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The Church of the Light is a building in Portia located at the top of the hill above Abandoned Ruins 1, overlooking the whole town. It is the local seat of the Church of Light, the main religion in the world, whose headquarters are in Meidi.

The building is occupied by Lee, the Minister of the Church of Light in Portia, and Nora, a student originally from the University of Atara, currently serving a two-year mission for the Church in Portia.

The building is open from 07:00 till 18:00.

Lee holds there a sermon every Sunday from 8:00 till 15:00, accompanied by Nora who plays the piano. The service is attended by Emily, Oaks, Jack, Alice, Presley, Mars, Carol, Polly, Molly, Dolly, Higgins, Phyllis, Lucy, Gale, Russo, and Qiwa.


The Church of the Light promotes a peaceful society, largely based on agriculture, botany and the protection of nature. It celebrates the achievements of Peach in getting humanity out the Age of Darkness, and preaches caution to not repeat the errors of the Age of Corruption that lead to the Day of Calamity. As such, it considers most of the relics of the old world corrupted and a direct threat to society, and regularly asks for their destruction; it is especially wary of the presence of AIs. In consequence, the Church frequently clashes with the Research Center whose researchers believe that humanity can benefit from the development and use of relics.

Lee asks the player to donate Data Discs to the church to be destroyed, and certain relics can be traded in for products at the Church Store.

Church Store[]

The Church Store is a stand located within the Church of the Light.

Every Tuesday & Thursday morning, Nora and Minister Lee will also set up a stand in Peach Plaza, then pack it up and move it near the Central Plaza gate in the afternoon. However, they will not open the shop while it is raining or snowing. This roaming stand has its own separate stock and gols from the stand inside the church.

Relationship discount[]

The player can get a 10% discount while shopping at the Church Store if they become buddy with Nora, 20% if they become friend and 25% if they become her lover. This discount only applies to the stand inside of the church and not the stand that roams around on Thursday.


The shop is stocked with seeds, farming furniture, and Marriage-themed clothing.

Unlike most of the other stores, Church of the Light does not purchase any items from the player.

Church StoreChurch Store
Item Amount Price
Sisal SeedSisal Seed
50 Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip (1:5 rate)
Rainbow Flower SeedRainbow Flower Seed
50 Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip (1:5 rate)
Large Planter BoxLarge Planter Box
8 2 Data Disc
Apricot Tree SeedApricot Tree Seed
5 3 Data Disc
Nitra Tree SeedNitra Tree Seed
5 5 Data Disc
Zeolora Tree SeedZeolora Tree Seed
5 5 Data Disc
Crystella Tree SeedCrystella Tree Seed
5 8 Data Disc
Apple Tree SeedApple Tree Seed
5 2 Data Disc
Irrigation FlooringIrrigation Flooring
50 1 Data Disc
Irrigation TowerIrrigation Tower
1 10 Data Disc
Elegant Dress HeadgearElegant Dress HeadgearElegant Dress Headgear
1 4,000 Gols
Elegant Dress AttireElegant Dress AttireElegant Dress Attire
1 8,000 Gols
Elegant Dress BottomElegant Dress BottomElegant Dress Bottom
1 8,000 Gols


  • All materials grown from Church Store seeds can also be obtained elsewhere, with the exception of Rainbow Flowers. However, the seeds can provide a large amount of materials with minimal effort, and some materials cannot be obtained as soon in the game without buying the seeds, such as Zeolite and Apricots.
  • In alpha 9.0, Apple Tree Seeds were only sold in the Church Store in the church building itself. In the release version, Apple Tree Seeds are sold in both church stores.