Comprehensive Cutter is a crafting station that processes ores directly into refined materials. It can also be donated to the Museum.

Obtaining Edit

In order to craft the Comprehensive Cutter the player needs to obtain its diagram first. To do so the player would need to give 20 Data Discs to Petra at the Research Center and wait for 6 days before obtaining this diagram in the mail.

Comprehensive Cutter can be crafted using the Assembly Station:

Level 2 Assembly Station
Item Materials
Comprehensive CutterComprehensive Cutter

Comprehensive Cutter

Usage Edit

Comprehensive Cutter is primary used as a crafting station. It can also be donated to the Museum or requested in a commission.


Comprehensive Cutter is occasionally requested on the Commissions Board in a Rank SS commission.


Comprehensive Cutter is a crafting station that processes raw materials directly into plates, without the need to forge them into bars first.

Comprehensive Cutter uses Condensed Power Stones as fuel (up to 2). Crafting requires the cutter to be fueled for a certain amount of time. Upon running out of fuel, the production is halted mid process until more fuel is added.

Only one type of item can be produced at a time. Up to 50 of the same item can be queued to craft at one time.

The processing time per item is increased from the Industrial Cutter. While this is still a net gain in time for plates, due to the skipping of the forging step, all planks take less time on the Industrial Cutter.

Cutter iconComprehensive Cutter
Item Time Materials
1h 30m
1h 30m
1h 30m
2h 30m
1h 30m
3h 30m


Comprehensive Cutter can be donated to the Portia Museum as a Medium Assembled Item. When donated, the player earns Prompt guild Reputation +15.

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