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For the ranch building that houses Cows and Sheep, see Shed.

The Coop is a workshop building that can be purchased at the A&G Construction to raise farm animals, if the player wishes.

The player can have a maximum of one Coop, but is not required to have one. All of the resources that Coop animals produce can also be obtained as loot or gathered elsewhere.

Requirements Edit

Coop can be built using the catalog on Albert's desk in A&G Construction. The amount of resources needed to construct the Coop can be lowered by befriending Albert, and the amount of Gols needed can be reduced by befriending and romancing Gust.

Optional workshop buildings
Image Details Materials needed
Coop.pngCoop Coop
  • Allows raising Coop animals (chickens and ducks)
  • Houses up to 8 animals
GolsGols (2,000)
Wooden BoardWooden Board (10)
Iron BarIron Bar (20)
RopeRope (5)


McD's Jumpin' Livestock ico

The Coop can house up to a total of eight Chicks and/or Ducklings at a time. The animals can be purchased from the McD's Jumpin' Livestock , owned by McDonald. The player will need to interact with the Coop itself to add animals or food.

Feather Duster
The farm animals will need food and petting every day in order to grow quickly. If the player omits giving the animals either one, the process will take longer. The player can hold a Feather Duster in their toolbar as their active item and press the Interact button to pet many animals at the same time.

Animal products Edit

Once fully grown, simply providing enough food is sufficient enough for the animals to continue to produce. Each fully grown animal will produce one Egg per day; rarely all animals of the same type will produce one Tail Feather each. In addition, several Animal Feces will be spawned per day. If the animals are not fed, they will not produce anything, verify ] but will not die.

Animal feed Edit

The player can interact with the Coop to add or remove animal feed. A maximum of 30 items can be placed in the food trough in the Coop. Each type of animal feed gives a different amount of growth points; giving feed with higher growth points helps the animals grow faster. verify ]

Animal Feed
Name Growth points Sell price Growth/Gol ratio Source
Plant FiberPlant Fiber
15 0.5Gols 30 Logging
Tree Farm
16 2Gols 8 Sophie's Ranch
Snake BerrySnake Berry
16 1Gols 16 Gathering
17 5Gols 3.4 Farming
17 2Gols 8.5 Gathering
17 3Gols 3.4 Sophie's Ranch
Palm JujubePalm Jujube
17 8Gols 2.125 Logging
17 3Gols 5.666 Fishing
17 2Gols 8.5 Sophie's Ranch
17 3Gols 5.666 Farming
Chili PepperChili Pepper
18 5Gols 3.6 Gathering
Sophie's Ranch
Bamboo PapayaBamboo Papaya
19 9Gols 2.111 Gathering
Cactus FruitCactus Fruit
19 8Gols 2.375 Logging
19 6Gols 3.1666 Blender
Sophie's Ranch
Potato FruitPotato Fruit
19 4Gols 4.75 Farming
Sophie's Ranch
19 6Gols 3.1666 Farming
Sophie's Ranch
20 5Gols 4 Tree kicking
20 7Gols 2.85714 Farming
Red MushroomRed Mushroom
20 10Gols 2 Gathering
Shaggy ManeShaggy Mane
20 8Gols 2.5 Gathering
21 8Gols 2.625 Logging
Starlight CoralStarlight Coral
21 30Gols 0.7 Gathering
22 13Gols 1.692307 Farming
Layered CarrotLayered Carrot
22 10Gols 2.2 Farming
Sophie's Ranch
Aroma AppleAroma Apple
25 60Gols 0.41666 Tree kicking


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