A small but vital part installed on a machine to control it.

Obtaining Edit

Parts iconParts icon
Item Worktable
Control PanelControl Panel

Control Panel
Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip

2 Small Silicon Chip
Old PartsOld Parts

3 Old Parts

Crafting Edit

Assembly StationAssembly Station
Assembly Station
Item Materials
The DrillerThe Driller

The Driller
Control PanelControl Panel

2 Control Panel
Large Drill TipLarge Drill Tip

1 Large Drill Tip
Single SeatSingle Seat

1 Single Seat
Industrial EngineIndustrial Engine

3 Industrial Engine
Steel ShellSteel Shell

3 Steel Shell
Rubber TireRubber Tire

2 Rubber Tire
Jumbo TireJumbo Tire

2 Jumbo Tire
Auto PumpAuto Pump

Auto Pump
Control PanelControl Panel

1 Control Panel
Large PipeLarge Pipe

2 Large Pipe
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate

2 Aluminum Plate
Military EngineMilitary Engine

1 Military Engine
Advanced Control UnitAdvanced Control Unit

Advanced Control Unit
Control PanelControl Panel

2 Control Panel
AI ChipsetAI Chipset

1 AI Chipset
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate

5 Aluminum Plate
Steel PlateSteel Plate

6 Steel Plate