The Collapsed Wasteland is a fenced-off area in the city of Portia that leads to the Sewage Plant Hazardous Ruins. The entire area is in shambles, with dilapidated buildings overtaken by nature and monsters surrounding a sunken lake. The wasteland hosts various hostile monsters, a lake with a fishing spot, rocks that provide the rare Nitre when broken, wild Bamboo Papaya and Ginger for ingredients, and many large trees.

The Collapsed Wasteland can be accessed via the gate above the Research Center. Initially, it is unavailable and cannot be unlocked until Spring 17 of the player's first year.

The eastern side of the Somber Marsh can be accessed after creating the Metal Ramp necessary to access the area north of the Collapsed Wasteland.


Sometime after the Age of Darkness, the Collapsed Wasteland suffered through various natural incidents, including the ecosystem reclaiming the land and the surrounding buildings.

Accessing the wastelandEdit

The Collapsed Wasteland is currently going through routine safety inspection by the Civil Corps, it will open on the 17th of this month. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When the player first attempted to enter the wasteland prior to Spring 17 of their first year in Portia, Sam stopped the player from proceeding. Sam claimed that the area was largely infested with strong monsters and tested the player's strength in a sparring match against one of the three Civil Corps members. Proving the player's worth, Sam granted the player permission to enter the wasteland.

Ack's arrivalEdit

After defeating the Rat King at WOW Industries, a space shuttle crash landed into one of the buildings in the Collapsed Wasteland, releasing a horde of monsters. The Civil Corps attempted to stop the horde from causing further destruction. The player provided the materials necessary to patch the hole.

With the hole patched, the Civil Corps and the player investigated the space shuttle; to their surprise, a robot named Ack emerged from the shuttle and was taken to the Civil Corps headquarters for questioning.

Finding ScrapsEdit

Polly became worried of Scraps whereabouts and asked the player to locate the dog. After several inquiries, the player managed to locate Scraps near the the sunken lake of the wasteland.

Places of interestsEdit


Map Icon Fishing Spot A fishing spot is located in the sunken lake.

The Collapsed Wasteland fishing spot is on south side of the canyon lake in the center of the Collapsed Wasteland. The player can reach this fishing spot once they have completed the mission Hazardous Ruins, but it can be difficult to reach early in the game because it is surrounded by hostile Pinecocks and Slurpees.

Collapsed Wasteland Fishing Spot
Item Name Sell Price Time to Catch Exp Catch Chance
Blade FishBlade Fish Blade Fish 60 Gols 30 min. 150 27.22%
CatfishCatfish Catfish 30 Gols 10 min. 120 27.22%
Wise FishWise Fish Wise Fish 320 Gols 45 min. 200 27.22%
Shell NecklaceShell Necklace Shell Necklace 13 Gols <10 min. 0 5%
Emperor Blade FishEmperor Blade Fish Emperor Blade Fish 120 Gols 40 min. 400 2.72%
Emperor CatfishEmperor Catfish Emperor Catfish 60 Gols 7 min. 240 2.72%
Emperor Wise FishEmperor Wise Fish Emperor Wise Fish 640 Gols 50 min. 400 2.72%
RacketRacket Racket 10 Gols <10 min. 0 2.5%
Blade Fish KingBlade Fish King Blade Fish King 5000 Gols 40 min. 500 0.68%
Catfish KingCatfish King Catfish King 5000 Gols 40 min. 500 0.68%
Wiser FishWiser Fish Wiser Fish 5000 Gols 40 min. 500 0.68%
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace Crystal Necklace 27 Gols <10 min. 0 0.5%
Golden RingGolden Ring Golden Ring 100 Gols <10 min. 0 0.14%

Monsters Edit


Logging loot
  • Small trees
  • Elm trees
  • Oak trees
  • Shrubs and bushes
Quarrying loot
  • Small rocks
  • Large rocks
  • Crystal ore deposits

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