The Collapsed Wasteland is a fenced-off area in the city of Portia that leads to the Sewage Plant Hazardous Ruins. The entire area is in shambles, with dilapidated buildings overtaken by nature and monsters surrounding a sunken lake. It hosts various hostile creatures, a lake with a fishing spot, rocks that provide the rare Nitre when broken, wild Bamboo Papaya and Ginger (Ingredient), and many large trees.

It is accessed by using the stairs to the right of Total Tools, making another right, and going through the large gate.

The far area to the north is wild and not fenced off, though much of it is walled by a high cliff, so the Collapsed Wasteland can eventually be accessed from that side by going up the lift next to Bassanio Falls.


Initially, the gate reads:

"The Collapsed Wasteland is currently going through routine safety inspection by the Civil Corps, it will open on the 17th of this month. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Upon the first visit, the player will encounter Sam, who activates a misson in which the player must Spar with and defeat (or at least survive for one minute against) any member of the Civil Corps to prove themself strong enough to take on the dangers within the Collapsed Wasteland. 

Once completed, you will have free unlimited access to the Collapsed Wasteland.

Creatures Edit

In the Collapsed Wasteland there are 3 main Creatures:

There are also [Creatures], much stronger variants of the main creatures that spawn after killing a large amount of the respective weaker creatures. These elite creatures can drop rare items, including wearable Accessories.


After traversing down to the collapsed lake, the player can catch fish. 

The data was taken from the game's database as of version 1.0.129133.

The chance to catch a fish is 92% and the chance to catch other items is 8%.

Collapsed Wasteland Fishing Spot
Item Name Sell Price Catch Chance
Blade FishBlade Fish
Blade Fish 60 Gols 27.2228%
Catfish 30 Gols 27.2228%
Wise FishWise Fish
Wise Fish 320 Gols 27.2228%
Shell NecklaceShell Necklace
Shell Necklace 13 Gols 5%
Emperor Blade FishEmperor Blade Fish
Emperor Blade Fish 120 Gols 2.7232%
Emperor CatfishEmperor Catfish
Emperor Catfish 60 Gols 2.7232%
Emperor Wise FishEmperor Wise Fish
Emperor Wise Fish 640 Gols 2.7232%
Racket 10 Gols 2.5%
Blade Fish KingBlade Fish King
Blade Fish King 5000 Gols 0.6808%
Catfish KingCatfish King
Catfish King 5000 Gols 0.6808%
Wiser FishWiser Fish
Wiser Fish 5000 Gols 0.6808%
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace
Crystal Necklace 27 Gols 0.5%
Golden RingGolden Ring
Golden Ring 100 Gols 0.138%

Missions Edit

Mission: The Poisoned WaterEdit

Main article: Mission: The Poisoned Water

Patch the hole caused by the Spaceship Crash.

This mission unlocks Ack.

Mission: A New FriendEdit

Main article: Mission: A New Friend

After talking to Polly near the east entrance of Portia, staring at a poster of a dog with the title 'Have You Seen Me?'. Polly will express her concern about Scraps, a stray dog that has gone missing for some time.

This mission unlocks Scraps.

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