acquire planter box” and “place planter box”.
UI “acquire fish tank” and “place fish tank”.
A new waterfall background for the High Land.
A message will pop up when try to add more than 5 ingredients into the Cooking Set.

Gifting now gives 1 Relationship Point instead of 2.
Optimised “Trading” feature for stores:
Store UI optimised.
Can buy back sold items at the selling price within that day.
Merchandise prices will change depending on seasons as well as weathers.
Stores now only buy a limited amount of certain merchandise per day.
A new Church Store, from which players can exchange seeds using old parts.
The tags in Assembly Handbook
Now the Giver and Smooth Talk works correctly.
Blueprints of Umbrella and Drying Rack.
Tody would deliver fishes to Django’s restaurant every day.
NPCs would occasionally go mining in abandoned ruin too.
Players will get discounts at Sophie’s farm store after marrying Emily.
Female main charactor dating animation like holding hands, hugging, swinging, and fishing.
Ginger now wears Umbrella Hat instead of holding Umbrella.
Item counting bug when inventry is full.
Rat king’s attack behaviours.
When Sparring, Rolling will be interrupted when take damage.
Tweaked Amber Island bridge’s model.
NPCs now would end dating/playing if they are needed somewhere else.
Some in-game texts.
Water wheel quest no longer gives civil furnace blueprint.
Players need to go finding Arlo to finish The Bassanio Lift quest.

Player getting stuck when try to open UI during cutting or mining action.
Bug of diplaying locked area when holding axe.
Gamepad is not responding after having read emails.
Sound effect volumn when machines in production.
Some skills’ bug.
charactor’s stats is not showing correctly after place furniture
Trees no longer drop items.
Fixed the display error of the farmland in autumn

Alpha 3.5Edit


Added the new output - the ring from the fishing, and the ring will trigger a new mission.
Added the fence and the tips before the hazardous dungeon go alive.  
Fixed the crash bug when load the save files with the fish tank .
Fixed the initialization error of fish tank data .
Fixed the bug while playing with the controller .
Fixed the crash bug while continue the game without choosing one existed hairstyle.
Fixed the recount bug when get the new material after you got the full inventory.  
Edited the scripts in English and Chinese .
Fixed the crash bug when place the cooking set indoor and then load the save files.
Fixed the crash bug when trees re-grow.


Fixed the crash bug when taking over the mission of Saving the Tree Farm.  
Fixed the crash bug when holding fishrods.  
Fixed the displaying issue in podium's diagram .  
Fixed issues with Grinding Blade and Industrial Core diagram.  
Fixed the font issue in mini-game fishing.  
Added 4 dynamic hair for the male character. 


Fixed the version number from 3.0 to 3.51 
Fixed the game icon in the windows system 
Fixed the bug when interacting with the Mysterious Man 
Fixed the wrong icon of fish tank and three-wheel Dee-Dee showing in the diagram


Added High Land
Added New Mission: The Rat King. New Dungeon. New boss:Rat King.
Tweaked starting time for some main missions.
Added you will recive benefit as your relationship impove with a NPC. Benefit includes: extra orders from NPCs, discounts at NPCs’stores, receive gifts,extra stats and etc. (still working on UI)
Added level requirement to Equipments.
Added new furniture: fish tank added. Players can farm fish. The blueprint costs 5 data discs.
Added Dr Xu’s clinic (inside)
Added hat can show up on player model.
Added player can rotate avatar around in the charater creation interface by hold right mouse button.
Added new NPC greetings.
Added four new hairstyles, two for each gender.
Added Drawing mini-game is available during dating.
Added Swinging minigame (tweaking) is availabe during dating NPCs.
Added players can recover some stamina by sitting on chairs.
Added Civil Corps now would attack mobs.
Added punishments to overdue or give-up on commissions
Added NPCs’levels are now shown during sparring.
Added NPCs can sprint during sparring.
Added locked areas will be covered by mist on world map.
Added target quest locations on the Worldmap, showing both quest and target NPC’ names, when clicked by mouse or gamesticks.
Added NPC photos with a task sign appear when viewing tasks.
Added a Bakery and a Flower Shop added.
Added jeoulsy Feature.
Added three new fish.
Added a list of new acssesories and furnitures.
Added new quarry spot added near Oaks’.
Added interactions with NPCs during dating: Hold hands, Hold by the wist.
Added a dating location : in front of the workshop.
Added Players can kick tree when hold items with both hands.

Tweaked mobs respawning area, so they are easier to find.
Tweaked mobs’ behaviour so they are harder to fight with.
Tweaked two trees without tree trunks and stumps.
Tweaked stone falling trap in the old dungeon.
Tweaked requested items and rewards in the Django’s sword quest.
Tweaked mobs’ locations in the cave on Amber Island.
Tweaked Sophie’s basket mission.
Tweaked special effects when acquiring items in the tree farm commission.
Tweaked some scripts.
Tweaked how NPCs receive gifts.
Added exit dating or playing when attacked by mobs .
Tweaked confess button is unclickable if players don’t have necessary items.
Tweaked some assemble items require blueprints.
Tweaked Petra’s behaviour so she mostly stays in Research Centre.
Tweaked Pinky’s behaviour so it stays under eaves when raining.
Tweaked Dating spots are now separated from playing ground.

Fixed 7HOM for 7:00 on one of the dating UI.
Added “Draw” to spar
Added restrictions on restarts for the old dungeon.

Fixed sometimes zoom-out on worldmap will deviate.
Fixed when accessories are chosen, no decriptions.
Fixed Can’t RPS when holding stuff in hands.
Fixed game crushes when calculating mood of play-buddy.
Fixed tree on the right-hand side in Hazardous Ruin.
Fixed sometimes game crashes when place a item at the border of your house yard.
Fixed sometimes interactive icon show up but can’t interact.
Fixed can’t chose to view Commerce Guild Handbook using gamepads.
Fixed game crashes when pressing Y on gamepads during crafting.
Fixed can’t chose to view Commissions using gamepads.
Fixed sometimes player got stucked when fight the snaillob.
Fixed no animation for cutting bush in winter.
Fixed game crashes when clicking Petra’s location on the Worldmap during “De de transport” commission.
Fixed NPC in sleep will teleport to player when activate quests at night.
Fixed UI “items unplacable” won’t dissapear.
Fixed collectable stones in the field won’t respawn.
Fixed loot on trees won’t respawn.
Fixed trees no longer respawn in house yard.
Fixed some inaccessible levels become accesssible once the previous one were passed.
Fixed skill trees can now be renewed when starting new games.
Fixed sometimes game crashes after upgrading assembly station.
Fixed sometimes ores were identified as rare drops in ruins.
Fixed players can not sell things worth a max of 9999 gols.
Fixed certain NPCs are invincible during sparring.
Fixed Li’s donation box bug.
Fixed player can not collect more than 99 items in one drop.
Fixed sometimes antidote desen’t work.
Fixed stones won’t respawn after season 2.

Alpha 3.0[43]Edit

Added fog in the Hazardous Ruins
Added more lighting in the Hazardous Ruins
Added fog in Amber Island Cave
Added structure texture change as seasons changes
Added grass and spring flowers in town
Fixed monster will attack from other side of the wall
Added new monster: Sentidog
Added special attack moves for Gust
Added more female NPC attack moves
Added aim assist for controller in world map screen
Added aim assist for controller with Relic Detector
Added rewards for mini-games
Added accessories can now be stacked
Added new CG in Tree Farm Waterwheel quest
Added stroke for subtitles so they’re easier to read
Added ambient lighting for water effects
Added level requirements for Worktable for crafting items
Added punishment for failed Commissions
Added different shadow setting for indoor and outdoor
Added arrow key for movement
Added more translations (70% done, dating lines are still not well translated, will have a patch next week with completed translations)
Tweaked overworld
Adjusted monster spawn in Tree Farm
Adjusted monster skill range and attack angle
Adjusted drops in Hazardous Ruins
Adjusted put away sword animation speed for main character
Tweaked Mysterious Man’s presents in Portia so that he appears more often
Adjusted the number of Pandabats during Tree Farm quest
Tweaked water freezing during winter, not walk-able anymore, for now
Tweaked waterfall’s shader so that it can accept fog
Adjust ability to kick tree everyday, used to be every other day
Adjusted some UI
Adjusted screen black time when changing scene to wedding
Optimized save file size to much, much smaller
Adjusted shadow setting in Hazardous Ruins
Tweaked the UI pop up time when a boss is defeated in a dungeon
Completely changed the way fishing works in game
Tweaked some monster attack angles and speed
Tweaked mission target display organization
Tweaked large tree HP so it takes more than a couple of swings to bring them down “late” game right now
Deleted rock trap in Amber Island Cave
Deleted some trees blocked by structures
Fixed color of the sun in winter
Fixed game showing playable events in a date that’s still not in game
Fixed latency time when some quests need to teleport NPC
Fixed sound effect error when breaking multiple jars at the same time
Fixed cannot sell more than 99999 items to a store
Fixed a possible bug while opening mail box with controller
Fixed bug when Arlo is clapping hand during Sparring
Fixed pathfinding bug after player accept Django’s quest
Fixed NPC’s position in Research Center
Fixed issue of flower textures screwing up during other seasons
Fixed issue with sparring with the Civil Corp ending in a black screen
Fixed dating causing crash
Fixed NPCs greeting the player when sitting down or sleeping
Fixed relic scanner UI issue
Fixed issue with assembly workshop blueprints
Fixed new game keeping all the blueprints from the last playthrough
Fixed issue with levels auto unlocking in the Hazardous ruins
Fixed Django disappearing for a few days after giving the Practice Sword quest
Fixed a couple of crash bugs

Alpha 2.9Edit

Added the Hazardous Ruins 
Added the Collapsed Wasteland area
Added the female player character, 2 faces
Added a new face for the male player character
Added new indoor scenes Major's office, Research Center and the Round Table Restaurant
Added skill tree, can gain skill points when leveling up
Added dating: there are three events, chatting under the tree, dining in the restaurant, and playing seesaw
Added marriage: can buy a ring from the mysterious salesman and propose to the current lover
Added confession to be in a relationship beyond friendship: needed a rose, once a day
Added married behaviors to some NPCs, will give gifts to the player
Added gamepad option
Added custom control mapping function for the PC version
Added endurance, dash and roll will no longer cost any stamina
Added the research option in the research center, after applying data disks, can get the blueprint some days later
Added random battle dungeon, there are 2 level now, can get different rewards when choosing different level
Added new abandoned ruins, mainly for iron and manganese ores
Added production line machines: polisher machine, furnace, steel furnace, dryer, grinder
Added production line grid: fire power generator, conductive floor
Added Cooking, can cook different recipes
Added wood pickup box by the Tree Farm, can order wood
Added new story missions
Added side quests
Added new Dee-dee stop inside Collapsed Wasteland
Added new accessories 
Added mini game - Rock Paper Scissors
Added rewards for roping mini game
Added NPC expression system, can see some expressions when NPC talks or play
Added new sleeping animations of NPCs
Added the provocation actions of Paulie, Arlo, Remington and Sam
Added gloves weapon
Added some new furniture
Added 3 clothing sets for male/female roles, and can be upgraded by upgrading the worktable
Added: when holding the chickens, the chickens has a chance to be dropped if attacked
Added highlighting the quick bar when choosing the corresponding equipment in the inventory
Added new indoor scenes for player's home (need to upgrade house) 
Added 5 new monsters
Added cutscene for riding a dee-dee transport
Added many, many new items
Added the Tree Farm
Added spring flowers
Added new effects
Added new sounds
Added new music
Optimized and added new NPC AIs in sunny/rainy days and on weekends
Adjusted conditions for triggering some missions
Adjusted the positions of the dee-dee stops
Adjusted the position and size of the air wall with the Snaillob boss
Adjusted the positions and descriptions of the stolen items
Added stone respawn 
Tweaked the color of some of the stones, different stones can be distinguished easily
Tweaked the tree respawn system: from every week to 7 days after the tree is cut down
Added picking a fight with NPCs indoors
Tweaked social relationship advancement numbers
Adjusted the social UI: will show things  to do with NPCS, such as playing games, giving gifts, rock paper scissors, playing, and so on
Optimized some monsters' AI
Optimized player side-step
Adjusted the monster respawn areas
Tweaked monster animations
Fixed monsters unable to play rest animations
Adjusted the positions of player entering/leaving the room and the camera of the open door animation
Fixed the crash when getting rewards of workshop rank 2
Fixed not being able to get the rewards of workshop rank 3
Fixed the Bandirat Prince not attacking after loading the game
Fixed issues with storage boxes bought from stores
Fixed some commerce commissions not being able to be submitted
Fixed town clock not working 
Fixed the Bandirat Prince attack not playing animation
Fixed the Bandirat Prince's treasure falling through the ground when the inventory is full
Fixed after the seasons change not being able to give gift or spar
Fixed in the Day of the Bright Sun, the NPCs disappear when changing the scene
Fixed when the Day of the Bright Sun ends, it will crash when picking up gifts
Fixed tips does not disappearing when first entering the abandoned ruins
Fixed when player fixed the gaps in the home, then loading game and getting stuck
Fixed opening any interface can cause freeze 
Fixed issue with jumping down a waterfall and getting stuck in the air (don't try this at home) 

Alpha 2.0[44]/2.1[45]Edit

Added new indoor room models
Added new NPC models
Added new music tracks
Added models to the Abandoned Ruins
Added Amber Island dungeon
Added Dee-dee transport usage for fast travel
Added new missions
Added inverse camera
Added pressing T to change placing direction when holding an item
Added autorun when pressing middle mouse button
Added eating at the restaurant, can eat once everyday
Added disregarding a commission
Added tutorial reminders for cutting, digging, and fast traveling
Added max and minimum numbers for UI numbers selection
Added talking to a NPC everyday gaining 1 relationship point
Added new craft-able items
Added saving music volume
Added effects and animation for fixing the player home
Added some special attacks for some NPCs
Added preaching, donating, and going to church on Sundays
Added NPC greeting the player when having a good relationship with the player (except the snobby type)
Added new NPC behaviors, such as eating at the restaurant and going to school
Added new UI
Added cutscenes for Emily's romance storyline
Added Higgins going to the Commerce Guild every morning to grab a commission (and it will be one less for the player)
Added more behaviors for QQ pig and Pinky cat
Added putting down the Dee-dee like a furniture
Added player death ending the game
Added option to tweak background music
Added more details to the large map UI
Added other animals and NPCs reacting when the player picks up a chicken or duck
Added new effects
Added the A&G Constructions company can move the Worktable and Assembly Station
Added more controller support
Added sheep
Optimized worktable controls
Optimized the AI behavior for the Day of the Bright Sun activities
Optimized tutorial prompts
Optimized loading speed when exiting a building
Optimized some player attack effects
Optimized grass rendering
Optimized the lighting model
Tweaked the appearances of item and enemy HP displays
Tweaked NPCs' most liked presents, everyone has a favorite
Tweaked the way commissions are handled, some commissions need to be given to the NPC instead of Antoine
Tweaked the trees for all the seasons
Tweaked hairstyle 2 to allow for resizing
Tweaked fishing
Tweaked the grill to allow 5 items at once
Tweaked items needed to craft the stone furnace, the skiver, and the woodcutter
Tweaked the exit and entering point of NPCs, as well as added open door animation
Tweaked mouse sensitivity in options
Tweaked the NPC sleeping behavior to disallow interaction during that time
Tweaked jetpack landing animation so that the animation depends on how high the player gets
Tweaked some text colors for clarity
Tweaked fishing and darts UIs
Tweaked tutorial UI
Tweaked character models
Tweaked the taking back a placed item with an axe to swinging twice instead of once
Temporarily turned off the dating system pending code rewrite
Fixed the stone furnace sometimes getting the player stuck
Fixed the background music sometimes stop playing
Fixed player entering sparring not at full HP sometimes
Fixed issue with player entering a spar with an item equipped
Fixed copper pipe dropping below the ground
Fixed relationship falling to zero when reading a save file
Fixed when picking up a storage box, the items spread out on the terrain doesn't add up right
Fixed crash when chopping a tree

Alpha 1.0[46]Edit