Character customization

Character customization screen

Players can customize their character through the character customization screen when first starting a new game. Through character customization, the player can alter the character's hair, face, skin, gender, name the character, and more.

Color customization is chosen through a color wheel and is available for hair, eyes, skin, and lips. Hair length can be adjusted through a slider, with far left being short and far right being long. Each face detail can be adjusted through its own slider and include: brow position, brow thickness, eye size, eye shape, nose position, nose size, mouth size, and chin size.

The player can rotate the character by using the Mouse right right mouse button and dragging the character left or right.

If the player wishes to alter the appearance of the player character again in the future, this can be done at the Barber Shop after completing Mission: Strange Lenses.


The player can choose between different character voices, or opt out the voice for the character altogether.

Male character (Marco)

Female character (Linda)


Only 8 hairstyles are available during character creation. Additional hairstyles will be available at the Barber Shop after the player completes Mission: Strange Lenses.







Males have the option to add facial hair and tattoos, while females are limited to tattoos. The length of facial hair and the color of the tattoo can be adjusted.

Facial HairEdit



The player's birthday can be selected after creating the character. Birthdays can be selected through any day of any season. If the player selects a day that is concurrent with an event, a disclaimer appears warning the player of the possibility of the event affecting the player's parties or any other player-involved event.