Monster icon Colorful Llama

Colorful Llamas are low-level creatures that can be hunted for loot. They can be also be captured and used as a mount with the Trap Box.

Their elite version is the Cotton Llama.


Colorful Llamas can be found east of the player's Workshop, all the way to the waterfall on the most eastern edge of the map.

They are low-level creatures, usually ranging from level 1 to 10.


Colorful Llamas are slow creatures, with move speeds just below that of the player, but after being attacked, they will travel at a medium speed, running as fast as the player.

Colorful Llamas, like other creatures, are able to enter water.


They travel by leaping, and, like all other creatures, they will run from the player when they get close. While unprovoked, they will simply bound around the field, keeping close to the bushes they sleep in at night.


When attacking, they will charge at the player very fast, faster than the player's sprint speed, but will only be able to charge for a short distance.


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Ride Colorful Llama

Colorful Llamas can be trapped, tamed, and trained as mounts one the player has a Stable build on their property.

To catch Colorful Llamas, a Trap Box must be placed in the capture area and baited with either Lettuce or Cumin.



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