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The Clothing Store is located in the Central Plaza near the Total Tools sign and under the Clothing Store sign. Carol shares a storefront with her husband Mars.

Relationship discountEdit

The player can get up to 25% discount while shopping at the Clothing Store if they become friends with Carol.

Stock Edit

The store is stocked with equipment, crafting materials, and furniture.

Regular stockEdit

Clothing Store icoClothing Store
Clothing Store
Item Name Amount Price Type
Colorful Swimsuit
Weather sunny icon only
1 400Gols Gift
Linen 10 28Gols Material
Cotton 10 20Gols Material
Fiber Cloth 5 28Gols Material
Red Heart Knot
Season winter only
5 800Gols Furniture
Striped Carpet 1 160Gols Furniture
Privacy Screen 1 400Gols Furniture
Coarse Rug 1 600Gols Furniture
Pigments 99 100Gols Material
Double Fitness Mat 1 8,000Gols Furniture
Spouse activity
Diaper 99 80Gols ???


Not all clothing is available for purchase at the beginning of the game. Additional items are unlocked as the player progresses with the main story. The item will appear in stock the next day after the player completes its related mission.

Clothing Store icoClothing Store
Clothing Store
Item Name Amount Price Type Mission
Meidi Traditional Garment Top 1 160Gols Top Default
Meidi Traditional Garment Bottom 1 108Gols Bottom Default
Work Clothes 1 420Gols Top Default
Work Pants 1 460Gols Bottom Default
Casual Clothes 1 980Gols Top Bridge to Amber Island
Casual Pants 1 1,020Gols Bottom Bridge to Amber Island
Uniform Jacket 1 2,800Gols Top The Dee-Dee Stops Here
Uniform Lower Garment 1 3,000Gols Bottom The Dee-Dee Stops Here
Worker's Hat 1 2,800Gols Hat A Green Wall
Worker's Suit 1 5,800Gols Top The Crashed Station
Worker's Overalls 1 6,000Gols Bottom The Crashed Station
Gala Suit 1 10 Top The Poisoned Water
Gala Lower Garment 1 10 Bottom The Poisoned Water
Sportswear 1 30 Top Balloon Bonanza verify ]
Sweatpants 1 30 Bottom Balloon Bonanza verify ]
Traveler's Hat 1 40 Hat Adventures with Mali
Military Uniform Top 1 40 Top Adventure on Starlight Island
Military Uniform Pants 1 40 Bottom Adventure on Starlight Island
Adventurer's Cap 1 32,000Gols Hat Road to the Marsh
Adventurer's Jacket 1 50,000Gols Top Road to the Marsh
Adventurer's Pants 1 50,000Gols Bottom Road to the Marsh

Revising clothing Edit

After completing the Carol's Sewing Machine mission, clothes can be upgraded to higher attributes by either talking to Carol or using the Industrial Sewing Machine in front of her shop. In order to revise a piece of clothing the player needs to have it in the inventory (not equipped). In addition, the piece of clothing of which attributes the player wants to upgrade to should be in the inventory as well.

Revising a piece of clothing takes one day to complete.

Revise Edit

Revising price depends on the item revised, i.e. if the player wants to upgrade a Beginner's Cap from Level 5 to Level 40 it will cost the same as an upgrade from Level 20 to Level 30 or any other possible combination.

Clothing Store icoClothing Store
Item Name Revise cost
Adventurer's Cap
Adventurer's Jacket
Adventurer's Pants
Beginner's Cap
Casual Clothes
Casual Pants
Casual Welding Garment
Casual Welding Pants
Colorful Hat
Elegant Dress Attire
Elegant Dress Bottom
Elegant Dress Headgear
Explorer's Cap
Fisherman's Pants
Fisherman's Shirt
Fishman's Hat
Frosty Coat
Frosty Hat
Frosty Trousers
Gala Lower Garment
Gala Suit
Kung Fu Pants
Kung Fu Sam
Magician's Hat
Meidi Traditional Garment Bottom
Meidi Traditional Garment Top
Meidi Traditional Hat
Military Cap
Military Uniform Pants
Military Uniform Top
Miner's Hat
Rider's Breech
Rider's Cap
Rider's Coat
Ruin Driver's Hat
Straw Hat
Swimsuit Bottom
Swimsuit Top
Traveler's Hat
Traveler's Jacket
Traveler's Shorts
Uniform Jacket
Uniform Lower Garment
Welding Helmet
Work Clothes
Work Pants
Worker's Hat
Worker's Overalls
Worker's Suit


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Clothing Store will purchase the following items from the player:

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