One of the three pieces of the Clay Figure: Male, the body.

Clay Figure: Male Piece 3 is a relic piece.

Obtaining Edit

This is 1 of 3 pieces of Clay Figure: Male. It can be found in the Desert Abandoned Ruins by using Relic Detector.

Usage Edit

The player can restore the Clay Figure: Male in the Recovery Machine after they obtain all its pieces.

Recovery Machine icoRecovery MachineRecovery Machine
Relic Pieces Data Discs needed
Clay Figure MaleClay Figure: Male
Clay Figure: Male
Clay Figure Male Piece 1Clay Figure: Male Piece 1
1 Clay Figure: Male Piece 1
Clay Figure Male Piece 2Clay Figure: Male Piece 2
1 Clay Figure: Male Piece 2
Clay Figure Male Piece 3Clay Figure: Male Piece 3
1 Clay Figure: Male Piece 3
Data DiscData Disc
1 Data Disc


Clay Figure: Male Piece 3 cannot be gifted.

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