The Computer Lab Ruin is a Hazardous Ruin located on the Western Plateau, only accessed during Adventures with Mali. The creatures inhabiting it are around level 40 and drop rare items, including Carbon Steel Bars as well as a Carbon Fiber and Compressor.


Piggy-bot 002 ingame

The Piggy-Bot 002

The Computer Lab Ruin was an ancient technological facility that housed the Locator Computer. After the Age of Darkness, the abandoned lab became devoid of organic life with only the AIs lurking about, including the Piggy-Bot 002 and dozens of Sentidog T-45s.

Sometime after Mali's arrival, Mali and the player investigated the ruins. There, they found and retrieved the Locator Computer for research. However, in doing so, the security system activated, blocking off most of the exits while opening up a hazardous hallway full of traps. Mali and the player managed to evade all the traps, but found themselves in the same room as the hostile Piggy-Bot 002 while trying to unlock the exit. The two defeated the AI and made their way out of the ruin.

Mission The Perfect Trap - trapping Rogue Knight

The Rogue Knight trapped

The Computer Lab Ruin was revisited in The Perfect Trap when Arlo devised a plan to trap the thief that had stolen the Locator Computer from the Research Center. Another part of the ruin was explored, albeit short and void of any hostile enemies. After installing the trap, the Rogue Knight appeared and was trapped; however, the trap could not withstand the sheer force of the knight and was sliced clean. Arlo, Mali, Sam, and the player fought the Rogue Knight but were bested and knocked unconscious by the knight.


Icon Sentidog
Sentidog T-45
Level 38
Piggy-bot 002
Piggy-Bot 002
Level 40
Rogue Knight
Rogue Knight
Level 100
The Perfect Trap only



A teleporter and a campfire

Stamina restorationEdit

There are multiple single-use cooking campfires throughout the ruins, each capable of restoring 100% Stamina. They cannot actually be cooked with.


  • Spiked walls that close in on each other, then retract
  • Spouts of fire that intermittently billow from the ceiling or walls
  • Impassable laser barriers that do -45 HP damage per second of contact


Treasure chestsEdit

Treasure chests
Item Location
Blonde DollBlonde Doll
Blonde Doll
Computer Lab Ruins chest 1
Item book15Sapphire Ring
Sapphire Ring (book)
Computer Lab Ruins chest 2
Traveler's HatTraveler's Hat
Traveler's Hat
Computer Lab Ruins chest 3
Computer Lab Ruins chest 4
War HammerWar Hammer
War Hammer
Computer Lab Ruins chest 5
Painting - StreetPainting: Street
Painting: Street
Computer Lab Ruins chest 6


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