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Chief Honcho is the Ingall's Mine Lower Level (Level 3)and Deep Level (Level 4) boss located within the Eufaula Desert.

Behaviour and Tactics Edit

The Chief Honcho has four attacks, all of which can be used at the beginning of the fight, onwards. Generally speaking, all of the Chief Honcho's attacks are best avoided by moving out of range.

  • Melee: Stabs 3 times with his blade. This attack has almost frightening accuracy, and remains dangerous late into the game.
  • Melee: Swings blade down over his head 2 times. Arguably, this is one of the easiest attacks to punish, as the Chief Honcho is wide open until the attack ends. However, keep in mind to stay away from the end of the Honcho's glaive, as it has a large hitbox.
  • Melee: Stabs 1 time then swipes to the side ending with an overhead swing.
  • Melee: Spins around and follows up with a stab attack.

Drops Edit

20 Cloth
Animal Fat
10 Animal Fat
Delicate Fur
5 Delicate Fur
1 Seaweed
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