A Crystella Tree Seed can be planted to grow a Crystella Tree for farming Crystals throughout all seasons.

Obtaining Edit

Farm Store icoChurch Store Church Store
Item Amount Price
Crystella Tree SeedCrystella Tree Seed
Crystella Tree Seed
5 8Data Disc

Usage Edit

By planting a Crystella Tree Seed in the Large Planter Box, a Crystella Tree can be fully grown in 16 days, after which it produces a harvest every 8 days.

The player can apply Fertilizer to increase the amount of crops yielded at harvest. Fertilizer can be put into an Irrigation Tower and used in conjunction with Irrigation Flooring to automatically fertilize crops. The Farm Guru Gathering Skill can also be learned to potentially increase the harvest if fertilizer is not used.

Harvest Edit

Crystella Trees produce an average of 18.6 Crystals, 0.8 Sapphires, and 0.1 Rubies per harvest. It will always produce 18 Crystals, with a 50% chance of a Sapphire, and then one additional product, which has a 60% chance of being a Crystal, 30% chance of being a Sapphire, and 10% chance of being a Ruby. If kept fully fertilized, two harvests are produced.


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